Sunday, 9 April 2017

Twas a great day!

Photo 01- Competition winner Les Robson receives the trophy from last years winner Alan Ramsay.

Twas a great day!

The forecast for yesterday was good but the reality of the day that came and went was very much better! Probably not the ideal conditions for fishing but nevertheless the small band of anglers that had assembled had fishing on their minds. Yes it was a time to rekindle old friendships and make some new and one thing was certain that a good day would be had by one and all!

It was bright sunshine all day long and if nothing else we knew we could dispense with vitamin D supplements that night! Blackbirds recited their most tuneful melodies and Song and Mistle Thrush battled to see who could get the highest decibel level. Very soon small white balls of wool will appear all around the loch, what a fabulous time of year! As usual our day started in the Glen Cafe where Kath sorted us out with bacon rolls and coffee a great way to start the days fishing. Soon it was ten and we all went our separate ways and of course savoured our different outcomes!

Photo 02 - Stevie Nimmo receives the 2nd prize from Alan.

Although the day was warm when the wind died, the persistent wind for most of the day kept things chilly in the more shaded areas. Only a few Trout were spotted rising to food Stevie Nimmo seemed to be in a real hotspot seeing quite a few fish whilst most of the others saw very little! Of course on such a fine day there was much to wonder at like the floating Buzzards in a cloud free sky or the chirping as a flock of long tailed tits worked their way through the trees seeking food titbits.

Photo 03 - Mike Christie gets 3rd prize from Alan.

In absolutely no time it was time for the weigh in at the Tibbie and the smell of barbequed food wafting towards us was an enticing one! As we all met it was clear that a few anglers had struck gold. One also struck the water as is now traditional. Last year it was Frank Gillespie this year it was last year’s winner Alan Ramsay. Of course Alan took a dip in order to cool down in the scorching sunshine! The victorious anglers were Les Robson, Mike Christie and Stevie Nimmo. 

Photo 04 - the goodies up for grabs!

The scales were set up and all the anglers were weighing in one fish. In fact Stevie had lost two fish and Mike had returned two fish of 8 inches as he imposes a minimum length of 10 inches for any Trout he takes! If he had compromised his stance its likely he would have won, obviously a man of principle, indeed a rare beast these days!

First on to the scales was Les Robson and his fine Trout weighed in at 1lbs 4oz. Next up was Mike who tipped the scales at 10oz and finally Stevie who inched past Mike for 2nd position with 11oz.  So Les Robson wins the cup, the Salmon fishing, the Hardy sinking line, and the CF fly box both kindly donated by David Shotton. All the prize-winners receive free membership of the club for one year or an equivalent gift. Mike receives free membership of the club for a year and Stevie receives membership free next year. On the advice of Mike we will obtain a fishing tackle voucher from our recommended dealer Fishers in Penicuik to make sure Les gets the value of club membership.

Photo 05 - Prizes ready for presentation.

By now the juices were running as Alastair finished off the sausages and burgers which were served with a fresh salad and salad potatoes. It was delicious and just what was needed after a day casting and covering much ground.

And so the day drew to a close, a super day out in the company of real anglers, men of worth with whom it was a pleasure to engage. The past year has seen us under assault by the pernicious chump Mr Xxxxx and the local angling bully. It is days like this that makes it all worthwhile. Angling is not all about catching fish it is the camaraderie of your fellow angler (invariably right thinking people) and the peace and beauty of the surroundings! Twas indeed a great day!

Thanks to the Glen Cafe, Alastair at the Tibbie and all the lads who took part, it was a pleasure to be in your company!

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