Sunday, 10 November 2019

Another obstacle!

Photo 01 - The offending gate that has appeared!

Another obstacle!

Following a tip-off, I headed round to the regulator on the loch specifically the Bowerhope road and was confronted by the structure shown above in photo 1. Alongside this gate is the sign shown in photo 02 forbidding the entry of cars or motorcycles but leaving a space wide enough to allow horses to pass unhindered.

Photo 02 - The advisory sign!

Now, the angling club is a user of this road yet we have received no notification 
whatsoever regarding the erection of this gate! Reminiscent of the shambolic introduction of the new warden, we find yet again people carrying out activities which impinge on our right to practice our sport with no notification whatsoever  to the club!

Of course, this move does not prevent us from fishing on the face of it, but when you take into account the distance that would need to be rowed in a boat over what can be very dangerous waters this impinges on our sport considerably! Oh, but what about walking you might say, well, you try walking half a mile loaded with your fishing gear!

The majority of our members are over 50yrs of age with 25% being over 60yrs old! This restriction has effectively put half of our fishing completely out of reach for our older members! In these days of the right to roam and increased access for all these developments seems a trifle out of place and singularly unwelcome!

Now, for our part, we need to find out who instigated these actions and hear why they thought they could ride roughshod over us without a by your leave! Our first point of contact will be with Tillhill forestry who erected the sign and gate! This may have been done on their own but then it may have been initiated by another who we think maybe the Regional Council!

We need to know the reasons they had for implementing such measures and of more importance why we were not consulted regarding the process! We also wonder as to the efficacy of these measures, as it stands all it would take is to lift the stabs holding the sign and you simply could just drive round the gate!

If room has to be left for horses then there will be ample room for motorcycles to pass without any problem! What will happen to mail and parcels destined for the steading? I have no doubt that the reason for this measure is campers parking in the lay-bys and up on the hill but we were led to believe the new warden would take care of these issues! It seems like another ill-thought-out panic measure and disappointingly what we have come to expect! We will return to this issue once we have established some facts!

Remembrance Sunday!

It's harrowing to watch and hear of the acts of bravery and the unimaginable resilience of those oppressed by the Boche during WW2! People who you immediately respect as being formidable examples of our species! If you make a comparison to the lying charlatans we have to endure today like Boris Johnston and Donald Trump you really can appreciate the worth of these unsung heroes!

Tomorrow at 11.00am people throughout the land will fall silent for 2 minutes in order to remember those who fought to give us the freedoms we have today with millions paying the ultimate price!
At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them!

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Behind the scenes!

Photo 01 - Autumn is absolutely splendid!

Behind the scenes!

The season for Brown Trout  has now closed for 2019 and to the casual onlooker, it may seem that the club goes into hibernation for the winter! This, however, is far removed from what actually happens. We have removed 3 boats from the loch and during this enforced beaching, some much needed remedial work needs to be carried out.

So, over the next few months and weather permitting we will put right the few maladies that have been identified. In the past our Lomond’s would be moved into the boathouse but we lost that functionality when Mr Xxxxx cut our beaching beam in half! We will also be looking for some dry weather to recoat some of the woodwork around the boathouse.

Our sign for the boathouse will have to be sited erected and waterproofed to endure the sometimes horrendous weather that hits the area! Leaks in the roof of the boathouse have to be traced and then repaired with fiberglass. We are lucky this year as only 2 small leaks have been identified for repair. Both the Arran’s require new seats which we have but they require to be varnished drilled and fitted.

On the administrative front monies require to be collected from our outlets and banked for the year-end totals. Our reciprocal and complimentary permits require to be sent out. Reports need to be compiled for our AGM and competition dates set. So whilst it may seem nothing much is going on there are many things being taken care of behind the scenes!

Photo 02 - Dead worms everywhere!

Doesn’t sound right!

