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Renewal of memberships 2018.

 Photo 01 - Barry with the 20.50lbs Pike (see below).

Renewal of memberships 2018.

Membership renewals for season 2018 are now open. We will begin processing renewals this week so all members wishing to renew their memberships are invited to do so. There is no need to fill out the form on our website if your contact details have not changed but if they have we would appreciate your updated details.

Memberships may also be renewed at the loch by giving your fee and relevant details to Jenny or Les or even me. The renewal period will be for the whole month of February plus the first week in March is provided as a grace period. We would expect however the majority to come in during February. The fee for renewals is again £35.00 which offers exceptional value for money given that you may hire a boat free of charge and make use of the clubs fish finders and the club boathouse.

Photo 02 - Looks cold, but that hot cuppa is inviting!

Those who wish to join the club should enquire at the end of February, first spaces will go to those currently on the waiting list and any remaining spaces to those who apply. If you are giving up your membership we would appreciate you returning your boathouse key which may be handed in on Saturday or given to Jenny anytime.

 You may also renew by post sending a cheque/Po made payable to St Mary’s Angling Club to Richard Plisga 28 Meigle Street Galashiels Selkirkshire TD1 1LL.

Photo 03 - Looking down the loch behind Barry's pod!

First, double from the loch!

Barry Leslie is a fairly recent member, but one that bangs in the sessions looking for that bigger fish. Up until now he has only managed sub-10lbs Pike but on Saturday in that appalling weather, he bagged what will be a fish of a lifetime. As you can see from Photo 01 he caught a beauty weighing in at 9.3kks which equates to 20.50lbs! at first, Barry was bemused as he took the scale reading to be 9lbs 3oz but looking at the scales later he noted the readings were set to kilograms.

It’s his second biggest but his best from the loch. She was quickly photographed and returned safely to the loch. This is hugely important as a fish this size will lay upwards of a quarter of a million eggs most of which will be lost to predation and disease, some, however, will make it through to adulthood and become our future sport. So well done Barry, that’s you in the lead for this year's heavy Pike competition!

Photo 04 - Like a Christmas card!

Club AGM 2018.

The club AGM for 2018 will be held on the 17th of February 2018. The likely venue will be the Tibbie Shiels Inn. It’s a Saturday and the meeting will commence at 12noon. As always any member is welcome to attend and any substantive issues should be sent to me no later than 5 days before the meeting date at the above address.

Littering update!

I went round to see Alastair at the Tibbie yesterday and we talked on a variety of subjects. He showed me a photo of a mess left by a couple of anglers at the secret swim and I headed there a little later. What I found was shocking, a Celtic top, two empty Buckfast bottles, an empty vodka bottle, four full bottles of Irn Bru, two empty bottles of Irn Bru, a wire shopping basket (likely stolen), a couple of broken lures complete with hooks and a saw used for illegal tree cutting.

Now, there is only a limited amount of things we can do to prevent this, calling the police is not an option as it is considered by them trivia and something we should deal with ourselves. We do have the names and addresses they supplied as well as their car registration numbers but again there is not much we can do. If they are recognised on return they, of course, will be sent packing!

We could erect notices everywhere but respecting the countryside should be an inherent quality! We are putting up a number of notices on the bank but the types that carry out these acts tend not to pay any attention to notices. Naturally, any member witnessing such littering should let us know immediately. Looks like it’s a problem that is ever present!

Ps Alastair let slip that he and Elanor are now engaged, due to marry in September, the club sends it's congratulations and hope you both have a long and happy life together.

The wider world in my view!

Six is a magic number!

Six is going to be a very important number for the population of Britain over the coming weeks. This is the number of Tory MPs that is required to mount a challenge to the Maybot truly terrible reign in office. Yes, at the moment 42 MPs have sent in letters expressing no confidence in our timid and wholly inept leader!

This absolutely appalling woman who if she were a candidate on “Mastermind” would have the art of bungling as her specialist subject! The Tory party has become increasingly disjointed and distant when we really need a united and cohesive government! The Tories desperately want to avoid a leadership challenge as the likelihood is that it will herald the end of this directionless government!

You would have to be pretty dense not to have twigged that arch buffoon Boris Johnston made his play for the party leadership this week by publicly announcing that he wants a further £5billion for the cash-starved NHS. Of course, the Tories will cave in and substantial amounts of new funding will appear on their money tree!

At least in that respect, Boris has done a good thing, it is, however, important to bear in mind that in a leadership contest everyone has a chance! It’s difficult to imagine anyone worse than the Maybot but Boris Johnston might be wearing that tag!  It’s almost beyond belief but he could be the next Prime Minister!

What the country needs is for the Maybot to be ousted and a general election called. Labour even in the shambolic state it is in would win, Brexit would be cancelled and some order restored! The dismantling of rampant capitalism could begin along with rebuilding our public services. 

For the first time in history, real and significant steps could be taken to rid ourselves of the huge inequalities in our misguided way of life!
Don’t, however, think it will be the land of milk and honey for it will be a hard and tortuous road! But weighed up against the current chaos it will indeed seem like a holiday! The Maybot will possibly hang on for the next few weeks but the predicted car crash that will be the local elections in May will bring her tenure to an end!

I can’t remember a time when chaos abounds like it does today. The country narrowly voted for Brexit based on a bed of lies and now a large opinion poll carried out by the Manchester Guardian shows that 47% of people want a second referendum whilst only 32% want to carry on! Whatever government we have to endure they will have to take this into account! The view of the people has changed!

According to the Manchester Guardian today one further Tory has formally expressed no confidence in the Maybot!

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