Sunday, 25 February 2018



Renewals of memberships continue with trickles coming in through the week. There is still time as we have allowed the process to continue until the end of the first week of March. However, if you cannot renew until the first week in March you must let us know or you will be considered to be a lapsed member and will fall into the waiting list of people wishing to join.

So far we have confirmation of two members not wishing to renew but we have not received their keys! It may well be that we again have to change the locks in the interests of security at a significant cost to the club. A meeting will be arranged where this topic and the prospect of allowing our members or (members who have attended work parties) use our 4 stroke engines at a nominal cost. Those wishing to join the club should get in touch this week as it is clear there will be some spaces. Gordon, Mike and Frank your memberships will be sent out tomorrow.

In recognition of the good service given to the club by Jenny, the AGM instructed that we should give her a small appreciation of our thanks. Yesterday we gave her a £40.00 bonus just to say thanks for her efforts. What a pleasant change from having to chase Mr Xxxxx all over the loch to get an altogether poorer service!

Jenny has reported that in a couple of areas large amounts of unburnt wood/coal and ash are being left in a big heap where fires have been set. If you have a fire allow time to disperse cold ashes to prevent such a build up it makes the area look really grubby!

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