Sunday, 14 May 2017

On the Lowes boat!

Photo 01 - Our Lowes boat ready for launch!

On the Lowes boat!

Yesterday the final coat of black gloss was applied to the woodwork hopefully giving it protection from the elements for years to come. We refitted the oar anchoring points and nipped them up tight, all that remains is for a bleach cleanout and she will be ready to return to her home on the Lowes! Well not quite we could in the past simply have slid her out but thanks to Watt Mitty and the infamous cut beam we can no longer do this!

So with the next arrival of a few of our burly lads we will have to manhandle her out on to St Mary’s! The plan would be to row her to the top of St Mary’s and using Alastair’s boat trailer transport her to the top of the Lowes and row her to her base. If we cannot do it in one stage we will simply moor her with the Lomond’s until we can complete the transfer.

Note - due to the low level of the loch there is no chance of coaxing her through the joining channel.


I have heard a Cuckoo calling many times over the years invariably from the Bowerhope area. However the last few years her call has been missing. We can only speculate as to why this is we simply do not know. This year however her familiar call has been heard several times which just enriches the stunning morning chorus!

I remember well many years ago when I came upon her whilst clambering down the steep bank near the boathouse. When she heard my clumsy descent she flew out of the long grass across the loch to her roosting place. I had a look round the area from where she had flown and soon found a nest with two small eggs and one large egg. I watched from a distance and soon spotted a Pied Wagtail returning to her nest.

How this small bird can be fooled into thinking the giant egg in her nest is one of her own I do not know! It’s just another of Mother Nature's wonders!

Photo 02 - Bleach clean required!

The wider world in my view!

In brief!

Shown up again!

This week Cruella Davidson a known loudmouth and the Tory mouthpiece in Scotland was shown up as a fool not once, not twice but three times! Firstly in the debate on foodbanks she was put on the spot and challenged by all parties why ex servicemen were being pushed into using them. Rather than admitting her parties policy of relentless punishing of the poor was the cause she traipsed out Theresa Mays standard reply that the reasons for foodbank use were “complex”! To universal boo’s she sipped back into her chair suitably embarrassed!

Her next ordeal was when she tried to get one over on Nicola Sturgeon stating that her education policy received scant mention in the election leaflets issued by the SNP. When it was pointed  out that the “curriculum for excellence” was at its inception supported by all political parties she seemed to withdraw! Furthermore Sturgeon drove in the knife when she pointed out that independence, SNP and Nicola Sturgeon were mentioned over 110 times in Tory election leaflets! Just goes to show the negativity of the Tories! 

The third time came at the end of the week when the clown U turned on free prescriptions! Yes she was vehement in her opposition for almost ten years but all of a sudden she is all for them! Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn Labour is finished and Cruella senses a chance to nab some of the more bewildered among Labour voters! In her desire to please puppet master May she will stop at nothing! Just another principle free Tory unworthy of anyone's vote!

Amber Dudd!

Yes our brash home secretary pontificating to all health boards telling them they need to do more to protect data in light of the recent cyber attack! It appears that many health boards are still running Windows XP a system that is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Ms Dudd appears to be blaming the health boards for this disaster when in fact she should be looking at her own government! Yes the continued misguided austerity imposed by this government has brought the health service to its knees as it has to all public services by massive underfunding! The very fabric of our existence is being unpicked by these zealots to allow private contractors to provide services which will come at a considerable cost!

The Tories are doing to this country what Adolph Hitler could not. They are constantly degrading our ability to live as civilised beings! Instead of outwardly destroying the backbone of our way of living they are achieving the same result by deceit and stealth! Remember this when you visit the polling station!

Donald Chump!

It just moves further into the realms of fantasy with every day that goes by! Donald Trump in full view of the American people is removing one by one anyone who is investigating his party’s links to Russia during the election campaign. Does this man who now has the lowest satisfaction rating of any US politician think that by removing people investigating the link such investigations will cease!

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