I had a discussion with a member and good friend yesterday and he sent me the above photo which shows loads of dead worms lying in the grass of a field! I am not going to mention the area except to say it is not around the lochs. These dead worms were to be seen in every square foot of the field and in an adjoining one! It is well known that worms are a great conditioner for soil and I am left wondering if extra chemicals require to be put down to enrich the soil! If so then this is very confused thinking!

It seems the field had been sprayed with a pesticide and the assumption is that it is this chemical compound that has caused the deaths! A quick look on the internet shows that these pesticides do indeed kill species not directly targeted.  These can include birds, small mammals, fish. Larger animals such as dogs will likely not be killed but could be rendered unwell.

In some other countries farmers must publicly make known when they will spray with insecticide and that they are doing so with the approved formulations which apparently limit this food chain carnage! These insecticides are known to harm bees and moves are afoot to limit the use of these types!

My guess is that many people are unaware of these unwanted effects and that some unscrupulous farmers use the wider spectrum chemicals due to lower cost and increased effect whilst ignoring the wider implications! I used to follow pesticide problems many years ago when it was found that Bees were dying out because of their use!

As with a number of things we move on but that photo yesterday kind of rankled with me! Is it acceptable for farmer's intent on maximum yield to remove all pests and at the same time have such a deleterious effect on the wider environment? Clearly, there are serious questions to be asked!

The wider world in my view!

Foghorn silenced!

Known only for her relentless hollering around the subject of independence for Scotland. Ruth Davidson quietly took on an extra job offered by a Tory donor giving her 50,000GBP for a few days work! Of course, Holyrood erupted as they saw yet another Tory hoodwinking the beleaguered public by reducing her commitment to serving the interests of the people who elected her!

Under intense pressure, a somewhat contrite Davidson decided to do a massive turn (normal behavior for Tories) and decline the offer. It's an absolute outrage that a politician should take her responsibility so flippantly and seek to boost her personal earnings shortchanging the public! This is the typical Tory that we are saddled with, big mouth, high volume, and hollow words!

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Another club champion!

Photo 01 - Davy Forsyth with the heavy Pike cup he also collects free membership for next season and a Greys big pit reel!

Another club champion!

The photo above shows Davy Forsyth the winner of our heavy Pike trophy with a cracking specimen of 23lbs 8oz which remained largely unchallenged throughout the duration of the competition. Now Davy has been a member for a few years now and was formerly a Trout angler and although he still indulges has become a master hunter of our very wily Pike population!

As I have said before Davy puts a lot of effort and thought into his craft and for the most part, has fished with lures that a few years ago would have had our then band of Pike fishers scoffing. We have been enlightened however what some of our older anglers would call lures to attract anglers clearly attract Pike!

Yes he has in the fullness of time become a master of his craft and more, he is more than happy to share his knowledge with other anglers and that is how it should be! Many congratulations Davy a truly deserving winner yet again, cheers mate!

Good watercraft!

Regular readers will be familiar with our regular warnings about just how dangerous the lochs can be when the weather takes a turn for the worse! Of course if it's howling a gale when a boat hire is requested that request will be declined on safety grounds. The majority of anglers caught out by rapidly changing weather embark on their journeys in reasonably clement weather.

One such incident took place a couple of weeks ago involving a father and son. They set out in lousy weather with the instruction to stay near the bank and of course were wearing lifejackets but as sometimes happens the wind got up after a couple of hours and large white horses begun appearing in the middle of the loch.

Given that conditions were becoming increasingly unsafe the adult decided that any further movement by boat was out of the question so he immediately headed for land and beached the boat tying it to a large boulder and made it back to the boathouse on foot. This was exactly the correct course of action!

In all cases boating anglers must take the course guided by safety and if that means beaching the boat away from the boathouse then so be it! Cemeteries are full of people who thought they would chance it but it is definitely not worth it!  Always act on the side of safe boating and take no chances. Our boat was recovered later in the day by experienced boatman Davy Wilson and we are grateful to him for his kind actions!


Photo 01 - Our wee punt not to be used in open water!

Wee punt!

