Sunday, 29 October 2017


Photo 01 - No boats allowed out yesterday much too wild!


Unfortunately, this is the time of year that sees the businesses in the area close for their winter breaks and from today you will only be able to purchase a permit to fish from our loch keeper on the banks of the loch. Now, this is and always has been our preferred way of purchasing permits as it allows us to give our loch keeper some recompense for the help she has given us over the year and makes life easier for the traveling angler not having to go and find an establishment where permits may be obtained!

You should also note that there is nowhere nearby where you may buy fishing bait and tackle the nearest place being Fishers in Penicuick and Libby’s pet shop in Hawick. For food petrol and provisions you are looking at an eighteen-mile journey to Selkirk or Moffat. So remember you will not be able to buy a permit from the Glen Cafe you must get them from our loch keeper by phoning 07980350031 before you arrive!

From our recommended dealer!

This week Mike at Fishers is offering a cracking deal for the fly fishers among us looking to upgrade their casting sticks. Up for grabs is a fly rod from the house of Hardy. The Hardy Shadow Sintrix is available from 8ft 6in suitable for a four weight line right up to a loch busting 11ft rod handling a seven line. You will find this rod to be keenly priced so click the link and check it out!

The wider world in my view!

Painful reading!

We the “descamisados” are normally satiated and correctly informed by reading our popular daily papers such as the Daily Mirror or the Daily Record for they provide news accurately reported on a wide variety of subjects as well as some lighter news reporting. For a left-wing perspective you really can’t do better than The Morning Star and if you looking for more in-depth coverage on subjects the Manchester Guardian or the Independent will accommodate the majority of readers.

There are a few publications however you would be wise to avoid and these are the Daily Mail and the Daily Express! I have not even included the Sun in this treatise as it doesn’t even make it as a newspaper though it has a use as a poor quality mopping up pad! The Observer, Times etc have no relevance to working class people suitable only for ultra-rich capitalists who have no longing for fairness or equity, compared to the rags above however they take a much less biased view!

The two papers I have singled out are probably the worst, biased and vile publications! These are the publications of choice for the children of Butcher Thatcher in the land! Those who try and hide their working-class backgrounds thinking they are better than the ordinary man. Those who with their increased wages ill-gotten by trampling over their fellow workers who now dabble in stocks and shares and delight in polishing the new car bought on a lease arrangement on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

These rags offer nothing but biased reporting taking always the extreme right wing conservative viewpoint! If a story appears showing for instance how the country is turning against Brexit they won’t even publish preferring instead to conjure up a story that shows Brexit in a positive light (few and far between)!  The £350million lie about money that would be saved and reinvested in the NHS received scant coverage!
They are completely paranoid suspecting left-wing radicalism in every aspect of life. They are anti-working class seeking only to further the aims of the greed ridden children of Butcher Thatcher! They are anti-EU in the extreme seeking only a return to the days of the empire!

The bottom line with these rags is that you can’t trust a word they print everything is twisted to reflect their biased stance. The recent hullabaloo over the idiotic MP who sent a letter asking for the names of lecturers who taught business and political science was duly rounded on by the right thinking press!
Not so with the two above they absolutely supported the letter accusing universities of being infiltrated by extreme left-wingers who plotted against the Conservative establishment! So if you nip into the newsagents and the two papers above are the only ones left get a copy of the Beano, for it will have more true stories in it that that combined from the Express and the Mail!

Good News...!

On the front page of the Daily Express, one of the rags mentioned above The Prime Minister Theresa Mayhem outlines how she wants to see a significant step forward in the treatment of mental health problems. No new money has been allocated to this initiative! In effect, this is the same goal she announced at the beginning of the year and what has been achieved? Nothing, the Maybot is becoming a past master of talking a good job and doing precisely nothing.

It sounds just like the progress on Brexit which again is negligible! Yes, it’s just another lofty statement followed by a load of repetitive drivel we have all heard before! It’s not good news, it’s simply a big headline followed by a load of tripe! Probably all you can really expect from a weak Prime Minister clinging on for her political life!

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