Sunday, 1 October 2017

Twenty's plenty!

Photo 01 - John Garske with the biggest of 20 fish a lovely 14lbs Pike.

Twenty's plenty!

Over the years there have been numerous instances where anglers ask us if there are any Pike in the loch and our answer is the same every time. There are Pike in the loch and probably more than you would imagine! Because of the vast size of the loch it is possible that you could be a couple of miles away from the feeding fish!

There are a few options – Stay where you are for however long it takes. Fish mobile and go looking for the feeding fish. Just visit on your usual days and take whatever comes. We all make choices and our results will be dependant on those choices!

John Garske one of our members who obviously made the right choice. He had a friend over from Cyprus and they decided to spend a couple of days on our very under fished Loch o the Lowes. And what a couple of days they were! Photo 01 shows John with a braw fourteen pounder which was the best of twenty fish over the two days, yes that was twenty fish!.

Craig Hunters cracking 16lbs 10oz Pike.

The fish ranged from 3-7lbs and that total above does not include fish they lost or missed. John reports that his mate went back to Cyprus a very happy man indeed! All I can add is well done to both of you this will be one of those halcyon days!

Another man getting into the fish is long time member Craig Hunter. Craig sent in a photo of a 16lb 10oz Pike bristling with energy putting up a sterling fight before coming to the net! Yes there are occasions when as anglers we do wonder where the fish are but as in the past we are always brought back to reality by splendid captures.
Well done to the lads above real anglers indeed!

Closing down!

Its a true saying that time certainly does fly by, here we are at the end of yet another season that has just flashed before our eyes. Where does the time go? Those looking to get their hands on the clubs heavy Trout cup only have another few days in which to accomplish their task! Our Trout season runs until the 6th of October and at the end of that day its all over yet again!

The Trout to beat of course is Stuart Sutherland's 6lbs Brownie and it will take a massive effort and some help from Lady Luck to achieve this! But as we all know in fishing you can never say never! We will announce the winner next week in next week’s news page.

So what’s to do now for as long as the reasonable weather holds there is still an opportunity to get out and catch fish! The Salmon season on the Tweed has yet again been a disappointment! Catches are down and most of the fish being caught on the upper reaches of the Tweed are stale fish and they can be notoriously difficult to tempt!

There is of course the opportunity to go and fish for Grayling but for most that holds little appeal. No the only fish currently worth seeking is the Pike and we remain open 365 days a year for anglers seeking this species. Now is the time when the big females are multiplying the number of eggs they carry in preparation for the annual spawning event!

If you are looking to catch a specimen Pike then this is the time of year you need to be getting out. If you catch one of these egg heavy females as long as you are sensible she will take no hurt! Make sure you have all at the ready and return her to the loch as quickly as you can!

As always its a case of once more once less as our body clocks tick ever onwards! The year heads towards its end and the angler ponders on the past season and contemplates the one coming. Its a process that cannot be halted and sad though it is we must accept the way of the world. I hope each and every one of you makes it through the colder months and emerges full of the joys of spring to embrace the new season! For what’s been and for what comes – TIGHT LINES!

The wider world in my view!

Think again!

Bumbling Prime Minister Theresa Mayhem made her landmark Florence speech and as predicted amid all the warm words like our overseas friends and the deep and special relationship she wishes was exactly nothing! Oh there was much talk of the government's aspirations but no talk whatsoever of the detail as to how we were going to arrive at that point!

The incompetence of this current band of Tories is absolutely staggering! They have been given the framework for the talks something they signed up to and yet they still cannot keep on track! Its one blunder after another as they arrive at the point they were at fifteen months ago! It looks very much like we are going to crash out of Europe with no deal in place!

Already businesses that rely on migrant labour are encountering staffing problems and the NHS is being hobbled by the inability to get overseas doctors and nurses! Companies are getting ready to bail out overseas, the thought of being an inward looking small island distasteful to them.

It hasn’t really hit the working man yet but the catastrophic drop in living standards on its way will hit like a sledgehammer! We are on the brink of the biggest mistake this country has ever known! There is one ray of light however on the national front and that is the continuing Labour resurgence under Jeremy Corbyn!

I’m not Corbyn’s greatest fan but I must admit that the policies coming from conference were music to my ears! Re nationalisation of core industries, taxing the rich hard and an equalisation of living standards all appeal to me! Surely these are the goals of everyone not consumed by greed! However one snippet that was news to me was that there is now a growing band within the Labour movement calling for a referendum on our leaving the EU!

Yes we are all fed up with referendums but the one on EU membership will shape the future of generations to come! It is of vital importance that such a referendum takes place! The Tories have well and truly messed up and our future crashing out of the EU makes the future for our youngsters a dire one! I hope Labour can once again come to save the country for let's be honest here the Tories haven’t a clue!

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