Sunday, 30 July 2017

Necessary work!

Photo 01 Beauty of a rainbow caught yesterday!

Necessary work!

Yesterday was a day working on the boats, dodging the tumultuous amounts of water that fell from the sky! Unfortunately work was required on the two Arran’s, the Lomond damaged by a Muppet a few weeks ago and the wee punt we have in the boathouse which will in time be a shallow water punt for deadbaiting and lure fishing.

Both the Arran’s require to have the oar anchoring structures remade to work on heavy duty pins as opposed to the soft metal structures currently in situ now so deformed making rowing impossible. As usual all the fixings were seized solid requiring persuasion by means of a heavy duty angle grinder and cutting disc.

If only that was the only problem! The new heavy duty steel anchor points will protrude 4 inches below the rim but as we found out today they can only go down 3 inches due to a beam of hardwood being fitted inside the rim. So we needed a 27mm drill to deepen the hole and you can guess, we didn’t have one! So that’s added to the shopping list for next week!

Photo 02 - Outer skin of the punt!

The Lomond whilst still functional requires the rim reconstructed and to that end the chopped strand inserted last week was shaped to give an approximate contour matching the other side. To make the repair less conspicuous we had intended to paint the repaired area today but the heavy rain put paid to that.

Mike Christie had some heavy duty water tubing for us and sent a message midweek to say that he had managed to deliver it early in the morning, so many thanks for that Mike much appreciated! We intend to fit some to the keel runners and some to the rim of the boat but looking at what is currently in front of us this may be a close season job.

Photo 03 - Inner skin of the punt!

The wee punt which we rescued from Bowerhope had gashes and scrapes all over and last year we spit the two halves and set about repairing the two pieces separately whilst they were apart. The main reason for doing this was to be able to employ a two sided “riveted” repair where holes are drilled and wet fibreglass pushed through the holes giving a much stronger repair.

So that’s what was going on today, oh but then the workbench collapsed but our resident boat house manager Les got stuck in and now we have a workbench at a better height. And that was after fighting and losing a decent Pike! Yes pretty unglamorous work but if we are to function, necessary work!

Photo 04 - Our heavy duty tubing courtesy of Mike Christie!

A bit of a mess!

Speaking with Jenny our loch keeper yesterday we were made aware of the large amount of litter she has been picking up on the banks of the loch. It was clear that the majority of this rubbish came from anglers with dead fish rotting and the ubiquitous “Bait Box” packets that once held Pike bait strewn over the banks!

Some anglers seem to go to great lengths to try and hide this rubbish with piles secreted under stones and some stuffed into holes in trees and banking. A couple of traces complete with hooks were also found which is absolutely disgraceful! These hooks can only serve as a danger to wildlife and humans alike!

Why these people do this is beyond me. Anglers need to present the best possible profile and these actions do the complete opposite! It is not possible to catch people in the act but believe me if you are spotted desecrating the shores in this manner you will not be coming back. This is a persistent problem and some “anglers” need to review their practices lest we all end up being tarred by the same brush! It’s time for some anglers to clean up their act!

From our recommended dealer!

There are lots of tackle dealers in our area and we have been asked often why we recommend Fishers. Well its quite simple, some dealers in the area deal mostly with Salmon and as such are infrequently visited by our anglers. Some dealers are below par and again are visited infrequently. A few dealers offer top notch service and members feed back to us their satisfaction after a visit. Fishers lead this category as reported by our members.

My picks this week are a medium/fast action  fly rod from Shakespeare at a great price reduced from £65.00 to £39.00
and a waterproof polypropylene seat box from top manufacturer Shakespeare for all your tackle and its only £49.00

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