Sunday, 21 May 2017

Urgent discussion required!

Photo 01 - sailing craft ruining my fishing!

Urgent discussion required!

Yesterday whilst fishing at the boathouse we also enjoyed watching the sailing club holding an event involving around 30 craft. It was entertaining up to a point but then deteriorated into a shambles! The craft were racing around large yellow marker buoys which at the start of the event was fine as they were well away from the shoreline, but later on a powered craft undid one of the yellow markers and brought it close to the boathouse almost on top of my lines!

I managed to get the attention of the pilot of the powered boat and told him he was on top of my lines but he simply said he had been told to place the buoy there by the race officer! Then followed a rake of craft round the buoy and over my lines spoiling my fishing effort for the day! We know this was not carried out intentionally it was just a case of not thinking of others, something we are all guilty of from time to time!

Photo 02 - Les & Mikes biggest (1.50lbs) lovely colours!

The loch is a large body of water, surely big enough for the two main users to enjoy their respective sports without impinging on the other! The points of contention are why when notified (by me) did the sailing club race officer not take action to prevent my fishing from being ruined! Have our members not the right to enjoy their sport unhindered? If they felt the need to come within 80 - 100metres from the bank why did they not specify the areas affected and let us know before the event was staged so we could direct anglers not to fish that area! We are not rigid and will do all we can to accommodate other loch users.

This is not the first time this has happened but we want to ensure it is the last! I will be writing to the sailing club outlining our concerns before this escalates into a full scale melee! Many of our members are not as laid back as I am. We desperately want to avoid potential conflict, with planning and discussion this can easily be prevented. The loch is big enough for both groups to operate without impinging on the sport of the other! Discussion between our clubs is urgently required!

Photo 03 - Craig Hunter's 12.50lbs Pike from the Lowes yesterday.

Brothers in angling!

Mike Christie and Les Robson are well known to the long serving members of the club. Mike and Les came up today for a day in pursuit of our Brown Trout and did they do well! In what was a cold wet day with a lack of wind between them they bagged 4 fine Brownies from three quarters of a pound to the big one pictured (photo 02) above which was estimated around a pound and a half.

They could only estimate the weights as all the fish were returned immediately as is their way, and these two old hands could estimate the weight of a Trout at fifty paces to a fine margin. Now don’t get to thinking that you can just nip out on a boat and bag four fish it’s not that easy. These lads are seasoned loch fishers who have served an apprenticeship on the loch and built up a knowledge base most of us could only dream about!

Photo 04 - The fish finder kindly given to the club by Mike!

Now these lads are not only top notch anglers they are bloody decent blokes to boot! In an extraordinary act of kindness Mike has gifted us a comprehensive fish finder with all the attachments in a carrying box. Now our anglers will have access to the device to check out their particular areas of interest and will surely be a great help to our anglers!
Exactly the kind of anglers we love to see at the loch and what a sea change from the bullies, varlets and knaves we encountered last year! Yes we class these boys as our friends but more than that they are our brother’s in angling!
Mike thanks again for your kindness!

Photo 05 - Ready for the Lowes!

Lowes boat!

Unfortunately it was not possible to get the boat out of our boathouse yesterday due to the random nature of people arriving. Of course it is Watt Mitty that has done for us good and proper by cutting our sliding beam in half! In days gone by two of us could have the boat out simply sliding her out. So if you are desperate to be on the Lowes on the boat ask Watt why he cut our beam in half. It may be that we will be able to get her our midweek if not we will try again at the weekend!

The  wider world in my view!

Our enemy!

Theresa May the woman who can rant on for an eternity yet somehow say nothing has finally said something! Yes the would be Butcher Thatcher clone has lifted the veil and uncovered real Tory policy targeted at the elderly and families who are struggling by ending free school meals! Extreme complacency fostered by the huge lead in the opinion polls has led her to targeting the very people who pushed the Tories into power!
Hitting pensioners many of whom are poor people is what Tories do best whilst looking after their well heeled pals and that is exactly what May has done! The Tory manifesto has bombed cutting the Tory lead from a sixteen point lead down to nine points! Her policy dubbed “The dementia tax” to make elderly people pay for social care if they have assets of more than £100,000 and getting rid of the triple lock on pensions has elderly voters up in arms!

Coupling this with what was seen as a very positive manifesto for Labour has the Tories scrambling around furiously! This is a most welcome development but in reality Labour winning is not a possibility with Corbyn at the helm! The best that could be hoped for is that the Tories win with a much smaller majority which would give the population hope that Brexit could be averted!

Normally a government as incompetent as the Tories are would see the opposition streets ahead. Just look at their pledge from 5 years ago to get rid of the deficit. It was meant to be eradicated this year but now the estimate is 2025! Ending free school meals for needy families punishes the very people she said she would help! This measure will see about 600,000 families pushed to the brink! At last the Tories can be seen for what they are simply enemies of working class people!

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