Sunday, 24 September 2017

It's an upward journey!

Photo 01 - Martin with his super 17lbs Pike from the hall.

It’s an upward journey!

I received a photo early on last week of a very fine Pike caught by a visiting angler. Martin came down from St Andrews way to the village hall on the loch to try and tempt one of the many female heavyweights that abound this time of year. He has been a relatively frequent visitor for a few years now and this recent capture is his best to date on the loch!

It is around the seventeen pound mark and is most definitely a fine fish! However what caught me about Martin was his exploratory discourse prior to coming and indeed after. He was keen to find out about our rules and assured us that he would leave the area spotless which he did! Great work Martin!

This is exactly the type of angler we welcome at the lochs! Gone are the days when we tolerated the likes of the local angling bully sneaking around choosing carefully who he would like next to assault! Gone also are the days of the Pike butchers who stopping short of carving them on the butchers table but treated them so poorly that the death sentence was upon them the instant they were hooked!

Gone are the days when hordes of thugs masquerading under the banner of anglers flooded on to our waters seeking alcohol and drugs more than the piscatorial challenge! Yes indeed it was a fight they were after but not with the fish but with anyone who had the temerity to confront them when unruly behaviour was noted! Gone also are the days of weeding out Vipers in our own nest when Mr Xxxxx was exposed and ousted we were again a club! Yes all the chumps above barred from fishing on our lochs!

Yes we have come a long way in the past decade and of course there are many miles yet to walk! But without fear of repercussion I can say that this club is now the best it has ever been! There will be a few hiccoughs on the way forward I am sure but those who next take on the club will have the mettle to deal with whatever transpires!

Photo 02 - One of three Vipers spotted yesterday!

Keeping up to date!!

The more I read the more bizarre the words of the police at the recent meeting held in the village hall about the Cafe Green appear. In the local rag this week police are calling for CCTV footage of the area in Innerleithen where a cash machine was ripped out of the wall! The missing RAF airman case has also called for more CCTV footage! I could pick a couple of stories every week where CCTV footage is sought or where present has been instrumental in obtaining a conviction!

Look at photo 03 below and you will see the actions of Muppet's! A public information metal sign on a heavyweight post secured with concrete ripped up and discarded into the undergrowth! We have lost two very heavy duty signposts both weighed down with 50 kg of concrete mix, one is in the undergrowth at the graveyard the other under 10 feet of water at the top of the Lowes! 

Technology requires that our thinking moves forward! Would Shakespeare have eschewed the word processor or Bach the electric action pipe organ, of course not! CCTV works whilst we are asleep, on holiday or at home in front of a roasting log fire! In detecting crime any evidence helps, Its time to move into the 21st century!

Photo 03 - What happens to concreted in metal signs (behind village hall)!

A concreted in metal sign is no guarantee of permanence they simply haul them out with the aid of a car then discard them. There used to be one in every lay-by now there are none, instead they are scattered under nearby vegetation. What it all boils down to is that any type of evidence is good evidence!

Photo 04 - The largest of the three Vipers spotted!

Watch your step!

Fishing the village hall area yesterday I strolled down to the loch side and was surprised to see a couple of Vipers basking in the albeit short lived sun. They were off the established path so caused me no problems However this just shows how important it is to not go trampling through vegetation where you may just put your feet in the wrong place!

Dogs are often caught out by this but as sentient beings we should know better and keep to the established paths where at least you can see where you are putting your feet! In all my years at the loch I have never heard of an angler being bitten although there have been a couple of close shaves!

It is unlikely that a bite be fatal but according to the many experts it will be very uncomfortable and it is always best to go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital! Put simply watch your step!

Symptoms of an adder bite when venom has been injected include:
  • severe pain at the location of the bite
  • swelling, redness and bruising at the location of the bite, spreading up the bitten limb
  • feeling sick (nausea) followed by vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • itchy lumps on the skin (hives or nettle rash)
  • swelling of the lips, tongue, gums and throat
  • breathing difficulties with wheezing, similar to asthma
  • mental confusion, dizziness or fainting
  • an irregular heartbeat

The wider world in my view!

The Great speech!

Well we were all on the edges of our seats to hear the latest words of wisdom emanating from Florence as our lame duck Prime Minister took to the stage with news of how she is going to unblock the stalled negotiations with the EU on Brexit! Well not really I fully expected a load of waffle with new descriptors such as creative and imaginative and that’s what we got!

Barnier made it quite clear that what was required from the UK was detail and clarity what we got was more of the same waffle! Theresa Mayhem’s vision of a land of milk and honey where we all get along just fine and everyone lives happily ever after! It must now be clear to all that these diddy’s have not got a clue as to what they are doing! A bespoke deal is what she wants and already Barnier has quashed this notion saying a bespoke deal is not on the table!

Under these bewildered fools we are seeing the country’s credit rating being dropped yet again as fears that the economy is going out of control ahead of a Brexit inspired recession! 
Devoid of ideas they have adopted the Labour policy of going for a two year transition deal something that will be welcomed by British business! 

Rather interestingly copies of e mails have been seen from the Department for exiting the EU where top officials are committing to disk their huge concerns as to how unprepared the government are with no plans at all for a no deal scenario! The reason for this is in case of an eventual botched deal (highly likely) they have on record their concerns in case a Chilcot type enquiry ensues! A rather telling move methinks!

Before the Florence flop we were in the dark as to the governments intentions after the farce we still have no idea where we are going and now the cracks in the Tory party are beginning to reappear having been painted over by Theresa Mayhem! The next few years will go down in history as the time mismanagement, lack of vision and rank incompetence did for our country good and proper!

This weak disunited government is quite frankly on fantasy island in spite of countless warnings to the contrary they still believe they can get all the benefits of the single market whilst shouldering none of the responsibilities! Business is already bailing out and moving overseas as it becomes clear that Brexit means Brexit really means Brexit means chaos!

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