Sunday, 15 April 2018

That time of year!

Photo 01 - Frogs are appearing at the village hall.

That time of year!

The last couple of weeks has given little in terms of the Pike fishing and a likely explanation came from two of our members Davy Forsyth and Stuart Grieve.  They were lure fishing from the boat on the Lowes and they noted several Pike some very nice ones thrashing and rolling next to the reed beds where the Pike typically spawn.

So we can take it that the event has started or even well underway and that the next generation of Pike is being created! So if you were lacking a bite yesterday therein probably lies the answer. Now the spawning does not take place over one day but can be spread over a couple of weeks. Typically however what often follows the event is a feeding frenzy! Let the good times roll!

Just wrong!

Over the years we have had many instances of anglers phoning up to book boats and then not turning up and giving no indication that they are not coming!  This selfish behaviour whilst painless for the perpetrators causes chaos for us as a club. Its a rare occasion when we have all the boats booked and have to decline some bookings because of this but that's what happened yesterday!

Yes, we had to turn anglers away because all the boats were booked. In fact, there was a Lomond lying motionless because the people booking it didn’t bother to turn up! This, of course, meant that the anglers seeking a boat who we had to decline could have had their day out on the loch!!

 We will need to have a think regarding a deposit scheme whereby on booking a boat a deposit of say £10.00 would be required for that booking. Its just such a shame that decent anglers were denied a day out because some Muppets couldn’t be bothered to give us a call!

Member update!

A quick committee meeting took place yesterday and it has been decided that members are to have free use of our electric engines. You will have to bring your own batteries as we do not have any. We thought about installing a solar charging system for batteries but the feeling was that the solar panel on the roof would be too much of a target for vandalism or theft. If you wish to make use of this facility just call 07980350031. One of our petrol engines has again been damaged and is currently under repair once this has been carried out our petrol engines will be available under the same arrangements.

From our recommended dealer!
This week Mike is offering some great value deals on braided line
and for the fly tiers among you never again struggle to place that hackle with a super fly tying lamp with extended reach

The wider world in my view!
Another wrong move!
It's not as if it is a first for the rabble that calls itself our government they have bungled their way through matters since 2010. One of the most serious was the recent air strike against supposed targets in Syria! The people of this country require that before matters of a most serious nature should follow the convention of allowing parliament to debate and vote on any action taken!

The Tories track record throughout the term in office could at best be described as abysmal with embarrassing gaffes and U-turns everywhere. How then could we allow the Maybot and her naive cabinet to throw us into a hostile situation and worse on the instructions from that American ace bungler Donald Trump!  The rights and wrongs of a bombing campaign will continue to be debated for a long time.

Where is the irrefutable truth that such an attack took place, we should not be as naive as to discount a set up for the allies to achieve their aim! Why was the UN not allowed in to establish the facts? Can bombing ever be the answer to a problem? These questions remain unanswered!

The fallout will now take place and whilst the bombers took exceptional steps like advance warning of a strike to avoid impinging on Russian or Iranian territory there will be some form of consequences for the west! Why is this government allowing itself to become America’s handmaiden? Granted they are completely clueless and likely incapable of working with autonomy!

The fool who is supposed to be our foreign secretary has stated that the strike is limited and will not pull the UK into further action. What he does not seem to appreciate is that the matter is out of their hands! Trump or Putin will decide what happens next!

This is a very serious situation with the two world powers on opposite sides; it would simply take one false move to spark conflict on a scale that most will dread! The Maybot yet again proved that she is a puppet with no ability to work independently. Seventy-three percent of the public is against an incompetent administration endangering the country demanding parliament be consulted before military action takes place!

As a country, we must be content that those who govern do so in a righteous manner and not led by other fools who are incapable of visualising the aftermath! This whole issue could have been tackled by political means. The fools that comprise our government have got it wrong yet again!

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