Our wee punt which used to reside in the bay with our other boats has now moved to its new home on the Lowes. This boat has been refurbished and is full of foam so it will not sink! This boat is not suitable for open water and is just for those anglers who want to avoid wading in the soft bottom at the top of the Lowes grateful thanks to Davy Forsyth, Brian Gibson and Jenny for making this happen.

Needless behaviour!

The photo above shows used toilet paper scattered around the boathouse turning the area into a midden! We can all get caught short but in the event that happens common sense should be applied – bury any excrement or lift a big stone and deposit the waste in that hole the replace the stone! People who have not the savvy to work this out should stay at home!           
The wider world in my view!   

                                                                                                                          Guiding lights!
It used to be the case that the public looked up to politicians as being respected and sound trustworthy individuals. This is no longer the case! Our Prime Minister has been sacked twice for lying and indeed had the temerity to lie to the queen! This fool of a man cannot command any respect, absolutely everything that comes from his mouth has to be sieved to see if there are any grains of truth there!

Johnston is a prize clown and also now appears to be a sulky schoolboy! Yes, his response to the oppositions refusal to give him a general election is to threaten to issue a call for an election every day! How childish is that! The shit deal he has “negotiated” is even worse than the appalling one the Maybot brought back! The DUP has now ditched him and denounced him as a charlatan and a liar!

The ex-Tory leader in Scotland one-trick pony Ruth Davidson who decided to stand down not because of her new family commitments but because of her limited vocabulary amounting to “no to independence” is wearing a bit thin with the public, yes no longer will we hear her booming voice imitating a stuck record!

She is also standing down as an MSP probably because an SNP whitewash is predicted! But it might also be to take the heat out of her latest venture with a Tory PR firm which will ser her paid £50,000 for a few days work on top of her MSP salary! She is being brought to heel by various MSPs who rightly think it is outrageous to fleece the public in this manner! Like Johnston, you couldn’t trust Davidson now isn’t that just typical of Tories!

Like a bad penny greenhorn MSP Michelle Ballantyne has done it again! Yes, she has embarrassed herself and her party with her latest outburst. Click the link below to read the whole article in the Daily Record.
she wants to be the next leader of the Scottish Tories! All I can say is if there are any Tories left after the likely election wipeout I would say to any Tories with a leader vote and it would be please vote for Ballantyne for with her as Tory leader we will once again be free of Tories in Scotland!

Sunday, 20 October 2019

One of our club champions!

Photo 01 - Stuart beams with the Heavy Trout Trophy!

One of our club champioms!

The photo above shows a proud Stuart Grieve with the heavy Trout cup which he bagged with his recent 3lbs 8oz capture! We had a slight mix up so we couldn’t hold the presentation photos at the boathouse but Stuart saved the day and sent the above photo taken at home shows the rest of his prize haul kindly donated by a very generous member to who we are most grateful!

Photo 02 - Stuart must have thought Santa had just visited!

Stuart has been a member of the club for a few years now and although this is his first grab at the silverware he has every year been bobbing around just under the radar with some very nice specimens. But as they say, all comes to he who waits or should that be fishes! Because like our Heavy Pike cup winner Davy Forsyth (photo later) he puts significant time into practising his sport. Se well done Stuart a worthy champion!

D.I.Y time!

As you will have read last week that 3 of our boats have now been pulled up onto the shore to prevent damage that inevitably occurs when they are left in the water banging into each other! We took the decision in light of the low usage of our boats over the winter period! Now member usage often sees our single Lomond in the water which means that visitors who would like to hire another Lomond means that their boat would have to be relaunched into the loch.

Only on occasion mostly on a Saturday are members around able to assist with the launching of a boat. Therefore this means that you may have to launch the our Arran boats! It's not an ideal situation but it is what it is!

From our recommended dealer!

As all good tackle dealers do when the stockroom fills up they have a clearance sale to make some space. That is exactly what Mike at Fishers is doing so if you are on the lookout for a bargain click the link to see items from clothing through to fishing reels -

The wider world in my view!

