Sunday, 17 December 2017

Be patient!

Photo 01 - Looking down the lowes by Stevie Nimmo yesterday.

Be patient!

Over the last few months, we have received quite a few applications for membership of the club. The situation is that at the present time we are at the maximum figure of 50 members with eight people on the waiting list. What usually happens is that a few drop out and these spaces will be filled by the people on the waiting list on a first come first served basis1

It has been suggested that we could increase the membership limit above 50 but we are not so minded at this time. We do not want to slip into a position where there is a possibility of overfishing! There is no shortcut to becoming a member so just hang in there and be patient, your chance will come!

A different level!

We are now a year down the road of having a new loch keeper and after a few teething troubles the system is now operating at a very satisfactory level! Feedback from our members and visitors has invariably been favourable and if an arrangement is made to meet on arrival she will be there unlike in the past!

Jenny was concerned that the Lowes boat was always full of water and came up with a system whereby an elasticised tarpaulin is put on the boat after use stopping it filling with water! Importantly we have realised increased revenue which always helps. Yes, we have moved up a level with our new arrangements which will benefit both members and visitors!

Photo 02 - early morning view from the boathouse!

Buying for anglers!

If you are buying for an angler and you are stumped as to what to get why not visit your tackle dealer there are many staffed by knowledgeable vendors. Around here we have dealers in St Boswells, Kelso, Duns and Berwick and of course our recommended dealer Fishers in Penicuik who also offers a rapid mail order service. Mike and staff in Fishers will be able to answer your every query and if you really can't decide why not plump for a voucher so the angler can choose themselves it's the safest way and I'm sure appreciated by the recipient!

The wider world in my view!

At last!

It has taken a helluva long time and I had almost given up on them, yes, it’s the progressive SNP and their little-used tax powers! I’ve been saying for quite some time that if we want better public services then we have to be prepared to pay extra to get them! On Thursday Scotland took the first step along that road and we will look back on that Thursday and know the country made the correct decision!

We have only the bare bones of a public service facility at the current time as the Tories continue to decimate all that we hold dear! It became apparent to our government that we had to face up to reality and choose a new way! On Thursday the SNP did just that with a revamp of the tax system means the large majority of Scots would not pay any more tax but a small proportion would pay slightly more!

What pleases me the most, however, is that the majority of Scots understand why increases on the higher paid are necessary! No one likes paying more tax but it is a fundamental requirement that those who earn more pay more in taxes. If your next choice is whether to buy a new Audi or BMW then you need to contribute more to society, indeed, you should be proud to do so! We now stand as an example to the rest of the UK!

The political parties in Scotland, on the whole, were satisfied, letting out only a few half-hearted moans all but the Tories! Yes, this party which should have no seats in an equitable society screamed blue murder!  This ill-educated rabble programmed only to shout about the union tried taking a stance on another subject and how they failed!

Local bigmouth John Lamont, he who is content to see poor people struggle to exist under the punishing brutality that is the botched universal Credit system said no one should pay more tax in Scotland than in England! Mr. Lamont should realise that we in Scotland make our own decisions and that he should concentrate on serving his constituents as all he has done so far is put his foot in it!

Similarly Murdo Fraser apparently the finance person for the Tories could only repeatedly blurt out that a manifesto pledge had been broken! In the strictest terms, it has been, but it has been broken to lay the foundations of a new and fairer system! Fraser only needs to look to Westminster to see massive U-turns botched deals and gaffes on an industrial scale!

As pragmatic Scots, we are coming round to the fact that for better services we have to pay more! If you cannot come round to that position then maybe you should move. Yes, McKay delivered a budget along the right lines though most left-leaning commentators would say he did not go far enough and I would agree! Those who earn massive salaries should pay significantly more!

If our way of living such as it affords you a good wage then you should be happy to pay more towards making life better for those who are not so fortunate! If you do not take that view then maybe you should be somewhere else! We need to see this trend continue with the rich being taxed more and more whilst still allowing them a very good standard of life! A significant change has taken place and Scotland will be the better for it! 
A never-ending nightmare!

This week saw the Maybot humiliated yet again as her flagship policy of Brexit stumbled on its way to god knows where! This clueless woman even managed to get a round of applause from the EU27 but it was not for what she had achieved, for that was nothing, but simply out of kindness for one who has been beaten and downtrodden by anyone she encountered!

Not wanting her to get all the attention not so clever David Davies managed to flutter a few EU hearts when he said the previous agreement May claimed to have gotten was christened merely as a statement of intent by the Tories! The result, however, is that everything thus far agreed will now have to be committed to paper in legalese and handed to Brussels’ ASAP!Yet another cringe-worthy moment that marks us all as fools!

Facing another embarrassing defeat the Maybot has again U turned and the exit date is no longer written in stone. The negotiations up until now have been led 100% by the EU 27 and there is no reason to believe that this will change in the second part of the process!   May, Davies et al are completely out of their depth, its one humiliation after another any humanitarian would say let it end now to alleviate any father suffering!   
This process has turned out to be a rout for the EU for they hold all the cards, any sane negotiator would call off the process, start again this time with research, proper preparatory work and skilled negotiators, only then would there be a chance of a favourable outcome for the UK! The best option, however, is to ditch this erroneous process and resume membership of the EU!                                                                                                                                                           

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