Sunday, 10 December 2017

Getting nippy!

 Photo 01 - Clouted ewes! see below.

Getting nippy!

Yesterday up at the loch it seemed almost dead the usual procession of cars absent and not one motorcycle was seen all day! No walkers, a trickle of vehicles mainly vans and a couple of hardy cyclists in thermal gear completed the picture. A few blackbirds were seen feeding off the remaining haws and rose hips as the food source withers away!

As happens every year the weather closes in and effectively the area goes into hibernation. Have a look at photo 02 below and you will see a toad (I think?) that I uncovered under some leaf litter next to the boathouse hibernating for a couple of months waiting on warmer weather. Apparently, these creatures can withstand some freezing in their bodies and recover, oh to be like a toad!

Only three anglers covered both the lochs yesterday and the reason was readily apparent – temperatures dropped to minus 6 later in the afternoon with an all-day high of minus1! Yes, you really need to layer up if you are thinking of spending time outside in this weather.  The upside, however, redresses the balance, Vivid, sharp, and clear days, the sound of nature uninterrupted by endless traffic and no chumps or angling bullies in sight! Breathtaking!

 The boathouse toad!

Back in time!

Have a look at photo 01 above and you will see sheep with vinyl squares stitched to their rear ends! At first, I struggled to figure out what they were for but then it struck me! They are a primeval form of contraception called “clouting”! Stout fabric (I’m told tweed cuttings were very good in the heady textile days) is sewn on to the ewes wool with the tail held down and three sides of the square are sewn leaving the bottom side open for excretion of waste!

The process of “bratting” or “clouting” was used to prevent ewes of 3 years and under from reproducing, as often, they became weak during and after the birth particularly in roaming flocks where rams would do what they do! Today there are more modern methods of contraception available to farmers but how interesting to see such an old method still in use today! Sometimes the old ways are indeed the best!

Photo - 03 Stuart with a blue Pike?

Havin a laugh!

Member Stuart Grieve sent in the above photo claiming it is a blue Pike. Hmmm, it is certainly a fine fish no doubt about that! However, to put this fish forward for the heavy Pike competition we would need scales and a verified weight. It might fool Mr. Xxxxx but for us, it won't do! Also, you look like a youngster in that photo miles away from the elder statesman look you now portray and your clobber seems very 1970s! I'm afraid it's a fail, Stuart!

The wider world in my view!

Beyond normal descriptive words!

This week has been an exceptional one where new hitherto unseen levels of bunging were portrayed by our complete shambles of a government! Most normal people had thought the bungling had peaked earlier in the year but boy, were we in for a shock! I am now firmly of the opinion that no one in this so-called government has an ounce of savvy, they are all variations of the village idiot!

A “deal” was done on Monday, then in the middle of her lunch supposedly to celebrate that a deal had been done she receives a call during which the DUP firmly put a spanner in the works! The Maybot had neglected to get approval from the DUP who are keeping her in office and the deal was blown! You couldn't even class it as a schoolboy error for a schoolboy would have nailed it no problem!

What kind of negotiator does not have the sense to run the proposed deal to all on their own side before going public? The answer, of course, is Theresa Mayhem, this forlorn figure who promised so much and delivered less than nothing! Yes, this incoherent and clueless woman did what no other Prime Minister could. She rubbished the good name of the UK by negotiating like an unprepared school kid on the world stage! The Huff Post mentioned the 3 Bs, blundering, blustering, and high buffoonery as her guiding lights! On all the substantive issues she folded, and the EU won hands down!

Mind you, she is not alone; blustering Bulldog David Davies must take the title of the country’s biggest liar! For months he has insisted that the government holds extremely detailed impact assessments which examine the impact of Brexit on various sectors.  When they were forced to divulge these assessments all that was presented was a ring binder full of loose notes largely amounting to nothing!

When Davies was hauled in front of a select committee he astonishingly admitted that in fact no impact assessments had in fact been carried out! It is beyond belief that they have just walked into these negotiations without doing any preparatory work! Puffed up incompetent fools do not cover it, this is probably the most important negotiation since the 70s and we are stuck with this lot!

It got even worse when Philip Hammond let slip that there was no strategy and worse no idea of the end goal that they wanted to achieve! When did anyone enter a negotiation without an idea of where they wanted to end up! Clearly, the government is comprised of intellectual featherweights!

If ever there was a time for a mass protest surely it must be now! I am not the only one who is staggered by the breathtaking incompetence of this administration! Just take a look at the newspaper headlines on Saturday and the usual suspects are proclaiming a huge victory for the Maybot! The events of Thursday night/Friday morning was not a cause for celebration, it was simply a fudge and a moment best forgotten until it returns to bite us!
Look at the quote below which succinctly summarises the events of the last week entitled -

 The drunken idiot!
 That time that drunk idiot climbed out of the club window wearing union jack shorts, and then queued for two years, argued for ages with the doormen and then paid a huge amount to get back in- just to sit almost where he was before. Then vomited on his shoes!”

That is exactly what has been achieved although we have still to vomit on our shoes! Don’t worry however there will be numerous instances of this in the near future! The Maybot and blustering Davies have only achieved what the EU wanted them to achieve, without Juncker’s help they would have achieved nothing. They took six months to achieve what a smart sixth former could have achieved in two weeks!

The next year I fear will be a rollercoaster ride which will end very badly indeed! A monumental success would be getting a free trade deal like Canada the more likely scenario is, however, we end up with no deal with the EU and suffer a massive recession that will make 2008 seem like a boom! These clueless fools are ruining the future for all our youngsters; it doesn’t matter much for those of us in the winter of their lives!

The next year will be pivotal for the country, England in particular, as we Scots can take the independence route! This is an insignificant government with nothing at all to commend, how unfortunate then, they are in office at the most important point in our recent history! Those thirteen Scottish constituencies who elected a Tory gasbag will have a lot to answer for! God help them and us!

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