Sunday, 8 October 2017


Photo 01 - Stuart our heavy Brown Trout cup winner!

Yes the Brown Trout season of 2017 has come and gone! It was a particularly good season for the Brownies with a good few fish over the 3lbs mark. The biggest however fell to the rod of Stuart Sutherland who bagged a 6lbs beauty whilst fly fishing.

 When the season closed on the 6th of October no further claims were made which means Stuart takes the accolade of having caught the largest Trout of 2017 on the lochs! We will be getting the cup engraved and we will have a photo of Stuart receiving the cup presented by a club member. Of course he also wins free membership of the club for the coming 2018/19 season. Well done mate!

Photo 02- Martin just can't stop catching. A fine 15pound Pike.

Muppet detected!

Not for the first time this year we have “anglers” phoning up and asking to book a boat and then not turning up! When you book a boat that action means we have to refuse decent anglers who may turn up looking for a boat. It is or should be common courtesy to inform us if you cannot keep the commitment to allow us to hire that boat to another angler

Now the difficulty we have is that we do not know the people that are booking the boats but we have your phone number. So if a no show scenario develops we will mark your phone number as “Time wasting Muppet detected” and the call will not be answered. These people are an absolute waste of time and put others into extra work for nothing! If you book a boat and cannot come please do us the courtesy of letting us know or you won't be coming back!


Now our two engines by choice have not been out much but they were serviced at the beginning of the season by Elliot Fraser. One of our members came down to fish having properly booked his boat. However although his engine started without drama there was no drive to the propeller.

It seems wear on the housing that encapsulates the shear pin had become malformed and was no longer making the connection between the engine and the propeller.  He travels a good distance to come and fish with us so we offered him the Hidea engine. Well it started with minimal fuss and soon settled into a smooth idle! He enjoyed his days fishing caught some nice fish and our engine worked perfectly! Remember this was the engine so horrendously abused by Mr Xxxxx which he said was pouring white smoke and was terminal!

I would like to make our engines available to all club members booking through our loch keeper in the future. This will be a topic for discussion at our AGM in March 2018. In the meantime we will make our engines available for members who find themselves in a situation similar to the lad mentioned above. We look after our members!

The wider world in my view!

Incompetent is too weak a description!

The ongoing tragic-comedy farce being dished up to us daily by this crass Tory administration goes from dreadful to desperate! Youmight take the view that last weeks conference fiasco was not down to Theresa Mayhem but you would be wrong! Any sensible leader about to make the make or break speech would take every measure to ensure their voice was not stressed! Ms Mayhem apparently gave countless speeches/interviews on the Tuesday before.

Patrick McLaughlin the party chairman responsible for security allowed the comedian in to give Mayhem her P45 with his standoff inept organisation. Rumours are now rife that he will be sacked by Mayhem in an effort to reclaim her authority! The magnetic lettering that was supposed to send the Tories message out fell to pieces which just crowned what was utter chaos and the most shambolic party conference ever!

What is of more concern however is if you pick through her “speech” there was nothing of substance which will make life for the working classes better! It was the same old woolly promises which as usual will amount to nothing substantial just tinkering around the edges! Just keep an eye on her flagship policy on capping energy prices!

I cannot remember a more depressing time when we are led by directionless fools who U turn on a daily basis and seem only able to excel in the art of serial bungling! We have the weakest Prime Minister in history (Lord Snooty was the worst) who seems to be unable to stop the infighting from within, she is in office but not in power! The Tories are desperate to get rid of Mayhem but the pool of absolute diddy’s in the Tory party makes the choice of a successor a fruitless task!

At a time when we should have a firm and resolute government we have instead this apology of a government! They seem to think they are in the driving seat when it comes to Brexit there are 27 views to the contrary! It looks certain they will end up with no deal from the EU and this will have catastrophic consequences for everyone in this country!

Michael Green, sorry Grant Schapps had the right idea but his coup failed because he is a buffoon who is detested by most Tories! However the writing is on the wall for Theresa Mayhem her days are numbered! It is now highly likely that this inept administration will fall and a general election called. It will then fall to the misguided Scots who voted Tory in the election to wake up and make the right decision!

Lord Snooty living up to his reputation as the most incompetent Prime Minister ever caused this disastrous situation and then bowed out when things got hot. The Maybot content to plough us further into the mire! The banks have now said they will bail out by Christmas if no deal is achieved! Manufacturing industry hasn’t a clue as to what will happen. Between these sectors initial job losses are likely to be around 25000 with many more to come!

We had certainty now we have chaos! The only saving grace is that many of the Brexit voters are dying off being replaced by a more welcoming open minded and inclusive younger generation who could overturn the process. For all of our sakes I sincerely hope they do!

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