Sunday, 24 June 2018

A new heavy Pike!

Photo 01 - Sorry I couldn't resist!

A new heavy Pike!

Most thought that Barry Leslie's 20lbs 2 oz Pike would be enough to carry him towards the heavy Pike cup at the end of October. Lure supremo Davy Forsyth however, had other ideas and has trumped Barry’s Pike pushing the new target up to 20lbs 10oz. I have seen the photo and it is indeed a fine Pike worthy of our trophy!

If Davy is agreeable we will post the photo in the coming weeks. Of more interest is the fact that he lost a significantly bigger fish estimated to be around 25lbs which would indeed be a prize catch! Remember this fish at the back end would be pushing 30lbs! And Barry’s thoughts on the bigger Pike something which the local angling bully should note “pleased for Davy as he is a totally committed angler and is deserving of his lead in the competition”! The words of yet another who understands the meaning of real angling!

Photo 02 - The lowdown from the hall!

No engines for hire!

We have been asked 5 times in the last 4 weeks if anglers could hire out the clubs engines. Regrettably, the answer had to be in the negative! Way back in the day The then treasurer John Wright and I thought we could dip our feet into the engine hire market and we purchased a couple of 4 stroke engines in as many years!

It wasn’t long before we began to notice damage especially to the propeller area caused by not lifting the engine when moving into shallow areas. At this stage, the damage was purely cosmetic and we continued hiring them out.  However, with the passage of time, the repair bills began to flood in meaning any monies we could make was negated by the hugely expensive replacement parts!

Of course, that was not the sum total of destruction as the time given up by our mechanically minded members grew to a point where they could not get any fishing done! The disappointing aspect, however, was the fact that I could count on one hand the number of times an angler admitted to causing damage! Most of the time the anglers never let on and it was only on the subsequent hire when the damage became apparent. Seeking reimbursement for the cost of the repair was a non-starter!

Rather disappointingly some extensive damage was caused in house in particular by an ex-loch keeper constantly dropping and smashing our engines. In subsequent years we purchased an electric engine and even this ended up trashed! Three times we have had to replace the twistgrip motor controller due to anglers forcing the twistgrip beyond the maximum point!

 Now, this doesn’t mean that we will never hire out engines again but clearly, we need to look at alternative strategies. It might mean using our engines for 2 years then selling them on coupled with increased monitoring in pre and post-hire inspection for faults. A deposit scheme may help where anglers debit £50.00 - £100.00 at the time of hire and any damage deducted from that deposit. There are a few avenues we need to explore!

We now have a collection of engines most of which now require expensive replacement parts! Current thinking is that we should repair and sell on some of the engines. The remaining engines may be used free of charge by club members but presently we no longer hire out our engines electric or petrol!

From our recommended dealer!

This week Mike is offering a piece of kit that I always seem to be without – a pair of sharp and robust scissors. Check them out here -
and for the lure anglers among us check out the new Powerbait Kicker Frogs -

The wider world in my view!

The real picture!

You will now have picked up that I am slightly critical of the utterly shambolic stance of the group of duds calling themselves our government. The lack of clarity and strategy in relation to the catastrophe that is Brexit! Well, it's getting worse and quickly! This week BMW, Siemens, and Airbus could hold their wrath no longer and have pleaded with the cloth-eared dimwits to show some leadership and discernable progress!

Yes, at this late stage we still have no idea of what the goals of this government are if indeed they have any! To the utter dismay of anyone with more than a couple of brain cells they U-turn and blunder on every front! The incessant bickering between the Maybot and her masters Johnston, Davies and Rees Mogg whilst being highly entertaining is truly worrying!

It is absolutely frightening to listen to these idiots fighting among themselves whilst the EU negotiators are left bemused by the shenanigans! It must be clear to everyone that this rabble are nothing more than incompetent fools. The anti-Brexit demonstration ( the people's vote) yesterday which drew more than 100,00 marchers showed clearly the mood of the country has changed with those voting to remain in the EU now by far the largest contingent! The rival pro-Brexit rally managed a couple of thousand!

Everyone who is anything, big business, trade bodies, trades unions and even overseas countries are saying Brexit is an impending disaster and yet they still plough on with closed ears! The problem with these fools is that they are fighting on numerous fronts most of which are within the Tory party! This does not bode well for the future!

There is a way out for the Tories and it is accepting the wish of the majority of the people for a second vote on the “negotiated” deal. Why should 650 MPs a majority of whom have been shown to be incompetent decide our future! The latest poll shows 48% are for a peoples vote whilst only 23% are against holding one!

We have had to suffer some lame governments over the years but the last one (under Lord Snooty) and this one headed by the Maybot are by a country mile the most incompetent! By whatever means we must get rid of this shambles of a government!

The World Cup!

Well, it has been a feast of football with some good and some horrific matches. Most of the top tier have still to show off their best but doubtless, it will come. Low spot is the constant referencing to England's heroic progress - they haven't played anybody yet! Once they have knocked in six against a team of some standing then the shouting can begin!

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