What a chump!

If you elect a clown it’s just a matter of time before you are embroiled in a circus such as the one we are (barely) enduring! Arrogant posh boy Boris Johnston has managed a feat never before attained by a previous Prime Minister with a record 5 defeats in five vote and to top it all has secured a “deal” which is even more unpalatable than that dogs dinner that was the Maybot’s deal!

Mark my words here this “deal” which impinges on the Good Friday agreement will cause significant trouble in the North and South of Ireland!  This absolute fool of a Prime Minister is desperate to leave the EU on the 31st of this month’s a self-imposed deadline and is apparently content for MPs to pass this legislation with only a day to scrutinise the bill!

MPs were correct in demanding time to study this legislation Johnston has proved himself to be an inveterate liar and the king of bluster! How many times did he say he would not send a letter to the EU asking for an extension? Dozens of times and that letter he said he would not send is now in Brussels! Like a recalcitrant schoolboy, he did not sign the letter and will likely find himself in court because of this!

This week however, will probably see this shit deal pass the commons not because of any noteworthy content but because MPs are desperate to conclude the process! An absolutely abhorrent reason to pass what will be one of the most important issues in our lifetime!

However, on the passage of the “deal” opportunities will arise for amendments to be tabled and it was great to see the Labour party commit to an amendment to attach a second referendum to any “deal”. Some great entertainment is coming and if you want to see Johnston making a fool of himself tune into BBC Parliament! What a shameful indictment on the good name of the UK to have such a lying shyster as our Prime Minister!

Sunday, 13 October 2019

What we don't like!

Photo 01 - Davy easing our Flycatcher onto terra firma!

What we don’t like!

The majority of our angling visitors are decent right-thinking people but we do host the odd Muppet who appears to have no idea of how to fish safely or conduct themselves on the property of others! If we look at Pike fishing which by far is the most common form of angling on the lochs out gunning Trout fishers by around fifty to one!

It is clear that some anglers turn up with completely inappropriate tackle for example straight through 8lbs line with no wire trace. All you can achieve doing this is to harm our stock of Pike and get yourself banned from the lochs! Firstly 8 lbs line will be slit the instant it comes into contact with the Pikes teeth. Furthermore, you would be extremely fortunate if you managed to land one of our heavier specimens on such inappropriate line!

We would suggest that a good brand of 20lbs monofilament preferably fluorocarbon sheathed which greatly increases the abrasion resistance or 50lbs upwards of braided line! Some shop-bought traces are completely unsuitable such as the short (6 inch) traces sold by some outlets! We would recommend wire of 18 inches upwards in a breaking strain of 30lbs plus! Fluorocarbon traces of 100lbs BS are completely fine!

Now you could if you are lucky land a decent Pike with a 6ft rod but with a bigger Pike or Carp rod (10-14ft) you can take charge of the fight bringing the Pike to the net quickly and returned as soon as possible! We would recommend barbless hooks to minmise damage to our Pike. We also recommend that once your indication detects a fish you strike immediately to minimise the chances of deep hooking.

Most of all we would recommend that if you are new to Pike fishing or inexperienced you contact us in the first instance because we would partner you with an experienced angler to pass on the basics of safe Pike angling! Now it is expressly forbidden to remove or kill any Pike from our lochs! There are many more issues not mentioned here and we would encourage all anglers intending to visit the lochs to view our rules on the main website!

I find it strange that we have (again) to mention some general rules around common sense! You do not leave litter after you depart the lochs and that means you do not hide it under a bush or stone but take it home for disposal! We utterly disapprove of “anglers” getting so intoxicated with whatever substances that they become a danger to themselves, others and our fish stocks!

We get a few anglers visiting with dogs and we have no problem with that as long as the angler is in charge of their animals! We do not allow dogs to be loose near any stock in fields now we do not take issue with anglers having a small fire for cooking or heating purposes but we would ask that anglers use the existing sites of previous fires to avoid scarring the landscape!

