Sunday, 14 January 2018

New visitors to the loch!

Photo 01-  Looking from the Village hall as the light goes!

New visitors to the loch!

We have always had a good relationship with the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain and we were delighted when Region 31 got in touch asking to come and fish in April later this year. We always look forward to meeting anglers such as this group as we invariably find them to be aware of good angling practice, be aware of the countryside code and jolly good people to boot!

We have not yet received the specific numbers coming but it will be between twelve and twenty anglers staying for a period of two days. They will be fishing on the 14th and 15th of April and will be based at the graveyard swim. To accommodate the anglers all our boats on St Mary’s have been reserved for them so no boats will be available for hire on St Mary’s on these days.

We are currently in preliminary discussions with a Scottish coarse angling group who would like to hold a lure fishing competition for Pike over both the lochs in May. They estimate between 40 and 60 anglers will be taking part in the one-day event. We will keep you posted.

Photo 02 - Club fish finder donated by Davie Wilson.

Topper bloke!

You will have seen his name here from time to time catching some nice Pike and Brown Trout. However, that's not the reason he is appearing today. Davie bought one of these for himself and decided to buy one for use by club members, what a noble thought! Well along with the one gifted by Mike Christie we now have two so just ask Jenny and get out with a fish finder. Many thanks, Davie!

A hearty feed!

Yesterday just before getting out of the car at the village hall I noticed what looked like a load of Blackbirds feeding on a Hawthorn bush. I had a look through binoculars and the majority of the birds were Fieldfares and they were getting stuck into the berries. One fieldfare devoured 11 haws, an amount I never thought they could cope with. The berries, however, are turning and the rosehips are already gone so it looks like lean times ahead! Great to see nature in action!

New contour map see below.

A new view!

Over the years we have had much help from our members and many visitors in helping us to propel the club ever forward. Recently one of our keen visitors Anthony Keenan, a committed fly fisherman who spends his time off wisely seeking out wild Brown Trout and now Pike got in touch. He is also a very keen hill-walker and as such is heavily reliant on the excellent Ordnance Survey maps.

Through his hill trekking, he came across the depth map for the lochs and mailed them on to is. This map is easily expandable allowing anglers to home in on the area of their interest. This will surely be of help to many anglers, many thanks, Anthony.

The wider world in my view!

Despair all around!

Almost everyone I meet is filled with incredulity at the daily shambles that is Brexit! It is probably the topic of a century unless Donald Chump starts World War 3! The Maybot,s legendary bungling is now set in stone for all time! But this week another hobby horse rose to prominence and that is our National Health Service. Yes, the system that has helped many of us is in crisis yet again!

There is no doubting that winter brings increased pressure as it has always done, but what is different now is that the service is unable to cope with that extra demand! You would have thought that the government would have in place a plan to deal with this recurring problem and it seems they have!

It's not a thought out tailored plan, rather a sledgehammer to crack a nut type plan! It consists of cancelling all waiting list operations for a month or so and see how that goes!  I have never heard of such a cack-handed plan! All this plan achieves is furthering the suffering of the patient on that waiting list!

One health minister said there was no need for patients to wait in corridors there were plenty of chairs on which they could sit! You really have to wonder what goes through the mind of these Tories, it's patently obvious they have not got a clue! Our health service in Scotland is in a much better condition than that of England and Wales!

However, that is not to say it is in great shape! Listening to Fuhrer Davidson criticising the Scottish Government on their record on health care made my blood boil. This jumped up loudmouth journalist is mostly the reason our health system is below par! The party which she would like to lead is responsible for chronically underfunding our health service for the last eight years! They would rather give tax cuts to the rich when they should be taxing them more to pay for an improved health service!

It is clear that on every front this government is useless! They are presiding over a moment in our history where the decline is resolute, steady and steep! If we are unfortunate enough to have to endure a full term under these fools then our country will bear no resemblance to that of eight years ago! This government has been tried on all political facets and has been found wanting on every single one! Too many people blundered in voting for this crass administration let’s hope they have learned a lesson!

And so it continues!

You would hardly believe it but the so-called reshuffle (a bloody shambles) of the Maybot’s team has actually managed to make things worse!  The only minister in her cabinet with an ounce of savvy Justine Greening was sacked and the job she turned down was given to the failed TV presenter, the evil witch, Esther McVile!

Perhaps an earlier description paints the picture better; she was described as “a stain on humanity “with many calling to “lynch the bitch”! Undisputedly the most reviled politician since Butcher Thatcher! In her previous ministerial role, she managed to inflict untold damage on the most compromised in our society, the disabled!
Disabled people all over the country will be shaking with fear knowing they are in line for a massive hit! Now the Maybot would likely have appointed her because there was no one else in her talent free ranks. It is, however, another spectacular own goal as the country’s most hated politician again comes to the forefront.

Interestingly McVile was a director in the family demolition firm and it turns out that this company was twice served with a prohibition of work notice with the second one closing the firm for good!  Yes, the McViles allowed their workers to use scaffolding without any safety rails putting those workers at great risk. Not really a suitable background for a cabinet minister! It’s just another massive blunder that characterises the reign of the Maybot!

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