Sunday, 31 May 2020

Open but.....!

Open, but.....!

Yes we are finally, open for fishing but there are a couple of things you should know. The Scottish government are telling us that we should not travel more than 5 miles to get to your destination and this will rule fishing at the loch a very difficult proposition indeed! Pike anglers like to bivvy overnight but this has also been ruled out of order!

That is the situation at this time but we think change will happen soon. I was going to close these news pages this week but we will use this medium to confirm any changes as soon as they are announced so this site will remain live until we get to a consistent and settled state of affairs.

Its been a torrid time and on top of the COVID issue we have to announce a change in personnel with regard to our loch keeper. Jenny has been doing the job and doing it well for a few years now but has decided to enjoy the quiet life. We found a new loch keeper on the banks of the wee loch and she is Karen Moakes from Riskenhope farm.

Now Karen is just days into the job and there will be the odd mistake here and there so please be patient! Due to different sizes of sim cards, our club phone number is not in operation but we hope it will be later in the week once an adapter is purchased. As soon as it is operational it will be the only number to get in touch with the club the number is listed below. An email address is being obtained and it will be posted next week.

We extend our grateful thanks to Jenny for what she has brought to the club and extend our good wishes to Karen as she starts her journey as the new loch keeper at St Mary’s! Davy Forsyth has now taken over the presidency of the club  and we wish him and the committee the very best for the future!
 07853339370 this is the new club number after 05/06/2020  you need to put this into your phone for booking fishing and boats.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Better days!

Better days!

I must admit my heart lifted as Nicola Sturgeon clearly set out the activity of fishing would be able to recommence on Thursday. Accordingly, the lochs will be open for fishing on Thursday. Now along with this was that travel to the various venues should be kept to an approximate distance of around five miles.

This is not a great distance and if strictly adhered to nobody would be fishing anywhere so whilst we would expect anglers not to travel huge distances to get to our lochs you must make your own decision if travelling a long distance. If you are looking for a role model then you would be well advised to ignore the recent tours embarked upon by Dominic Cummings during the lockdown and choose another!

Enforcing the lockdown is outside of our remit so if you are there you can fish! If you are fishing the rules regarding social distancing should be observed as these are probably the most important steps we can take along with regular hand sanitising and to this end you should carry a bottle of hand sanitizer. As previously stated the boats and the boathouse are the areas which contain the hard surfaces likely to host the virus for 2-3 days and you should disinfect these areas!

Many anglers will be itching to get back and wet a line and we wish you well in that respect. This time of year can be very good for sport especially if you start fishing in your chosen area from 03.00 onwards. There has been no free food for the Pike for a number of weeks now so the hope is that they will be ravenous and show no restraint!

Remember that lambing is on at the moment and we do not want to see anglers with loose dogs in fields. If you can keep out of all fields containing stock and if you have to pass through such a field do so quickly and as far away from the stock as is possible, if you do this we will all be happy! So to those fishing the very best of luck and enjoy your day out!

The very worst!

If you watched tonight’s coronavirus update you will have seen it was the Dominic Cummings update! The clown prince has full confidence in his arrogant adviser! He never answered a single question and reporters were cut off before they could follow up on their original question it was an affront to the British people but hey – you get what you voted for! I have previously spoken at length about the last two conservative administrations – Lord Snooty simply a bungling fantasist, the Maybot – ineptitude personified but this current one is something special!

The clown prince an inveterate liar, a charlatan, an abuser of women and all of the negative traits of Snooty and the Maybot! Unfortunately, his inexperienced cabinet of lightweights is being moulded in his own form. Hancock and his protective veil around care homes, Gove and his no checks on the Irish border they are habitual liars steaming in a sauce of incompetence!

What makes this one special is their ability to cull the population by their incompetence! Yes, they tried to portray themselves as a government on the side of the people the same people that they killed off in thousands courtesy of their inability to act in a timely manner! The previous administrations were shit but mainly cost us £billions this one is wreaking a horrendous toll on families all over the country- they are downright dangerous!

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Yes, in spite of all the blustering, bungling and plain lying we are getting closer to being open again. A wee moose tells me that golfing and fishing are due to reopen in the near future which is great news and testament to Nicola Sturgeon solid and pragmatic hands at the helm! I am sure the extra time in lockdown will stand us in good stead for the future!

