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Home at last!

Photo 01 - Davy brings Anguilla to the top of St Mary's!

Home at last!

It all came together yesterday with multiple offers of assistance to get Anguilla back to her home on the Loch o the Lowes. In the credits were Mike Wood, mate John, Davy Forsyth, Davy Wilson, Les Henderson Stuart Grieve who didn’t have a Scottish tan but buggered off to Spain for a continental one! Brian Fairgrieve and Colin Rennie had agreed to assist when the outing ended but in the event we had the required number of bodies!

Photo 02 - Davy about to assume the role of ballast for the journey whilst John looks on!

So it was into St Mary’s where Davy Forsyth utilised his electric engine to tow our refurbished craft to the top of St Mary’s. Because of the low water level there was no question of walking her through the channel. Step in Alastair from the Tibbie. He had kindly offered us the use of his boat trailer to ferry her up to the top of the Lowes.
Mike Woods powerful AWD Subaru hitched the trailer to the boat and with Davy Forsyth (rather bravely) providing ballast by sitting at the front of the boat we headed for the top of the Lowes. On arriving at the top after a couple of rope tightening stops we met Karen up at Riskenhope and asked if we could travel through her field to the shores of the wee loch.

Photo 03 - the route to our boat!

We were saddened to hear that a lamb had been run over on this road a few days earlier by persons unknown, so I agreed to walk in front of the car & trailer (without a red flag) and coax sheep and lambs away from the procession. A piece of manhandling and she was in back to her rightful home!

Now rather than mooring her in the old position next to the fence that runs parallel to the Little Yarrow we though she could rest in a much calmer area across the river in front of the Willow bushes. This is a nice area with water three feet deep covered on three sides giving Anguilla shelter from the often hostile elements.

Photo 04 - Davy watches as Mike moors Anguilla in her new home!

And so it was as we tethered her to a rather heavy tree trunk we bid her farewell for the moment. This was a perfect example of the club working well with members only too willing to help and the job was done in no time. Now if you are seeking this boat the shortest route is from the roadside at the top of the Lowes you simply cross in a straight line.

If you are walking down the Riskenhope road stop at the cut-out just before the bridge see photo 03 sight the large light coloured pole (arrowed) walk to there keeping away from stock and follow the old river bed/path to the loch shore. Alternatively cross the bridge at Riskenhope and follow the footpath down alongside the Little Yarrow but you will have to cross the stream. Wellies will get you over in low water conditions waders at normal level but this route should be avoided in high water conditions. The key will be available in the club boathouse as per normal.
Oars are chained into the boat and unlocking the boat will unlock the oars, the only thing you will need to bring from the boathouse along with the key is lifejackets. 

So the refurbishment episode has ended and I would like to thank Mike and John who came down specifically to help with the launch. Stuart, Davie and Les, Brian and Colin who are always around when help is required. Finally Davy Forsyth who gamely captained the boat on her road journey and rowed her to her new home on the Lowes in spite of longstanding trouble with his leg!

Thanks to all of the lads, you are the type of members every club needs!

Photo 05 - The new cafe green camera in test location!

Anti Muppet measures!

With increased numbers of visitors to the area and the recent great weather inevitably brings the odd Muppet under the influence of drink or drugs hell bent on causing chaos! We had earlier pledged our support for the installation of a CCTV set up to monitor erroneous behaviour! Well Alastair from the Tibbie has now purchased that camera and it’s a very good one indeed!

The camera is currently installed on the Tibbie itself for testing purposes and the initial results are indeed impressive! The camera has a range of 400 metres and can provide detail at two hundred metres in the dark! The images come up on a PC monitor and the passkey holders can direct the camera and zoom in to twenty times magnification!

What this means of course is that all activities on the cafe green will be recorded and this footage will be passed to the police to aid prosecution of wrongdoers! We made a commitment to support this venture and once it is installed in a position to survey the cafe green we will review the coverage and if it provides good coverage we will as we said we would, play our part in the scheme and bear our share of the costs involved! Positive action at last!

Photo 06 - A 60kg feast for lucky diners at the Tibbie yesterday!

Pike aplenty!

As is often the case following the annual spawning activity our Pike are feeding freely. One group of members managed 5 Pike up to 10lbs with a number of lost Pike. Another pair of anglers bagged 4 Pike on Thursday in probably the brightest day of the year so far. One Pike reported by member Jimmy Ross had a couple of holes in its flank damage he said that was not typical of predator attack. The only thing I can think of is spawning damage perhaps being speared by a broken branch or something. The 10 pounder however seemed unaffected by the damage and spawning can indeed be a violent event!
 Keith, sorry I didn't make it round hope you had an enjoyable trip!

The wider world in my view!


Of course in this country we have extensive poverty which is to our great shame as we embrace and dismiss the huge inequalities of the failed capitalist system! However on another front we will all soon experience of a different variety! That poverty will come in the run up to the general election a wholly unnecessary event perpetrated by an upcoming candidate for bungler of the decade Theresa May!

Yes the would be Butcher Thatcher clone not content with Lord Snooty’s massive bungling plunges the country into yet another crisis of choosing who will govern over us for the next 5 years! We are faced with a choice which simply is a race to the bottom of the barrel! There are no good choices in this upcoming election!

The Lib-Dem puppets continue along their usual lines ready at the drop of a hat to abandon their principles and jump into bed with the Tories. Some people just cannot learn from their past mistakes! UKIP unveiled as a BNP party with a smiling face have been unmasked and on the recent council elections will be sent packing thank god!

No one likes the Greens because their policies will affect our wasteful mode of living and company executives do not want to give up their company VW Passat,s with their misleading emissions data! The Tories are in complete disarray  exhibiting more U turns than a roller coaster ride, the most recent U turn on social care would be utterly hilarious if it wasn't so serious! 

Lets face it they have cost us £12 billion in failed health care reforms and Mays gaffe during the Andrew Neil interview when she costed the provision of free school breakfasts at £60 million meant each child would have a breakfast costing around 7 pence! In spite of this they continue to spout their rhetoric describing themselves as the friend of the working classes! Their manifesto has turned out to be a complete disaster with Theresa May jostling Lord Snooty for the position of the biggest governmental bungler of all time!

In reality they are as they have always been the haters of all things public and passionate embracers of profit at any cost! These monsters who care not one jot for the plight of the low paid poor and disabled in our society continue with their abject subjugation of the above groups! Of course they are masters of sleight of hand and amazingly convince millions of people from the above classes to vote for them!

Then we have the Labour party who actually have some excellent policies like renationalisation of public services, higher minimum wages, and a re-examination of our nuclear policies although when asked on this topic you will get only mixed messages! With these working class policies you would think Labour would walk an election win yet this is not the case!

Like the Tories many of their office holders are clueless bunglers, Corbyn, Thornberry and Abbot to name but a few! Indeed they cannot match the bungling of the Tories who in the last few years have cost us billions of pounds and look set to take us to a new all time low recession with their ill thought out Brexit plans!
Labour are currently not electable as the senior bunglers will take us closer to the heights of Tory blunders! The country has pleaded for years to get the party to ditch Corbyn but like lambs to the slaughter they remain indifferent intent on electoral humiliation!

The best that can be hoped for on the morning of June the ninth is that the Tories win with a tiny majority! Yes Labour are only six points behind the Tories but Corbyn et al will temper their progress! The choice in this election is dire, if you seek increased wealth at any cost you will vote Tory, if you want more fairness and equity you may vote Labour with a good possibility of switching your vote to the local village idiot on polling day!
Whichever route you take for Christ's sake don’t under any circumstances vote Tory! 

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