Sunday, 2 July 2017

A braw Troot!

Photo 01 - What a beauty, Stuart and his 6lbs Brown Trout!

A braw Troot!

The photo above shows one of our members Stuart Sutherland with a smile a mile wide proudly displaying a stonker of a Brown Trout he caught yesterday! Stuart appeared with a couple of boxes of homemade Pike flies and believe you me they were masterpieces! Large, colourful with plenty of long flowing hair to impart the required lifelike wiggle, the ideal enticer to a voracious predator which is exactly what Stuarts fish was!

He set out with his two young lads and soon was casting like a good un in spite of the blustery conditions. Cognisant of the clubs mantra when hunting for Trout “The wilder the better” he fished on through the waves. Eventually the bite came and what followed was a spell of giving and taking line during what seemed like an eternity!
I can imagine the look on the faces of all three when it became clear just what was on the end of the line. 

A pristine fin perfect wild Brown Trout weighing 6lbs it’s a fish of a lifetime. Stuart was quite happy to keep his capture close to his chest within his close family and friends but we were able to persuade him that such a significant fish should be recorded in the annals of the club history. I should of course mention that after a quick photo the fish was safely returned to the loch. The fish of course puts Stuart into the lead for the heaviest fish of the 2017 season and whilst not unassailable my money would be on Stuart’s fish!

An absolutely splendid fish caught by an unassuming club member, like all our members they are judged fit to stand under old Izaaks banner! I am also certain that his two young lads are now confirmed young anglers and will be eager to emulate their dad’s efforts! Very well done Stuart, a braw Troot indeed!

If you are seeking a monster fish get out, cover the water and with time you will meet with success!

Photo 02 - Such a delicate flower and the petals are good to eat!

The boathouse flycatchers!

In what was probably a very poor week for young birds fledging our nest of Spotted Flycatchers is now empty. There was unfortunately one casualty who remained lifeless in the nest. It seems Wednesday saw the first moves to fledging as a young bird was seen on the wooden rails being fed by one of the parents. Jenny counted four chicks on Monday so hopefully three will have successfully fledged!

Following the vacation of the nest box it has been taken down, been painted and had covered areas installed to give a degree of protection in poor weather. The box will also be re fixed to the tree but a few feet higher up. How fortunate we are to see nature in action right on our doorstep!

 Photo 03 - Still a Dog Rose but White!

The wider world in my view!

Why the people will oust Theresa Mayhem!

We are stumbling along being made out as fools as the world looks on in astonishment that to keep their tenuous hold on power they have to offer bribes to a backward political party more suited to life in the 17th century! Policies abandoned, U turns on a massive scale and political gaffes every time she enters the political arena!
It is clear that these fools are intent on holding on to power at any cost and will stop at nothing to achieve this aim! 

What will stop them dead in their tracks however is the anti capitalist fever that is now sweeping not only this country but all over the globe where capitalist oppression keeps the poor ever needy and lines the pockets of the rich!
Evidence of this movement can be seen in recent events where in Scotland the SNP membership rose through the roof in 2014. Again about this time the Green party saw and sustained a huge rise in membership. The people of Britain are tearing up their Daily Mail’s and realising that another fairer way of running the country is possible! 

We have had enough of the cry “there is no magical money tree” when one magically appeared to bribe the DUP to prop up this lame duck administration!
Embracing openness and cultural tolerance people are now waking up to the fact that there is no need for the super rich class and those who have been punished by recent successive governments. There is another way! Jeremy Corbyn whatever you think of him has tapped into this deep feeling among the population and it is this movement that will do for the Tories good and proper!

Teachers are up in arms over the never ending cuts as are NHS staff, Civil servants, Emergency services and best of all the general public! Yes we are all sick to the back teeth or the persistent run down of our public services! There will be many strikes in the near future as workers revolt and say enough is enough! Public protests against this dismal administration are already taking place but soon will become the norm yesterday’s demonstration saw at least 10,000 turn out to decry the so called government! Labour is a 6 points ahead in the latest polls Theresa Mayhem has dropped 5 points behind Jeremy Corbyn and a clear majority now exists to abandon the catastrophic Brexit referendum result!

The situation is becoming more serious by the day, this incompetent government seems only capable of bumbling from one crisis to the next completely devoid of coherent strategy! They are driven not by what is best for ordinary people but by outdated Victorian political ideology! Every single blunder they make impacts on the lives of every one of us the Tory party is and always has been the nasty party!

Each parliamentary constituency must take it upon themselves to rid our country of these incompetent devils! Take part in strikes, public protests, do whatever you need to do to get them out! With only a few exceptions  Tory MP is but a neoplasm on a decent society, for the sake of those who come later we must rid ourselves of them!

Strangely missing!

Of course its that dud we have as a Scottish Secretary David Mundell! He stated he would block any extra cash given to northern Ireland and not replicated for Scotland! Well as we all know Scotland lost out again, and our Scottish secretary has disappeared and has nothing to say! Just like his colleague Cruella Davidson he's all mouth and no action, in other words a typical Tory!

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