On no account do we condone butchering and cutting down trees! This appears to be on the increase and we would say to anyone contemplating such an act that you will be expelled from the lochs immediately if you are found breaking this rule!

However, to all the decent (the majority) anglers who visit and cause no problems whatsoever we would say welcome! We hope you have a pleasant and fruitful visit, your type is always welcome here!

Winter preparation!

Yesterday Davy Forsyth Jenny and I set about removing three of our boats from the loch to avoid them being battered by heavy waves. Of course, nowadays we do not have to rely on muscle power as we purchased an electric (12v) 6,000lb pulling winch which we simply attach to one of the substantial trees close by and press the pull button.

Even the mega heavy Arran’s meekly exit the loch, the puller coping majestically. So we have an Arran and a Lomond in the loch for use by anglers. Our white Lomond will need some attention to the main rib where a screw has pulled out.

From our recommended dealer!

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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Heavy Trout and heavy Pike of 2019.

Photo 01 The best of a crap day yesterday!

Heavy Trout and Heavy Pike 2019!

Well, tomorrow at midnight will see the end of the 2019 Brown Trout season and hasn’t it flown by! As with every year, it seems to pass in a flash and we are left pondering about  expeditions we didn’t manage to fit in or particular tactics at a specific venue that remain untried! Yes, irrespective of the year we are always left with things not accomplished!

Whilst the numbers of our Trout anglers are on the increase for the 5th year running the reports we receive are less than in the past. This season has indeed seen some nice fish culminating in Stuart Grieves 3lbs 8o beauty. To date this fish has not seen a challenger and in 4 hours time is likely to be accepted as the heaviest Brown Trout of 2019!
Similarly our heavy Pike competition will end at midnight today and the current leader Davy Forsyth with his magnificent 23lbs 4oz Pike looks like being untouchable.  If you have a challenger for these two fish they must be lodged with me before midnight tonight.

Signal Crayfish!

We still are unsure if we are host to a population of these creatures! We are putting out traps to see if we can capture (if they are there) any of them. Hopefully, we will catch nothing! If we do have these animals then we must devise a strategy to minimise their numbers and this will be under discussion at our next meeting. From what I have read once they are established we will never be rid of them!

Boat removal!

We will be removing  the Flycatcher the white Lomond and the Arran boat (Salmo Trutta) next Saturday. The white Lomond requires re fixing of the poly pipe which is a quick job and the other two being removed just to avoid the incessant battering due to high winds. If anglers require one of the boats on dry land, they  must be prepared to  help with the launch into the water and removal at the end of the session!

The wider world in my view!

A huge concern!

We all know we have a lying chump as our prime minister but who are the people who elected him and refuse to face up to the embarrassing facts that lie all around the embattled fool! A man who treats women as subservient playthings in keeping with the ethos of the Bullingdon club!

It seems the faithful of the Tory party comprising of old fools and snippety spinsters think he can do no wrong! The people of privilege are prepared to stick their fingers up to anyone with an ounce of moral standing! These are the cretins that decide how our lives will be run!

These are the types that talk about the days of empire when Britain was great and working-class kids were sent up chimneys! Of course, we only have ourselves to blame! If every person voted then the Tory party would never again get anywhere near power. This is the problem that socialist parties need to address urgently!
The rich poor divide is again increasing rapidly with the upper classes and the new greed generation of middle class that seek wealth at any cost whilst the poor live in unimaginable poverty! To borrow a phrase uttered by the Maybot “nothing has changed”!

We have a government that was installed by less than 100,000 old duffers and old maids. The “rule Britannia” brigade with no concept of reality have given a lying rat of a prime minister who with only days in office has plunged the country into a constitutional crisis! Never mind the allegations of indecent assault and political impropriety that surround him.

A gaggle of befuddled zealots have plunged us into the biggest mess the country has ever known. It is crystal clear that Johnston will only make matters worse! There will be an election soon and my advice would be vote for anyone other than a Tory! 

