Sunday, 18 June 2017

Membership Closed!

Image 01 - Our boathouse resident A Spotted flycatcher family.

Membership closed!

This should have appeared earlier but for one reason or another its only appearing now, We restrict ourselves to 50 members to ensure the lochs are not overfished but this year we appear to have ended up with 52. As usual it’s entirely down to Watt Mitty who had us in limbo for a year neglecting to carry out his work then preventing us from accessing the club database.

Two members contacted me recently wondering why they had not been given the opportunity to renew their memberships We could only apologise and of course continue their memberships and they were content with this arrangement. Interestingly they were not computer users so were largely unaware of Mr Mitty’s ridiculous actions!

So the situation forthwith is that no further memberships are available for the 2017 season. There may be a possibility of new members joining the club for the 2018 season but this is entirely based on one member out one member in! We could easily increase the membership numbers but we arrived at the 50 member limit based on habitat evidence. So if you want to join the club you will need to be patient!

Image 02 - A Red Kite as spotted by David!

Club W.C!

The good news is that the obstruction in the sewer pipe has now been cleared so the facility is again open for member use, the bad news is the condition of the clay sewer pipe is not great with a couple of holes in it and extensive cracking. Is evident! The repairs carried out should see it ok for the next few years but the next intervention will be replacement of the entire pipework! Please only flush proper toilet paper down the pan!

A little beauty!

Given the weather prediction for yesterday of unadulterated bright sunshine my expectations of catching a Pike were rather low! I decided on the Lowes as in this instance size was not important. You see I have not had a Pike for 15 months again entirely due to Watt Mitty as I had to do his job! Well a little Pike struggling to beat the 2lbs barrier obliged and my first Pike foe a long time was landed photographed and returned safely! It was a minnow considering some of the specimens that inhabit both the lochs but this little beauty was worth its weight in gold! 

Three little beauties!

For the second time in as many years our little bird feeding station has been utilised as a nesting box by some of the bird population! Last year a Chaffinch successfully reared 4 young chicks and this year we thought she was back. However it quickly became apparent that this years tenant was not a Chaffinch But a Spotted Flycatcher!

Yes three spotted eggs turned into three ravenous chicks and the dutiful parents are to be seen making regular feeding trips to satisfy their offspring’s hunger. In an effort to cause a minimum of disturbance Jenny had the entire area has been roped off and the Lomond boats moored across the bay! Hopefully all three will successfully fledge!
Member David Shotton on travelling near the Gordon Arms noted a Red Kite and was wondering if an introduction had been carried out in the area! So if you are aware of such an introduction drop me a line. There has been a large release in the Dumfries area so it may be overspill from this event! Click the link to read more about the Spotted Flycatcher - 

Photo 01 - Our Spotted Flycatcher family!

The wider world in my view!


Theresa Mayhem it seems is intent on stealing Lord Snooty’s title of the biggest bungler in British political history! Following on from the recent election which she did not have to call her inadequacies are being further highlighted! As you will know she is putting the Irish peace process in jeopardy by trying to form an alliance with a ragbag party the DUP the “acceptable” face of the protestant militia! An independent impartial government in bed with one side of the two opposing forces it's worse than a bad joke and will not end well!

Risking this fragile process to further her own ends she is putting at risk years of good hard work by her predecessors namely Blair, Brown and Major!The Good Friday agreement is hanging by a thread thanks to the limitless bunging by Theresa Mayhem! Not content with this major blunder she utterly messed up the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster! She visited the area following the fire and did not speak to a single survivor! More the actions of an insignificant clerk than a British Prime Minister!

Photo 02 - only 2lbs but worth its weight in gold!

Not only that, she did not lay out government help only doing so after huge public protest. She now admits the aftermath was a complete shambles with her own performance woefully inadequate! Of course the main failing was that of continued austerity! Fire budgets have been slashed with the number of fire safety inspections down by a third. Councils cutting in all aspects sees the infrastructure dismantled leaving only skeleton services! Cuts to budgets lead to cuts in essential services, it is an inescapable fact!

At the recent general election thousands of Scots to the nation’s great shame voted for Tory candidates in a rather dense and unthinking way! The aftermath of this major blunder is now coming home to haunt us! A poll carried out on Friday shows that 69% now believe Brexit was an erroneous choice now that the consequences are becoming clear! The inept Scots who voted Tory are responsible for this farce this cannot be denied!This government stumbles from one crisis to another with no ray of light in what is a very dark tunnel! The Brexit negotiations are now upon us and believe me they will not turn out well! The bottom line is that it is time to get rid of this Tory government, those who voted Tory in Scotland should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves!

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