Sunday, 21 January 2018

Such generosity!

Photo 01- stunning fly reel, one of the prizes donated.

Such generosity!

One of our members has graciously decided to make a donation to the club in respect of our yearly competitions for the heaviest Pike in the season and the heaviest Brown Trout. The prizes on offer are of the highest quality and will meet the needs of the winners for many years to come!

Photo 02 - The whole kit!

The prizes are a fixed spool, big capacity, bait runner reel in the big pit style which is a solid piece of kit. It is a precision built reel, silky smooth and features high line speed on the retrieve and disengaging the bait runner is a seamless affair. The reel comes with a spare alloy spool and a spare graphite one.  It is very well built and in the hand and on the rod, it will serve you well.

Photo 03 - Big pit reel!

The second part of the gift to the club is the fantastic fly reel which comes with three spare spools of lightweight alloy. Encompassing all in a soft fabric bag you will know where that fast sinking line is at all times. The working of the reel is an absolute pleasure each click being positive indicative of precision build quality.

Photo 04 - The other view of the big pit reel.

These prizes will be in addition to the ones we already offer. We are extremely grateful to the member donating these items it was an act of kindness we did not expect! Nevertheless members this year have an extra incentive when fishing for the big one! Tight lines!
Photo 05 - One of Davy's Pike from yesterday.

The minority!

Speaking with our loch keeper last week she expressed her concern at the numbers of living trees which had been subjected to butchery.  By that I mean branches being hacked off presumably for burning. The majority of anglers know how to behave in the countryside but for the minority who do not take note – No cutting of trees is permitted!

Photo 06 - Thick snow yesterday.


I didn’t chance it yesterday deferring to the BBC’s weather reports. One member who braved the conditions was Davy Forsyth and you know what, he caught a couple of fish. Trudging through three-foot-deep snow you might say he got his just rewards! The following photos show just what Davy encountered!

Photo 07 - A last look!

The wider world in my view!

The most inept!

Never in all my years on earth have I come across a bunch of idiots like the current crop that have the temerity to call themselves a government! On accepting her crown the Maybot promised much along the lines of “strong and stable” and the rhetoric convinced quite a few let’s say unthinking types! The reality, however, has been a complete and utter shambles at a time we need resolute certainty!

Lord Snooty aside, we have here the most inept politician ever. Butcher Thatcher famously said, “the lady is not for turning”! The Maybot does nothing else! The Maybot and her flock of sheep are successfully building a new reputation for the country but unfortunately, that reputation is a negative one, we are already the laughing stock of Europe!

We are evermore seen as a haphazard, bungling and clueless nation! Now you might think I am being unnecessarily hard on who I am sure is a delightful woman, but the bottom line is that this woman and her flock of utterly talentless so-called politicians are ruining your lives!

The Brexit dilettante who only hears the words with which she has programmed with ignores the society which crumbles all around her! All our public institutions are in terminal decline as they relentlessly cut their funding to the bone! It seems apparent the Maybot is only interested in cutting tax for the rich to the exclusion of all else!

Now the above must surely damn the Maybot but unfortunately, that is not the end of her destructive spree! It is now clear to all that public opinion has now shifted away from the Brexit that was founded on a plethora of deceit and downright lies!. Most thinking politicians at this point would come to their senses and be honest with the public and say that another referendum is needed as it is clear public opinion has changed!

Behaving like a programmable robot (hence the Maybot tag) she ploughs on pulling us deeper into a void that will set this country back tens of years! Opinion from all the leading authorities is warning against her irresponsible course, business body’s, trades unions, economists, in fact, the only voices for Brexit are clowns like Boris Johnston and Michael Gove!

With these diddy’s at the helm, it’s going to be a choppy journey, we should prepare to tighten our belts and brace ourselves for another year of blundering on the world's stage! People all over the country are completely bewildered by the actions of this government. Who would have thought the Scottish voters in the 13 constituencies who blundered by electing a Scottish Tory could have caused so much carnage! They voted in haste, we now repent at leisure!

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