Sunday, 12 November 2017

Countryside code!

Photo 01 A night time 15 pounder caught by Stuart Grieve.
Countryside code!

It really beggars belief that I find myself having to write about something that should be second nature to anyone who enjoys an outdoor pursuit. Our bodily functions operate irrespective of what one is doing and given that occasionally we find ourselves getting caught short. The countryside code gives sound advice on what to do.

But what can we do if we need to empty our bowels and no toilet is nearby? What you do not do is make a deposit close to a well-worn walking path and leave the area with your deposit in open ground and toilet paper strewn all over! If that course of action is taken you can bet your bottom dollar that the mess will invariably be found by a local resident walking the dog and a complaint will be forthcoming upon which we will be bound to act!

What should be done is having come equipped with a trowel or similar tool, found a well-hidden place away from any walkways and dig out a small hole, with the deposit in the hole it could then be filled in and tamped down and no one is any wiser! I knew this from an early age and have various implements in my bag that double as digging tools as most anglers do!

If you are an angler and the above was alien to you might I suggest you read a copy of the countryside code and our club rules. We have as users of the countryside a duty not to damage the environment and make that countryside the best it can be! We would take a very dim view of any members not so doing!

Photo 02 - Before refurbishment, rusty old trike.

Don’t throw it away!

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to retire early, I have not though given up work altogether. I work 2-3 days per week as a volunteer trainer facilitator with people who have learning disabilities. We are a registered charity and look after the grounds where we are based and do outside garden work for those for whatever reason cannot do so themselves. Most of our squad of men and women are on the autistic spectrum or have a congenital learning difficulty.

We have recently established a new sphere of operation in that we rescue old bicycles refurbish them by means of mechanical rectification and or cosmetic renovation. The refurbished bikes are then sold cheaply to allow people who could not afford a new bike the chance to own a mechanically sorted and cosmetically acceptable bike.

Photo 03 - After a respray and mechanical fettling, it sold the next day!

Out of the small profit, we make we pay members of the group a small training allowance which affords them some spare cash and the dignity of working to help others. The newfound purpose experienced by the group members leads to increased confidence and self-esteem and prepares them for a work environment. If you have a bicycle in any condition that you do not use you can donate it to our charity by getting in touch at

Welcome news!

We heard last week that Mr. Xxxxx is moving out and heading to Selkirk. I am sure that all members of the club wish him well and hope he has learned from his many mistakes! We have pasted his photo into our records book so that future loch keepers will recognise him and send him packing if he ever tries to come and fish!

The wider world in my view!

Lest we forget!

Today is Remembrance Sunday, a time when we remember the sacrifice made by members of the armed forces and civilians in the two World Wars and more recent conflicts. They gave their lives in order that the lives of you and me could be conducted in freedom and safety. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Only eight more needed!

It’s been another disastrous week for Theresa Mayhem with ministers resigning and good old Boris making a proper dick of himself condemning that poor woman in Iran to what will be another 5 years in an Iranian prison! The imbecile didn’t even have it in him to offer an apology for his monumental cock-up! Of course, this bumbling idiot played straight into the hands of the Iranians who now have “proof” of what they say were the woman’s intentions.

Yes, the fool above who gets nearer every day to being sacked as the pressure mounts would already be out on his ear if we had a Prime Minister able to exert any authority! I am at a loss to understand how the public can put up with this charlatan! The Maybot is in office but not in power! Priti Patel another hardliner blue nose decided to invoke her own version of foreign policy by arranging meetings (12!!) with various bigwigs in the Israeli government including the Prime Minister and wait for it, all on a family holiday!

Under any other regime, such actions would have led to an immediate sacking but again the weak Maybot could only slap her wrists for fear of causing an uprising which would topple her out of office! Patel’s replacement Penny Mordaunt is another chump, forgetting the massive belly flop on prime TV, she was the one warning Turkey would be joining the EU and that the UK would be incorporated into an EU army! Worst of all, however, she posed like an uninformed fool in front of the infamous Vote Leave bus promising an extra £350million for the NHS every week! 

With still more revelations to surface on the sexual harassment front, Theresa Mayhem’s odds of lasting until Christmas have been slashed to 6-4. It’s like a crap episode in a B rated soap opera! It has been reported yesterday that 40 MPs have now signed a letter expressing no confidence in Theresa Mayhem only 8 short of the figure required to oust her!

But it’s not the above that instills worry in the general public, it is the intractable bunging on such a regular basis it has become the norm! The EU stated this week they are waiting for the government to collapse and really that says it all! This government is impotent capable of doing nothing at all of any importance. Indeed the lofty statements keep on coming but that’s all we get! We have drifted from being a respected country to a rabble capable only of blundering! Our credibility sinks each time they make a pronouncement, the EU briefing statements make me cringe as they look at us with incredulity at how disorganised our negotiators are. Probably the most crucial time in our history since World War 2 and we are stuck with a bunch of incompetent dummies!

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