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Where are our Pike?

Photo 01 - Yesterday Low water and choppy!

Where are our Pike?

It’s a question that almost always gets asked at this time of year when catches slow dramatically or cease altogether! There is nothing new in this, our records show this to be the case in nine out of ten years. Of course it’s around the time that Pike are thinking about or indeed carrying out the act of procreating the species.

Since a few factors come into play to provide the stimulus for spawning it is difficult to determine exactly when this occurs. The classical sign that in some years has informed us the act of reproduction was taking place was Pike of all sizes being noted at the top of the Loch of the Lowes thrashing on the surface close to the reeds!

Now this has not yet been noted this year but of course there are many days when anglers are not present so this spectacle may have been missed. We will not know with certainty when the event has been completed until someone catches an 8lbs plus fish whose abdomen is flaccid and shows a degree of redness around the vent. This would be indicative of the female having shed her eggs indicating spawning has taken place!

A few anglers are having jitters that a catastrophic event has taken place either man made or by Mother Nature. Of course we cannot be certain that this has not been the case but it is extremely unlikely. As I have said this period of Pike showing no interest in feeding is a yearly one well known to us. The likelihood is that once the event is over they will be back setting about baits as they embark on a post coital feeding frenzy!
So the message is grin and bear it our head of Pike are still there!

Photo 02 - The partly constructed new Bowerhope road!

Bowerhope road!

Members should be aware that work is being carried out on the road that leads to Bowerhope. The road is being resurfaced and widened at various points in order to deliver a more stable and pothole free surface (Council take note!). The process involves bringing in crushed stone which is being laid up to three feet thick on top of the original road.

What throws up problems for road users is that heavy articulated lorries are traversing the road loaded with cut wood harvested from the plantations on the hill. This is compacting the outer areas whilst leaving a centre ridge of loose stone which will damage the underside of your car if you have insufficient ground clearance.

 The edges of the road are also unstable in places so keep firmly planted away from the edges!
The plan once the lorries have finished their work is to level the road and compact the surface with a heavy roller. Once this has been carried out the surface should be very much better. So if you need to use this road please drive carefully!


It’s been happening in the lower regions for a couple of weeks now but finally we are seeing new life all around the loch. Lambs are being born on a daily basis and this will continue for two to three weeks. We have not had any problems made known to us over the last few years which is great but here’s what to do –

If you can avoid it do not enter any field with livestock present.
Under no circumstances enter a field containing stock if you have a dog with you!
Do not attempt to set up camp in a field with stock present and you may only camp in a field if you have permission from the relevant farmer!

If we receive reports from a farmer about stock being harassed or frightened we will deal with such matters severely!
Ouite simply use your common sense The lambs and their mothers are a lovely sight rubberstamping the fact it is spring. These creatures however are the owners future income and they would not take kindly to that income being jeopardised!

Photo 03 - If you look delights are everywhere!

The wider world in my view!

A new “cold war!"

Again Donald Chump Trump has plunged the world into the mire, this reckless fool could do for all of us! I have yet to see categorical proof that Assad launched the chemical attack on his own people! The man is not a fool he was educated in Damascus University as a doctor and spent 4 years in the UK specialising in ophthalmology! We are not talking here of a chump but a man who should hold the values of a righteous human being!

He would know that to launch such an attack would bring heavy retribution in one form or another. The Russians are adamant that Assad is not guilty and that it was rebel fighters against Assad that carried out this atrocity in the knowledge that he would be blamed! The byword in civilised disputes was always military action was only valid if irrefutable proof was obtained. Where is this proof?  Hopefully in time this will be clarified.

Trump with no international backing launched an attack on Syrian bunkers with the heaviest non nuclear bomb ever used! Naturally this has enraged the Russians who have stated any further such strikes will be met by force from the Russian Bear! This is an extremely serious state of affairs and our Tory government yet again assume the role of the USA’s lapdog agreeing with all that they say!

This fool is shaping up to do it again with North Korea he who said “America first” and no more meddling in overseas affairs! News just released stated that Russia has moved considerable armaments 30kms from the Korean border, so the crisis intensifies this has now become very serious! Both these situations will develop and if we do not end up in some war situation I will be very much surprised! America seems to set itself up as the world’s policeman but on whose authority?

I am unaware of the countries of the world electing America to this role! It would be bad enough with a rational American president many fold worse with the fool currently in the position! Donald Trump is an idiot, there is no other description for him! Having him in such a powerful position must make us all worry!

Clearly our government is unable to think independently they will simply rubberstamp everything the USA says and does careful not to upset the possibility of a meagre trade deal! It therefore follows that if America starts a war we will be dragged in even if that is against our will! It has been said that we are now in a place never seen since the cold war proper! Our future has never been so uncertain with the catastrophic Brexit farce and now this! I think if you have a god then pray to him if not just hope!

A woman of insignificance!

When you look at the parliamentary system in Scotland there is a sense of pride that women are very well represented in the main parties! Yes we have our First Minister astute, intelligent with good foresight. Kezia Dugdale who also has the above qualities but is plagued trying to fight the years of damage done by Joanne Lamont and Ian Gray.

Then there is Ruth Davidson who is - well a reactionary loudmouth and a Westminster puppet! Yes the Ruthsfuhrer acting like an East German Stasi officer appears to have forgotten she is a woman! Having ruffled the feathers of women all over the land she is adamant the policy from Westminster is the right one! Her stance on the rape clause has attracted universal condemnation from  women’s groups, politicians and ordinary working people, there is even a petition to have the shameful policy axed which I have signed already has over 18,000 signatures!

In so doing she has exposed herself showing her true colours, nothing better than a cruel Butcher Thatcher clone! Yes for Cruella Davidson the mask has been ripped off and she stands as a motionless puppet waiting to be worked by the Ultra right Brexiteers at Westminster! If you thought this fool was some kind of sugar coated Tory then you have been enlightened she is a bitter, cruel and deplorable human being! If you want to sign the petition click the link -

Happy Easter!

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