Sunday, 5 November 2017

The heavy Pike cup!

Photo 01 - A cold winters day!

The heavy Pike cup!

Tuesday passed with no last-minute pleas for a heavy Pike to be considered for the 2016/7 competition. This, of course, led to Davy Forsyth being crowned as the winner! Now Davy has led the competition from the start, his 21lbs 8oz fish whilst being attacked by a good few heavy doubles snapping at his heels over the year remained untouchable!

So Davy takes the honour and the cup and of course free membership of the club for the coming year! Davy is not a man given to bragging like the local angling bully, he, for the most part, keeps his angling memories close to his chest. This most welcome trait in an angler is evidence that like old Izaak he appreciates the wonders that are available to the thinking angler!

Freely passing on his considerable knowledge to newer anglers and giving items of tackle to others is a trait confined to real anglers! Always there if there is some work to be carried out to propel the club forward and always ready to give a few tips to those not having such a good time. Probably the archetype of what we would call a great club member and as you have read in the past we have an increasing number of them. You will find him on the loch in all weathers he puts in the time and reaps the rewards by trying new techniques in new areas.

Once we catch up with Davy we will present him with his trophy and hopefully get a wee photo. Well done Davy you thoroughly deserve the accolade!

The wider world in my view!

Potential gloom!

Sometimes you stop and think what a wonderful world. But looking at recent events over the last ten years I bet that thought was the furthest from your mind! We are a relatively rich country and yet the number of people we have in abject poverty continues to rise. We see our public services brought to their knees by throttling of the money given to them by our central government!

Yes, indeed the culprits presiding over our rapid decline are the Tories! The last government led by Lord Snooty and minister without a clue Gideon Osborne sowed the seeds and plunged us into a horrific mess and one from which we are unlikely to recover! Lord Snooty fearing to lose a raft of votes to UKIP initiated the process to allow a referendum to be held on our membership of the European Union and from that point onwards there has been a rapid decline in our standard of living!

When Snooty realised what he had done he abandoned ship leaving the way open for the bewildered Diddy’s we now have! Theresa Mayhem has lived up to her name causing complete and utter mayhem in our lives with her clueless ministrations! We are the laughing stock of Europe as we bungle our way through the Brexit negotiations with the total achievement to date of gaining nothing whatsoever!

We have in the Maybot probably the weakest leader ever, clinging on to her office and being pushed and pulled by the warring factions of her party. Yes, this band of idiots, fools, jesters and now sexual perverts are in open warfare with the casualties being the general public as they pay scant attention to trying to run the country!

The 58 “secret” study’s that the Tories tried to keep under wraps will soon be made clear to us all and believe me they will paint a frightening picture of our future or lack of in life outside the EU! Instead of being frank and open with the public they seem content to lead us into what will be one of the darkest times in our history!
The Brexit negotiations started badly, they are currently going very badly and they will end extremely badly! The EU side must think we are a nation of ninny’s, what is taking place is not a negotiation it’s a rout for the EU side! If we get anything at all from the EU it will be because they gave it to us it will not be because we negotiated it!

Just how this government is completely without a clue is not 100% clear for as individuals there are some pretty clever people among them. This government is about cock-ups, U-turns, and unfathomable downright blunders. They seem to be unable to accomplish anything no matter how straightforward the task. On every conceivable front we are in the mire, be it social care, health, education or any other topic you care to mention Brexit, of course, is the star of the show, an absolutely monumental blunder that if progressed will cost us dear!

Their time is thankfully now limited with the sex scandal being the final nail in their coffin. The interminable bungling by this administration will be recorded in history; their actions are on the point of being incomprehensible! In amongst all the blundering, our social structure is being systematically dismantled by the time they are ousted there will be left only a ruin! The next administration will have a mammoth job trying to repair the damage done by the Tories.

Unless the country gets rid of these Tories and Brexit is reversed then the next ten years will make the great depression look like a walk in the park!

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