Sunday, 11 June 2017

Round up for members!

Photo 01 - Barry with his fine Brown Trout around 1.5lbs!

Round up for  members!


There is still plenty of Action taking place with our population of Brown Trout with decent numbers being caught. The average weight would seem to be around three quarters of a pound but the odd bigger ones still appear. In this category was a specimen caught by member Barry Leslie who shows off the specimen in photo 01. Note Davie Wilson managed to get his neb in! Barry is an accomplished wild Trout hunter and the above photo is testament to his prowess! Well done Barry!


Well the willingness of our Pike to fervently feed shows no signs of abating in select areas of the loch. a couple of visiting anglers nabbed a 19lbs and a sixteen pounds fish to add big smiles on the journey home! Club Pike hunter Davy Forsyth did not manage to equal the previous weeks glory but nevertheless still managed a ten pounder and a five pounder to end his session.

Club treasurer Elliot Fraser down for a quick visit had a bash on the Lowes fly fishing for Pike and in the poor conditions yesterday managed to bag a couple of nice jacks. Midweek a visiting angler bagged a nice fifteen pounder topping off his session with our future a nice wee three pounder to ease his journey home. As always some areas are fishing better than others so if you plan on coming give us a call and we will direct you to the hot areas.

Photo 02 - Awaiting new runners and oar points!

Arran boats!

Salmo Trutta one of our Arran’s is currently upside down awaiting new steel runners on the outside fins. We now have these runners which are vital in protecting the fibre glass from impact damage over rocks which are aplenty in the loch. In addition to this work both Arran’s require to have the oar pin mounting points modified.

The current oar points are now misshapen becoming more oval than round causing an annoying looseness whilst rowing. They are made of a soft Mazak type metal, a type of zinc diecast and as such are not strong enough for our needs.  We will commission four new parts made in steel suitable for holding our current oar pins on both our Arrans. As always there is work going on behind the scenes!

Photo 03 - Wet and windy yesterday!

Club W.C!

The club toilet is currently not working and there is a sign on the door to that effect! The sewer pipe has become blocked due to hand drying/general purpose paper being used instead of proper degradable toilet paper. We envisage the blockage being cleared on Saturday. Please do not use the hand drying paper as toilet paper!

Image 01 - Cruella Trump courtesy of Daily Record!

The wider world in my view!

A humiliating victory!

With her stuttering war cry of “strong and stable leadership” and nothing whatsoever to support that claim Theresa Mayhem managed to snatch disaster from the open jaws of victory against the odds! She shied away from meeting real people choosing to meet only party activists in hermetically sealed aircraft hangars whilst her opponent Corbyn met only real people in open and accessible venues!

Theresa Mayhem was well named as policy after policy was about turned once the public wrath was felt. As her lacklustre campaign dragged on her ratings fell like a lead balloon. Pivotal was when she refused to turn up to the leaders debate where undoubtedly she would have been on the receiving end of a serious mauling, it would have however demonstrated a degree of commitment!

Standing on the coat tails of Lord Snooty and Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne, May was guilty of an astonishing level of political bungling, it may yet be the case that she overtakes the aforementioned as the biggest political bunglers of all time! As the days went by she became further exposed as a wooden lame duck! Alienating her core vote of pensioners with the “Dementia tax” and abolition of the triple lock on pensions and the means testing of the winter fuel payments did for her good and proper!

Her vision of obtaining a strong mandate by an increased majority went up in smoke on the release of the exit poll on the ten o clock news! They were safe with a working majority and through the supreme bungling she chose to hold a completely unnecessary election and will now pay the price (sooner or later) for her ineptitude! Her election campaign was a complete disaster and will be recorded as such for those who come later!

The galling part of the election was the (inexplicable) number of Scots who voted for a Tory! What were these Scots thinking about? Surely they must have worked out that there are numerous other less toxic ways of registering a protest for undoubtedly that is what the Tory vote was, because let's be frank they did not have any policies! Like it or not Scots have allowed a lame duck administration into power which is to the nations shame! If Scotland had not sent 13 posh boys and duffers to Westminster Mrs Mayhem would be out which would have been the proper outcome!

Indeed the referendum played a part but allowing the Scottish people to decide their own fate after the terms of Brexit are known is the only logical and democratic way to proceed! Surely you Scots Tory voters do not want an incompetent administration like the one we now suffer to decide our fate! I cannot think of a worse outcome! Tories have no place in Scotland; their vile policies are anathema to all right thinking Scots. The danger in using Tories as a vehicle for a protest vote is that the result can be 5 years of heartache as we may find out!

For all that Theresa Mayhem won, it was not a laudable victory it was a completely joyless and humiliating one! The Prime Minister we see at her soapbox no longer speaks with authority or autonomy; she is but a puppet being worked by the 1922 committee! They will have already determined the cut off date for the removal of Theresa Mayhem.

She remains in power as of the election simply because it currently suits her puppet masters! The world looks on with incredulity as this shambles deteriorates into a complete and utter farce the UK is the laughing stock of the world! The EU negotiating team must be laughing up their sleeves Brexit looks like turning into Feckit!  Instead of facing a version of the iron lady they are facing a tissue paper lady! We now have instead of “strong and stable”, “a coalition of chaos”, a “clusterfuck” or an “Omnishambles” take your pick! Consequently our country will remember the 8th of June for a very long time, the future does not look good! The only good thing however is that her days are numbered, thank god!


Of course its Cruella Davidson Scotland’s Tory robot who thinks she is leading a Tory revival in Scotland! The reality however is that she is merely the recipient of a seriously misguided protest vote by some dozy Scots! Her highlight of the week was when introducing Theresa Mayhem roused the invited hand picked crowd by proclaiming that Mayhem will “make Britain great again” what an absolute Muppet! Actually Cruella Trump suits her!

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