Sunday, 18 March 2018

Beyond our control!

Photo 01 - One of Stevie's shots from yesterday!

Beyond our control!

They say there’s nowt as queer as folk, and of course, it is a true saying as indeed we have found out recently. However pushing the above saying is our ever-changing weather, the last few weeks bearing testament to that. As far as I am aware no one managed out on opening day but yesterday (Saturday) saw Stevie Nimmo venturing out to have an early season bash at the Brown Trout.

It was cold with the wind chill estimated by Stevie to be minus eight or nine which is bitterly cold. Add in a bit of driving snow and you have a horror of a day. Casting became problematic after two or three casts when the wet line simply froze on the rings obviously nothing was seen to be rising but in the event, it didn’t really matter. Stevie persevered for around an hour but it soon became clear watching Scotland in the rugby might be the better option and although they scraped a win it was a desperate showing from the Scots!
There are many things we can control and equally as many things we cannot. The weather clearly is one we cannot!

Photo 02 - A chilling view of the loch from Stevie Nimmo!

The warden!

No, it’s not Trollope’s novel of the life and times of clerics in the fictional town of Barchester, rather the appointment of a warden for the St Mary’s Loch area. We have been advised that a Mr Chris Amy has been appointed to the role. There is also an invitation to us to attend a meeting to meet Mr Amy at St Mary’s Hall on Friday evening at 18.00hrs.

Unfortunately, the short notice and work commitment mean that I cannot attend but I have extended an invitation to Mr Amy and any members of the community council who would wish to attend to meet in the club boathouse or indeed any other location on any Saturday that is suitable, any members of the club committee are also welcome to attend. Of course, this appointment makes no difference to our CCTV camera, it is up and running and will survey the area in the coming year.

Photo 03 - Certainly not the height of summer!

From our recommended dealer!

This week we see some great deals from Mike including a bumper load of new fly patterns and some great deals on clothing.

The wider world in my view!

Be very worried!

The recent poisoning of two Russians and a police officer in Salisbury is a wakeup call to us all! There are a few countries in the world that quite clearly do as they please irrespective of the laws of that country and Russia is clearly in that category. Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence that Russia is behind the attempted assassination.

However, numerous pointers suggest that either directly or indirectly Russia is to blame I would happily go along with this train of thought! `The problem is how this country makes their outrage known in practical terms. The expulsion of diplomats, whilst a standard response, will have no effect on the Russian state. They have of course expelled a similar amount of British diplomats!

That leaves the question of what comes next. This is where things become rather more serious. The current government comprise a collection of fools and serial bunglers and we must remember we are dealing with the foremost or second most powerful nuclear state in the world! Some Tory politicians are keen to stress the fact that Britain is a nuclear power and indeed it is but its a lowly second division one! Britain has enough nuclear weapons to start a war, but it will fall to Russia or the USA to finish it!
The worldwide renowned fool Boris Johnston has previously suggested that a cyber strike could be carried out against Russia but this is a step too far! This fool should be aware that President Putin is a very unpredictable character and a response may be prompted that is out of proportion as in the use of a massive cyber attack in the UK!

This is a highly volatile situation and the UK must act very carefully. By all means, move more UN troops to the Russian border this will not threaten the regime! Financial sanctions are an option but wealthy Russians in this country provide the Tory party with much funding which they will be reluctant to lose!  Similarly with the World Cup Putin could care less if FA top officials or the royal family attend, certainly football fans won't bat an eyelid because they are absent!!

What a shame then, that at a time of heightened tensions we have a rabble for a government. One wrong move could have catastrophic consequences! We need strong leadership and we have the weakest most useless Prime Minister in history with the Maybot! Perhaps the words to Russia from our clot of a defence minister and Prime Minister hopeful, Gavin Williamson who stated Russia should “Go away and shut up!” a statement you would usually associate with an immature schoolboy! Yes, most definitely this is a time to be very worried!

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