Sunday, 4 June 2017

A really good evening!

Photo 01 _- Davy's 19 pounder!

A really good evening!

Every now and then the loch gives out massive rewards for ones efforts, it’s not a common occurrence but it does happen. And so it was on Friday evening that Davy Forsyth set out in search of our top predator the Pike!  It quickly became clear to Davy that the night could turn out to be a good one as already after a short while he had contacted and landed a Pike around seven pounds and one of ten pounds on dead baits.

Photo 02 - Davy's 16 pounder under guard!

There followed a sustained attack on the various lures being used with a couple of jacks being landed and some lost including a nice double the action could only be described as frantic!.  Absolute mayhem, but it was not yet done a fine fourteen pound fish took a lure and led him a merry dance. Just time for a drag on the vaper when the clutch started to sing with line spearing into the loch and strike it was fish on again!

Photo 03 - the ferocious head of a 19 pound Pike!

A fine 16lbs fish reluctantly slid into the net and after photographing her she was quickly released. At last it was time to reflect on what had just happened on this memorable evening, but for Davy’s ticker the turmoil was not yet over. Line was ripped of the reel at a ferocious pace as he struck into a heavy fish. Some time later a super heavy double came to the net which on measuring her translated into a fish of around 19lbs! The icing on the cake in  a remarkable evenings fishing.

Now why so many Pike were in such close proximity in the area of the loch we can only speculate. It has happened before, I remember well my fines hour when I caught a 22.5lbs fish a 19lbs fish and a 16lbs fish all in the space of 30 minutes with two on at the same time up at the big lay by! They say Pike are primarily lone hunters but it may be that certain circumstances draw them together.

There has recently been good numbers of Sea Trout in the Tweed system and it may be that decent numbers of these fish are entering the loch and this movement has been detected by the loch Pike and they moved to thre outlet to intercept them in a feeding frenzy!

Whatever the reason it is clear what Davy experienced was an exceptional evening where large numbers of Pike were huddled in a small area. The resultant sport as you can see was superb and in Davy’s own words “one of the best day’s fishing I’ve ever had, a great day!”

Well done mate!

From our recommended dealer!

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Is this really what we want!?

In my years as a voter (I have never missed one) I have never heard so much about nothing which is exactly what is coming from the vile Tory party! I have witnessed many campaigns which up until a couple of months ago culminated in the mild bungling of Jeremy Corbyn, Dianne Abbot et al! Now that has been surpassed by a country mile by the Tories who are the architects of the biggest fudge, the most shambolic election campaign ever visited on the British public!

Theresa Mayhem said there would be no election then she called one hoping for a landslide victory which now looks increasingly unlikely! I have no doubt if it were legally possible she would seek to U turn on her election decision and cancel it! She was going to increase National Insurance and U turned. 

She introduced the “Dementia tax” and has U turned! This lame administration does not appear to believe in research they simply come up with an idea introduce it then pull it off the table when the consequences are made clear to them! We have teachers in England fundraising to purchase essential books, nurses and soldiers going to foodbanks, public services decimated to the point of collapse!

The crisis created by the Tories in our schools where pupils in some schools haven asked to hoover the floors because the school does not have the money to re employ one. Things like pencils lined paper are being rationed because of this administrations obsession with dismantling the public sector! Check out a new website set up by cash strapped schools –

When asked what the new revised social care cap is to be she doesn’t know! She didn’t have the mettle to go on to the leader’s debate to explain this and sent the apology for a Home Secretary Amber Dudd to stand in for her! On reflection that was probably a good idea as the more Theresa Mayhem speaks the more her words damn her! Her character however is developing all the time. In addition to being a lacklustre charlatan she has now developed a reputation as a rank liar (click the link below) and prize buffoon/comedian! Flying high in the ratings she has fallen to a point where more voters are dissatisfied with her performance than satisfied!

The catastrophic bunging by her and her top team (David Davies and Amber Dudd) has left potential Tory voters in a quandary as to which dummy to vote for Theresa Mayhem or Jeremy Corbyn! I wrote last week of the “poverty” about to face us that will become apparent on June 8th! As if that was not sufficient we in Scotland are saddled with the Borg Queen Cruella Davidson who along with her clueless hangers on seem to only be able to speak on a possible referendum! Yes they have no policies on any everyday subject simply employing the national Tory stance of bleating the Tory mantra “strong and stable”, and “we have been clear”! The reality however is that they are the complete opposite!

There is only one thing clear and that is if the Tories are given a free hand to dive off a cliff edge into a “hard Brexit” we will all suffer! Imagine this group of duffers who are capable of planning nothing coming up against educated thinkers from 27 countries; believe you me it won’t turn out well! I have no doubt EU leaders will be relieved to see the increasingly wooden performances of Theresa Mayhem and will enjoy restful sleep before and during the negotiations!

 In contrast however the next few years will cause the British public much angst and some very troubled days and nights! This country is on the edge of a catastrophic collapse jumping head first into an economic black hole! Those consumed by greed put this horrific administration in power, to get them out and for the sake of this country under no circumstances vote for a Tory!

Number 1 in the charts!

Interesting to note the above is now number 1 in the UK I tunes chart but the BBC and others refuse to play it! Wonder why!

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