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New permits!

New permits!

Our old day permits have served us well being drawn up with the assistance of the Tweed Commission and the police but next week they will be no more. Yes, they have run out but Elliot Fraser was ahead of the game and we have taken delivery of a new batch that will see us well into the future! They are half the size of the last ones but are equally full of necessary information.

Because of Mr. Xxxxx retaining a book of our tickets among other club property we felt we should make the change so that any appearance of those tickets would stand out prominently. There is a section for catch returns and we will be constructing a returns box fixed to the club boathouse to replace the one that was vandalised back in early summer and we would appreciate anglers filling these in. An information slip will be issued with all permits asking anglers to return all Pike and think carefully before taking any Trout or Perch and will also contain information about the general conduct expected from anglers. Mandatory catch and release is a topic for our AGM in 2018.

We are still asking for car registration numbers as these allow the police to trace the owners and hence occupants quickly. The problem here, however, is that as most members know when given this information they do not act on it! Now it is not only our club that is disadvantaged by this inaction but the population as a whole!

This Tory government has cut public funding to the bone, forcing the police to focus only on more serious crimes. A member emailed me this week complaining about a pile of litter left by two Polish anglers asking what we could do regarding this. The short answer is not a lot! The police don’t want to know and all we can do is keep a record of their names and registration numbers and if they are encountered again chase them!

Sometimes if the angler’s car is not in close proximity they could give us any old number and we would be none the wiser! It’s a difficult problem with no easy answer, but thanks to that member for cleaning up this mess it’s something most of our members have had to deal with at some time or other! We ask all our members to check the permission of others so if you see an old style permit and it didn’t come from Fishers in Penicuick please let us know!

Photo 02 - 4 fire sites close together, not what we want to see!

Keeping warm!

At this time of year, it’s easy for hardy Pike anglers to get chilled by the low temperatures and biting winds. That is why you often see a group of Pike anglers huddled around a blazing small fire. We don’t have a problem with our anglers having a fire for cooking and heating purposes. What we do not like to see is anglers cutting down trees trying to burn green wood! Stealing parts of fences that belong to local farmers!

Having a bonfire that could get out of control! Siting fires two or three feet from a previous one leaving a scorched earth landscape! By all means, have a fire but do apply some common sense and if you can bring your own fuel be it coal or wood!

From our recommended dealer!

This week Mike has some outstanding deals just in time for the shopper seeking to buy something for an angler. Check out the items below to fill his or her’s stocking!

The wider world in my view!

A bit of a letdown!

John is one of our regular visitors and works as a supervisor in a large mobile phone shop in Edinburgh; here he gives his appraisal of the current scene.
I phones sell in their millions initially through innovation but now just fan loyalty. I say that because the original I phone looks the same as the just released I phone8. They are completely devoid of style and no one buys these devices looking for cutting-edge design. Indeed they are good communication devices but in my opinion no better than any of the Android flagships out there today from Samsung, LG, Huawei etc.

There are a few novelty features such as emoji, but why would you buy a phone for that? They are very quick when viewing the various benchmarking tests but in real life much the same or only marginally quicker than an Android flagship such as the Pixel 2 or Galaxy S8. Android phones are now much in advance of I phones being significantly cheaper and countless times more stylish than the small rectangles from Cupertino.

Apple was late to realise this and have rushed out the I phone X (ten). This phone is $1,000 or more depending on the storage option and is 30% Samsung the OLED display coming from them. As such the screen is very good if you get the $1.99 app (which is selling like hotcakes) to get rid of the already infamous notch at the top of the screen. It’s an ordinary flagship phone that is grossly overpriced and outclassed by the leading Android offerings.

The I phone X brings nothing new of any substance to the table. Face unlocking is and has been incorporated into Android phones for a couple of years now and Apples version like Androids is a long way from being reliable. The bezeless design has been used by Samsung since the Galaxy S6 in 2015 as has the all-glass construction.
Battery life on the I phone has always been a sore point and this is still the case with the I phone X and the smaller I phone 8s. But this release at least supports fast charging and soon will offer wireless charging (at some considerable cost) again this has been available on Android for at least three years.

The cameras on the I phones have always been good and Android really only challenged them with the Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy S7. The current camera on the I phone X is a good one but not ahead of its rivals by any significant margin.

In its favour the I phone X is the most stylish I phone ever but even then its a dullard compared to the latest Android with sleek lines and dual curved screens. Most Android flagships are IP68 certified whilst Apple is content with IP67 which is only splash resistant whilst top Androids can be dropped into 3 metres of water and still function. The mad rush for I phones has been absent for the last few years and that in itself tells the story.  There will always be a dedicated band of Apple enthusiasts who will purchase anything Apple it is in my experience a rapidly diminishing band.

To conclude if the I phone X was the same price as the Pixel or S8 and had the same features I might recommend it but at the sky-high price at launch, I would say keep your money and buy an S8 or a Galaxy Note 8 they are great feature packed phones and you will be hundreds (with the S8) of pounds in pocket. The I phone X is more of a flop than a revelation. The report card for Apple states – must do better.
There you have it the lowdown on the I phone 8 and the I phone  X so thanks, John and he has agreed to write for us now and then on the subject of phones.

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