Sunday, 4 February 2018

A quiet start!

Photo 01- Lovely fish, at 9lbs 3oz compare her with the photo below!

Photo 02 - Is she one and the same from yesterday?

A quiet start!

Winter for us is always a quiet time as the good weather anglers stay at home. The types of angler we see are the hardnosed Pike anglers oblivious to weather conditions. These anglers are keen committed anglers and hugely respectful of our rules and never give us cause for complaint! We have averaged the huge number of 6 anglers per week and whilst typical of the time of year is a very low number.

This number, however, does not cause us concern we are structured to cope with lightly fished winters and busier summers. Putting this in context however in the summer we rarely average more than 20 anglers per week so there is never a problem in seeking areas to fish in peace!  These quiet statistics give our fish stocks ample room to grow and develop unhindered by being repeatedly hooked and unhooked as happens in many "plastic" Pike ponds!

The wee fish in photo 01 is I am sure the same fish I caught around a month ago at the Bay of Plenty but she now weighs 9lbs 3oz as opposed to 8lbs 3oz four weeks ago on the same set of digital scales. If she is the same fish then she is obviously in the peak of health feeding well and further developing her cache of eggs.She pulled line like a good un and gave my reel a good workout! In a loch which is overfished this would not be the case, she would instead be more emaciated and less keen to feed! Being quiet on the fishing front is not a cause for concern, it is, in fact, a boon to our population of fish!

Photo 03 - Only a wee drop of snow yesterday!


Applications are trickling in which is good as processing will not start until Monday. Members should be aware that the current issue cards are valid until the end of February. So no need to panic there is plenty of time. As I have stated processing will begin on Monday so those with renewals in can expect their cards towards the end of the week.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that my group of disabled workers were looking for any old bikes or parts for our recycling project. Well, we have received 2 bikes (an 80s quality Falcon racer with a Mixte frame and a mountain bike) three wheels and a handlebar complete with gear changers and brake levers. The project is ongoing so if you come across any more give me a call on 07980350031.

From our recommended dealer!

This week Mike has some great offers including a Greys QRX fly reel starting at only £99.99 with  Airflo sightfree line and Airflo eco fly box click the link to see more

The wider world in my view!

A great policy!

The Labour party every now and then comes up with a fantastic policy and one such appeared this week. It is in response to the lack of ground available for house building at a reasonable price. Landowners who own suitable ground for house building will have that land purchased (compulsorily) by the government at the current rate for agricultural land as opposed the hugely inflated market price we see every day!   
So the landowner gets a reasonable price and that land may be used for housing. Home ownership has been on a rapid downward spiral since 2010 and this move will lessen the price of these houses. Couple this with the mass nationalisation of essential industry and utilities and we have a sound basis for the equitable society so many of us call for! Let's see more land being taken from those who "own" thousands of acres! Happy days are coming!

Massive beef about a ham!

Well as far as letdowns go the Chinese trade visit was a spectacular one! Theresa Mayhem heading off to China with a load of supposed businesses looking to further increase trade with the worlds second economy which by the end of the year will be in number one position. As usual, the Maybot was in a servile mode with the Chinese holding all the cards!

It turns out the delegation was comprised of university departments, public companies other non-descript groups and only 15% of the delegation was made up by private companies! If you remove the flannel we can see what actually transpired in terms of solid business generated! The Maybot couldn’t wait to spew the £9billion figure to anyone who would listen! 

Now, £9billion in trade with China is pretty much small beer, heck, even Lord Snooty came back with over £40billion worth of deals! The reality of the Maybot’s figure of £9billion has to be questioned as no details have been released! The jolly trip secured nothing more than cheap words, in fact, a wish list for the Maybot!

Great play was made out the possible acceptance of UK beef by China after it was banned following the BSE shambles! The actual deal is simply starting talks with China over the possibility of accepting British beef! The Chinese supremo was quick to add in that China is self-sufficient in agriculture, again a song and dance about nothing

As a trade mission, it was a disaster! You might have thought the ham that is the Maybot might have expressed some discontent about the amount of plastic polluting Chinese rivers as they are currently the most polluted in the world. This weak leader rather than directly taking them to task simply gave them a copy of “The Blue Planet! And said nothing!

Similarly with human rights which is currently not in the Chinese dictionary was never mentioned! Our business with China has been on the increase for years and whilst it is not possible to say that nothing was achieved we will also not see any massive rises in our exports to the country!

If this Brexit mess were not such a serious one for the country it could be turned into a fantastic tragic-comedy!  Anna Soubry, one of the few sensible Tories pleaded with the Maybot for a clue as to what her end goal was but was fobbed off with the usual robotic response that “we are leaving the EU and the Customs Union.” Soubry also apologised to the EU negotiating team for all the “nonsense” they have had to put up with!

The situation is now critical with businesses looking for a clue as to where their future lies. The bottom line is that the Maybot hasn’t got a clue she makes it up as she goes along! The whole country is screaming out to know where we are headed and there is a different answer depending on who responds.

Tenacity is a virtue to be applauded when employed appropriately, the Maybot, however, doesn’t seem to know when to cease and desist! In normal times she would have been ousted long ago, but they know to topple her would likely lead to a general election which they would lose! So they allow her to stay and to hell with the ensuing consequences for the country!

In Scotland the Borg Queen Ruth Davidson is watching her army of spineless Tories crumble all around her as the latest You Gov poll shows them losing 7 seats to the SNP! The Scottish voters are finally coming to their senses and not before time! Of course, I can’t predict what will signify the end of the Maybot’s reign but for the sake of compassion and decency, it needs to happen quickly!

To allow the country to be mismanaged in the most incompetent and haphazard manner is nothing short of a crime! The woman has now become an international embarrassment, with the result that the world views the UK as an island of fools!  When “negotiating” with Angela Merkel she was asked 3 times what the UK wanted out of an EU deal, the Maybot replied, “make me an offer”! The Maybot seemed to have forgotten it is the UK that is leaving and looking for a deal!

Of course, the German press was in fits at the absurdity of the Maybot’s tactics and again the reputation of the Maybot and the country took a nosedive! The Tories need to realise that to limit damage she needs to go now. In this case, any means would be deemed fair so great is the potential for further damage!

This woman is a major disaster with no leadership skills, no vision for the future and no clue as to how to run a government! Get her out!

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