Sunday, 15 October 2017


Photo 01 - Nicely contained, but its still litter!


It’s a problem we encounter every year sometimes many times per year, the perennial problem of littering! Anglers come and fish then leave all their rubbish behind for someone else to clean up. The photo above shows the mess we encountered last Sunday behind the village hall.

The anglers had come with a plentiful supply of bait the polystyrene box suggesting they had bought bulk online. Inspecting the surrounding showed that the area was generally left tidy so why then did they leave the polystyrene box with half a dozen packets of mixed bait lying on the bank?

They may have thought they were doing the right thing by leaving all their rubbish contained in a single box for someone else to pick up. Of course, that is an erroneous view. The box could have been there for weeks and wildlife could have scattered the contents looking for an easy meal! I remember one of our anglers being woken up by an otter who was feasting on bait lying next to his rods!

There is no first or second tier when it comes to leaving litter you leave it or you don’t! Now to save embarrassment we have not released the names of the perpetrators, they are not from this area but they should be clear on one thing. You will not be allowed to return to St Mary’s loch for an angling session, your actions have been unacceptable! We will continually drive this message home – Leave litter and you will be barred from fishing on the loch!

Photo 02 - Barry shows his PB of 12lbs from the loch, well-done mate! Bet it was Davie that cut off the top of his head!

More boat woes!

Salmo Trutta one of our Arran’s seemed to be taking in water rather quickly when observed over the last few weeks. So last week Davy Stuart Jenny Stuart Sutherland Les and I pulled her out and turned her over which believe me is no small feat! A thorough inspection showed no obvious leaks until we noted two screw holes where the screws had obviously come out.

Clearly, water was entering here and the placement of a normally sized screw showed the hole had been reamed by the absent screw. We could, of course, fill the holes but we thought a better idea was to insert two oversized self-tapping screws which although taking some effort to insert were rock solid and not coming out without brute force! Not a huge job but still one that takes someone away from their days fishing! Work behind the scenes is ever present!

The wider world in my view!

An ever worsening shambles!

With the absolute shambles that is the Brexit process at least looking at the British tactics that are being employed, I am now convinced that the mandarins of our negotiating team Boris Johnston, Liam Fox, and David Davies are terminally bewildered and haven’t the slightest idea of what they should be doing! Looking at their game plan for they think it’s all a big game they are hopelessly outflanked by Barnier and Co at every turn!

This inept bunch of diddy's ignore rules, defy convention and simply close their eyes to anything that would worsen Britain’s relationship in comparison to our present situation! Quite clearly they have been caught on the hop, after all, they have had only 5 months to get things rolling and we are still on the starting blocks. Our standing in the world order has been damaged permanently. We are now seen as a nation of fools looking only to the past unable to meet the future and led by a weak fool!

No strategy, no vision no realistic aspirations just pure fantasy tinged with the I want attitude of a spoilt public schoolboy which is just what they are! The hopelessness generated by this lamentable administration is now filtering through to Joe Public. The latest You Gov poll shows clearly that the Brexit vote was a calamitous mistake! Yes, 47% would now vote to remain whilst only 42% would vote for Brexit!

Public demonstrations against the foolhardy direction taken by these Tory fools are now occurring every week as temperatures rise! People are now realising Brexit spells disaster! Its even becoming apparent to the brighter Tory MPs that Theresa Mayhem is leading us to complete and utter disaster heading for a no deal exit from the EU with devastating consequences for business and working people!

MPs from all parties are now joining together to prevent a no deal exit from the EU. Infighting in the Tory party increases and frankly implosion looks to be the only outcome! The good thing following this inevitable scenario is that this Brexit nonsense will be consigned to the waste bin and we can again focus on making this country better for poorer people whilst being members of the EU!

Lord Snooty has made it into the history books as the man who plunged the UK into the biggest existential crisis in history! Following on from his catastrophic blunder a severely misguided section of Scotland voted Tory in the recent election thereby sustaining this wretched government we now endure! Because of these events we now have the most shambolic government ever and every day they remain in power we pay a heavy price!

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