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Do we have them?

Image 01 - plate showing the ever-spreading Signal Crayfish.
Do we have them?

Speaking with Stuart and Davy this weekend a worrying point has arisen and one which we have never really considered! Davy was ledgering for Pike and deciding it was time for a recast pulled the line in and was surprised to see that what he had reeled in was nothing but a skeleton of a fish bait!

He at first thought the bait had been attacked by ravenous Eels but there had been no indication of such interference the bobbins having never moved and the alarms remained silent! Furthermore, the wire trace was in a pristine condition unlike the typical result from Eel intervention of a coiled and twisted and unusable wire trace!

Davy then put forward that we may have Signal Crayfish in the lochs! Now, that would be a dreadful scenario as they multiply at a frighteningly speedy rate and would overwhelm the lochs in a very short time! Any new insertion into the lochs ecosystem will have an effect on the delicate balance that sustains the lochs!

Furthermore it rules out the practice of ledgering as a means to catch fish as they immediately engulf any food source with little or no indication that this is taking place. It seems popping up baits whilst lessening interference does not obviate it completely as the Crayfish have learned to pull the line down!

Until a specimen has been captured and positively identified we cannot say definitively that we have or have not got Signal Crayfish! So we are asking anglers if they encounter any suspicious behaviour such as above to report this to our loch keeper. Of course, if you were to encounter a live one please kill it humanely and give it to our loch keeper so that we may have it forensically analysed.

A cut above!

Yesterday  I visited the Glen Cafe to collect the year's takings from the sale of fishing permits. Earlier in the day Davy and Stuart were along for a now-legendary breakfast and could not hold back from praising the establishment! I caught sight of a motorcycle magazine clip on their notice board which stated that the cafe had come sixth in a national UK poll for the best motorcycle cafe in Britain. So don’t be fooled by the building, inside is the fare of the highest order served by excellent attentive staff! Well done the Glen!

The wider world in my view!

Time to stand up!

If you were in any doubt regarding the calibre of our current UK Prime Minister then this last week will have left you in no doubt! This right-wing buffoon who was found by a unanimous verdict of the highest court in the UK of having acted unlawfully in proroguing parliament! Yes, it could not have been a more damning verdict and the reaction of the clown was he does not agree with that verdict!

Here we have a man totally unsuitable for the office of Prime Minister, he is a complete lightweight! Worse than that, following the path laid out by Lord Snooty and the Maybot every word he utters has other countries rolling around with unbridled merriment! In only a few weeks he has subjected the country to a level of humiliation that makes the Maybot look like a competent operator!

Now reaching new levels of incompetence he dismisses the concerns of vulnerable female MPs with humbug! What a crass idiot! Just like Lord Snooty he has taken fright as Farridge (Farrage) spouts ever more racism and hate! Here we have a proven liar and philanderer with the morals of an alley cat and not the slightest clue of how to clear up the absolute shambles his party has created! We now have a divisive far-right Tory party populated by all manner of incompetents and completely clueless individuals!

We need to be rid of the lot of them for they are doing untold damage to our society! But how might this happen? The best way to get rid of these diddy’s is for the opposition parties to form a government of national unity and on Friday the SNP gave their blessing to such a move. However a few in opposition such as the Tory leaning Lib-Dems refuse to support Corbyn as an interim leader!

The newly elected Jo Swinson (remember her from the coalition) are adamant they will not support such moves! There is only one sure-fire way to get rid of this Tory rabble and prevent a catastrophic no-deal Brexit! Quite simply Swinson must U-turn as she has done many times before and supports Corbyn for a short term interim leader!

Swinson risks going down as a political pariah, a figure of hate if this country is forced into a no-deal Brexit! Swinson now has more power than she could ever have imagined however, with that power comes responsibility! Swinson needs to know the country is watching her and if she makes the wrong decision in denying Corbyn the result for the Lib-Dems will be catastrophic!