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Sensible advice!

Photo 01 - to member David Shotton this will indeed be a memorable Pike, his first one from the loch, well done mate!

Sensible advice!

It happens every year without fail, a boat gets abandoned and left for one of us to retrieve! And true to form it happened last week. There was a decent breeze which as usual worsens as you near the regulator and as such the two anglers hiring a Lomond boat were told not to venture past the Megget burn outflow.

Instead of heading towards the Tibbie they headed downwards and were seen at the regulator. All appeared well then the wind began to strengthen and it was clear there was a problem with the pair making very slow progress  up the roadside. They abandoned the boat at the village hall and our lochkeeper had to run them back to the boathouse.

They were exhausted and shaken but at least had the sense to crawl up the margins rather than tackling open water. Now when our lochkeeper says do not go down to the bottom of the loch she says that with good reason. Unlike some of the small ponds in the area St Mary’s has the potential to be a very dangerous and life threatening loch in wild conditions! Please follow the advice given to you, the above anglers had their pride dented it could have been so much worse!

Thanks to Elliot Fraser who went down on Wednesday evening and collected the abandoned boat and still managed to tempt a couple of Brownies just under a pound each!

Cafe Green meeting!

I went up to the meeting about the Cafe Green on Tuesday evening. It was a well attended meeting that was to encompass a lot more than the problems of the Cafe Green. The main thrust of the meeting was to agree a strategy for going forward for the management of the whole area. 

Representatives of the police and council were present.
Various recollections of past incidents were presented to the meeting and it quickly became clear there was an underlying thrust towards appointing a “warden” for the area to police the area at busy weekends. It quickly became clear that other viewpoints would receive little attention.

Of course our CCTV camera is now in operation but the use of this it seems did not receive the backing of the police representatives present at the meeting. The problem was that our camera was on Tibbie land looking on to a public place and might contravene the data protection act. The following is an extract from the act that covers looking on to the land of others.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its judgment in the case of RyneŇ° on 11 December 2014. In this judgment, the CJEU concluded that where a fixed surveillance camera faces outwards from an individual’s private domestic property and it captures images of individuals beyond the boundaries of their property, particularly where it monitors a public space, the recording cannot be considered as being for a purely personal or household purpose. This means that cameras attached to a private individual’s home may, in certain circumstances, no longer be exempt from the requirements of the DPA under section 36. Those circumstances are likely to include where the camera monitors any area beyond the interior and exterior limits of that individual’s home. This would include any camera to the extent that it covered, even partially, a public space such as the pavement or street. It would also cover cameras which captured areas such as neighbours’ gardens. This decision does not mean that using such a camera is not possible but it does mean that individuals will have to ensure that its use is legitimate under the DPA. The CJEU made clear that use of cameras to protect a property in this way can meet the legitimate interest condition in the legislation. The ICO has produced a short complementary piece of guidance for the public on how to ensure the use of a surveillance camera on a private domestic property complies with the DPA

So if the end cause is a legitimate one there is no barrier to such usage! Of course the usage of the camera is to pick up any untoward behaviour and any other recording captured will be deleted on review.
The police in particular seem none too keen on our camera saying it only gives 2 dimensional evidence. Now there was a proposal for the new “warden” to be equipped with a body cam which would be more two dimensional evidence! The suspected bomber in the recent tube train bombing attempt was identified by a two dimensional camera!

Now if a serious assault occurred on the green I wonder if the police would want to see our two dimensional footage to establish the facts in the matter?  Our camera is rolling and will continue to do so!  When attempting to detect crime you can never have too much evidence! It is now commonplace for police to call for mobile phone footage when they are struggling to progress a case. Dash cams on cars are now everywhere as insurance companies can resolve a claim in one fell swoop! Yes two dimensional evidence is ubiquitous!

The outcome of the meeting was that a warden should be sought to work summer hours telling people how to dispose of litter and trying to instil in people a sense of responsibility towards the countryside. More litter bins should be sought and the 30p per visit toilets should revert to being free. New signage should be implemented to try and reinforce the message that all visitors should behave in a responsible manner.

The low point of the meeting was the attitude of the police in seeming to try and push responsibility on to others to camouflage the number of times they for whatever reason cannot attend to any incident at the loch. They said the area is low priority which most people appeared to accept but when a call was made that call was invariably about something rather more serious!

We all know this inept Tory government has slashed police budgets and what has happened at the loch in the recent past can be attributed to that very action. I had a concern about the personal safety aspect of a “warden” confronting some of the crazed individuals who occasional populate the Cafe Green and the officer stated that appropriate training would be given to the individual appointed.

The meeting ended with a vote on the adoption of a “warden” resulted in my voting against the motion and the rest of the meeting voting for the said adoption. My opposition was quite clear, why waste thousands on paying an individual to try and achieve the desired outcome when our camera already paid for will survey the area day and night without placing anyone in a dangerous situation.

Irrespective of any training or personal skill that individual will be placed in a position of potential harm as has already happened with a local resident! That individual carries no additional authority over any member of the public! Now it’s all very well engaging in welcoming discussion with visitors impressing upon them the need to take their litter home, not to drink too much and keep music levels to a sensible level!

The problem is that the sensible type of visitor who populate the green already do behave responsibly and it is only the small percentage of Muppet types that cause the problems.  Speaking from personal experience these people do not listen to guiding words and have no qualms about resorting to violence and this is where a police intervention is required.

By all means employ a “warden” but believe me it will have no effect on the shenanigans of these hardened Muppet types! Violence in the past has occurred at night, in the early morning hours, where will this “warden” be then? Our camera will be there day and night! The break in at the Cafe a few years back would have been captured by our camera. The community council will do what it thinks is best and we will do what we think is best!

The wider world in my view!

Further into the mire if that's possible!

It is my desperate wish to say that at last things are getting better but the converse is true! At home Brexit is turning even more bizarre as our weak and incompetent government flounders failing to grasp the essentials of the negotiations! To complicate matters and further weaken our position prize buffoon Boris Johnston has revived the biggest political lie ever, that Brexit will gain us £350 million/week!

This absolute fool of a man is spreading lies and false hope enraging our brothers in Europe with whom we are trying to get an amicable deal!  Putting his own interest ahead of the country’s he is trying to gain the support of the many hard Brexiteers before he launches a bid to topple Theresa Mayhem! He has today been rebuked by the National Office of Statistics for the use of this false figure something Theresa Mayhem would like to do but is too weak to do so!

Theresa Mayhem will likely bang a few more nails in her own coffin when she heads off to Florence to address EU leaders!  Wishful thinking and pure fantasy will be the main thrusts of what will surely be a disastrous speech! On the political front the country is in complete chaos and believe me it will only get worse!

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