We will announce on here when we will reopen so don't wait until Sunday rather check back frequently! We will give more guidance regarding social distancing at the time of the opening announcement but thinking angler will be prepared and come with alcohol supplies (the Isopropyl variety). It will be great to get a line in the water because the residents have had a long holiday and will be up for a battle with much tail-walking I have no doubt! Winter Pike in the loch put up a solid hefty struggle to avoid the net but summer Pike don't keep to the confines of the water and some great acrobatics await!

Let the good times roll as Kawasaki Says!

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Still staying home!

Still staying home!

Well, the lockdown continues and in my opinion, this is the right thing to be doing! The message from Nicola Sturgeon was crystal clear with the reasons for the decision exposed for all to see! Compare that with the mumbo jumbo issued by the clown prince Johnston where he tells us to "stay alert". Does he think that the virus is hiding around a corner and if it was how would we detect it? This is just confusing nonsense at a time when the public needs crystal clarity!

The pain watching this lame administration ducking from pillar to post is excruciating, their antics seen all over the world as a hilarious comedy as they duck and dodge explaining the dire statistics that come out every day. Thousands of people have died due to their inability to act promptly and sensibly. Bad enough they are seen as fools but the reputation of the country is indelibly tarnished!

The daily briefings are full of lies, irrelevant statistics and nonsense! This government seems incapable of admitting to their many and varied mistakes and giving the true picture to the public! Unfortunately, thanks to England we are stuck with these duffers for the next few years unless we get together and vote for independence for it is the only thing that will save us! We must now wait until the end of May for the next pronouncement from Nicola Sturgeon! The public grandstanding sessions from Boris Johnston should be viewed for what they are - comedic lies!

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Just more bungling!

Just more bungling!

Three regular visiting anglers have been in touch to see if there is any possibility of the lochs opening this week! One stated that he thought there had been a change in the guidance for the public well, here in Scotland I cannot see any change that would allow us back to the fishing until at least the next review on the 7th of this month!

When the fishing does reopen social distancing will still be in operation however the nature of fishing means that we would be able to comply with this without any real problems. Our boats and the boathouse will require some measures to be taken. The hard surfaces here could harbour the virus for a few days so the wise angler will have a supply of an alcohol based product to disinfect hands and indeed surfaces before touching them. If you can avoid using the boathouse and boats please do so and if you must use these facilities then please take the necessary measures outlined above. It should just be a case of arrive, fish and go home.

On the national front, Matt Hancock failed miserably in his effort to get to 100,000 tests falling well short reaching only around 70,000! But like a good Tory if the stats do not suit then just change them like they have done in the past with unemployment figures! Yes, around 28,000 tests were counted and some did not even leave the dispatch area! It's a great trick but doesn't fool anyone! Unfortunately, it looks like we are heading for the worst fatality count in Europe however given the rabble we have for a government its not really a surprise!
Stay safe!

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Still closed!

Still closed!

Unfortunately, the lockdown continues and will not be reviewed until the 7th of May but I fear it could be a good deal of time after this when we can open the lochs! I'm told the loch is at quite a low level because of the dry spell we are currently experiencing. I'm also told that vegetation is growing in some formerly well-used areas but that will change once we get back! I will miss the Cuckoo calling its a real treat to hear her early in the morning but hey, that's life!

I hear the Tories are desperate for their leader Boris Johnston an inveterate liar and prize nincompoop to come and provide leadership to the rudderless ship! Don't bank on any great words of wisdom for he has none! Oh, and whatever you do don't do what that prize jerk Donald Trump said and inject yourself with Dettol or Cillit Bang! What a prat and he is, the supposed leader of the free world couple him and Johnston together and we have a recipe for disaster! God help us!

Sunday, 19 April 2020

No change!

No change!

I hope you are all well and avoiding this deadly virus, I know you will all be champing at the bit to wet your lines as am I, the situation is however out of our hands. We hopefully will avoid this virus we cannot, however, avoid the effects of this incompetent government! It just goes on relentlessly bungling then taking a leaf out of liar Johnston's book and spout out a load of drivel. We will come through this pandemic but I fear it will take a period of time much longer than the government expects!
Stay safe and look forward to meeting up in the not too distant future!