Sunday, 4 March 2018



I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anybody but the lochs are unreachable for anglers unless you have a penchant for potential catastrophe! The Selkirk road is probably passable with care today, but there are many areas where six-foot drifts traverse the road and most importantly can reform a few hours after being cleared possibly leaving you stranded!

On the banks, huge drifts are present making safe travel impossible as the landscape looks the same covering deep holes and ridges appearing level. Erecting a bivvy would be problematic if not due to the snow to the rapidly rising loch level sure to come from forecast rainfall and snowsmelt. When the wind does blow blizzard conditions ensue making travel severely unpleasant. With rain forecast the snow situation should resolve quickly through the week but if you intend travelling give us a call first.

We have this week loaned out our heavier generator in case of power failure, we still have a smooth running 3kw generator which we will make available to anyone requesting it. Simply call us or if you see Jenny flag her down and she will arrange for you to pick it up.

A few members had made arrangements to renew memberships on Saturday but due to the inclement weather, this has not been possible. Do not worry about your membership we will arrange things once the roads are passable. All renewals sent this week are now in the post so should be with you soon.

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