Sunday, 22 October 2017

Coming back!

Photo 01 - Steven with a lovely 17.5lbs Pike.

Coming back!

This year the Pike fishing has been exceptional for some and probably the reason for this is that the successful anglers have been embracing new methods, and new areas of the loch often ignored. Coming to the fore this last couple of years is the increasing number of anglers using lures. Now to the older angler lure fishing means throwing a 28 gram Toby or Koster as far as they can and retrieving at various speeds.

Modern lure anglers use the latest often American inspired jerk baits, surface poppers floating rats bats and whatever. A lot of these lures are quite large and often made in some really gaudy colours some with sound and some with lights and oil leakers making a smelly trail. Smaller powerful rods like the “Ugly Stik” are often used and we have seen an explosion in the numbers of these rods on the loch hope you are spending the commission wisely Davy!

Of course, it was Davy Forsyth who started this reinventing of lure fishing on the lochs and though you won't hear it from him he has bagged a large number of Pike with many heavies among them. In fact, Davy is leading the heavy Pike competition for members with a 21lbs 10oz specimen and the competition closes at the end of this month.

The lad in photo 01 Steven Jones had come down for a session with the Pike recently and along with his mate caught eighteen Pike between them. Steven ending up with thirteen and his mate five nice Pike. Between them, the bagged eight super doubles and Steven is pictured with the best of them at seventeen and a half pounds!
It turned out to be a fantastic day out and one that neither will forget! That’s how the loch snares you, these two lads when asked said that they would definitely be coming back!

A real feat!

Most all the anglers and certainly all our members are aware of the man-made reservoir up the hill, of course, it’s Megget! Ace angler, member, and a great friend of the club Mike Christie sent us the following link to a great video made during the construction of Megget reservoir. We actually had this link up on our site around eight years ago but it was a real treat to watch it again. You can only marvel at the immense task and how well it has turned out. Click the link and sit in awe!

The wider world in my view!

A Malfunctioning Maybot!

Last week things on the Brexit front were pretty bad this week things have gotten a whole lot worse! Like a discarded champagne cork Theresa Mayhem bobs between the remainers, the hard Brexiteers, the now completely baffled EU and an increasingly bewildered and confused British public! This week our Maybot has shown more faces than Big Ben ranging from glum to utter despair!

You wouldn’t let an animal suffer like this and one thing is for sure the executioner's axe will cleave her head in a short time! As a negotiator, she is wooden without the slightest clue of how to go about things. As a poker player, she is entirely predictable and will fold long before the crunch!

When 27 nations say things are not going so well and our Maybot seems to think things are progressing well the smart money moves to the 27! She was confident her “Florence speech” was going to move talks on to trade the result entirely predictable is that insufficient progress has been made!

The bottom line is that she along with her team of deadbeat duffers are incapable of gaining anything remotely usable for the nation, if any kind of deal comes about it will be nothing to do with our so-called negotiating team rather it will be crumbs from the table given by the 27! This is probably the biggest catastrophe facing the nation since WW2 and we are saddled with the most inept government ever!

Five months into the actual negotiations the Maybot proclaims that significant progress has been made and the actual progress is – well nothing! Not one item can be stroked off the list! The deep and special partnership she begged for on Thursday has materialised into nada! This lame duck has made no demonstrable progress whatsoever!

The main sticking point is the divorce bill everybody knows the £20billion falls well short of what must be paid with £50billion being nearer the mark. The problem for the Maybot is that once this figure is put on the table the substantial hard Brexit lot in her party will initiate the moves required to remove her plunging us into even more chaos!
It doesn’t really matter which direction she takes our weak and embattled leader will be overthrown there can be no doubt about that! The unfortunate effect for us will be a period of intense chaos as the Tory government fragments and prepares for a general election which they will lose!

Even with the highest level of bungling the Tories still managed to live up to their name of the “Nasty party”! Yes pressing on with the now increasingly hated universal credit scheme which is a good idea but is being implemented in the most shambolic way. Twenty-four percent of all claimants being forced to live with absolutely no financial benefits for up to eight weeks!

As if these fools have not shamed us enough they cap their time in power by making us look like a bunch of uncaring hard-hearted zealots! Public outrage at the Tories actions will do for them it will be the Maybot’s poll tax. Hell, they didn’t even turn up to the debate and vote being trounced 299 to nil! Look out for the mandatory U-turn in the next few days! There are so many weights around the Maybot’s neck it becomes quite difficult to predict which one will end their despicable rein!

The country has never been in such a mess our NHS is crumbling our public services are on their knees, vast infrastructure projects are being canceled yet these diddys can find £2billion to silence the DUP! Their outlook is wrong, their values are wrong, to put it simply they have not a clue as to what they are doing! Just a bunch of toffs cushioned by their bank balances filling up their days using the working classes as pawns in what they see as a game!

Do all you can to terminate the rein of these ogres we owe it to the increasing numbers of vulnerable and poor in our country! Remember No Brexit is better than no deal!

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