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Catch & release!

Photo 01 - The old wood at the top of the Lowes!

Catch & release!

This subject has been a perennial one cropping up often in conversation and the views quite strongly put forward by their proponents! It does seem to be a trend where indigenous Brown Trout are concerned with the advocates of this view citing the need to protect stocks of this slowly growing species! Indeed, such a stance is laudable but with a greater understanding of the potential future is there a need to formulate rules to achieve this?

Our rules on taking fish at the present time are quite clear. By law, it is forbidden to take any Eels from the lochs. By virtue of a club decision many years ago we do not allow anglers to take any Pike. Now the majority of contraventions to this rule are committed by anglers from other countries. The favourite excuse being that “we take them at home”!

But the above group are not wholly responsible for the removal of Pike. I remember well a Scottish angler who when I came to get his oars from the boat noted a dead Pike lying on the bottom. When quizzed he said he killed the fish to show it to his pals back home! It was an absolutely shocking admission given that a photo would have had the same effect but there is no accounting for people!

At present we allow anglers to take if they so wish two Brown Trout or two Perch per session. What we find in practice, however, is that Trout are only rarely taken and I can only think of three occasions in the past when Perch were taken.  We have got to ask ourselves that if the lochs cannot survive the taking of the odd fish then the reality is probably that we are presiding over a clapped out fishery!

No, I cannot at this time see a need for an all-out catch & release policy. We have only a few members who take the odd Trout and I would be against denying them that freedom. Typically the loch was used as a fishery where it was expected that if you fairly caught a couple of nice sized Trout you would take them for the pot.

 We no longer stock the loch but we are looking at figures in single digits for Trout taken in a season and as such there can be no compulsion to move towards full on catch and release! Of course, this is my view and the issue will be decided by our membership at the AGM!

The wider world in my view!

Omnishambles ever present!

All I have heard and seen on the subject of Brexit leads me to believe that the way the Tory party is going about this is a joke! Prior to the scheduled meetings, we have heard David Davies who is apparently our lead negotiator say that we are within touching distance of a deal! How strange then that post-meeting Michel Barnier says that much more progress is needed from the British!

We have arch buffoon Boris Johnston categorically stating that the £20billion we offered should be rescinded and now he is all for doubling the amount!  This fool is probably the country’s biggest liability and he is at the very forefront! But we shouldn’t bleat too much ace wheeler-dealer Liam Fox said Brexit would be easy, trade deals would be lining up at our door! Actually, the sum total is nil at this time, oh indeed, there have been many fine words exchanged but that’s the sum total!

Master front stabber Michael Gove now seems to have made up with Boris Johnston and is fuelling the Brexit fire! There is no remorse for deceiving the people of the UK with the now infamous Brexit lies about massive trade, more NHS money, and a huge prosperity! Of course, at the very front, we have Theresa Mayhem!

This weak and increasingly bewildered and embattled woman is but a figurehead who is pushed from pillar to post at the whim of the dolts above! No leadership, no strength of character and crucially no understanding of what a negotiation entails! The same pattern emerges on a daily basis! The EU state their position, Mayhem says its too much and a few weeks later they are complying with the demand!

It’s absolutely embarrassing to hear what politicians from other countries say about our negotiating team! Boris Johnston described as “unimpressive” was I suppose a kindness but they added, “at least he avoided any gaffes”! David Davies described as unprepared arriving with no documents and having little to say other than the latest buzz phrase “a deep and special trading deal!

They do not seem to understand that leaving the EU means that any deal secured will be less than would be the case if we remained members! This weak and wobbly administration has embarrassed this country like no other in history. A bunch of chumps constantly chasing the game, never catching up and blundering into the bargain on a massive scale!

Incapable of thinking they plough on with a failed concept that is Brexit! Jobs are now disappearing at an alarming rate. Companies relocating to elsewhere in the EU and the bill for making things a hundred times worse is piling up into the £billions! The reality of Brexit is apparent to all bar this bunch of fools who look intent on doing for the country good and proper!

The recently failed budget unraveling as I write only tipped cash into the pockets of the wealthy and punished everyone else showed the disastrous figures for projected economic productivity and growth! No increase in wages predicted, rising prices and Brexit proper hasn’t even started! Three respected bodies (IFS, OBR, and RF) making economic forecasts which are nothing short of terrifying!

 And now with the intervention of the Irish government, it looks as though Brexit will not happen which is the best scenario we could hope for! The Westminster Tories don’t even appear to have factored in the Irish situation which is in keeping with their bungling interventions!

We have here a rabble posing as our government, they have inflicted incalculable damage to our economy, our public services, our international standing and our social fabric! How much worse can this get?

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