Sunday, 30 April 2017

Search Expedition!

Photo 01 - Brian with a St Mary's Brownie!

Search expedition!

Yesterday I joined the trio Gordon McClurg, Brian Fairgrieve and Gordon’s lovable dog Meg. I was always conscious of the fact that the last time we had all gathered and set out on the boats there followed a session of collecting stones for a path that I can only class as hard labour! This time however it was to be an easy session looking for suitable areas to drop our weighted baskets to be used as fish havens.

Brian has one of these new fangled fish finders that relays information to your phone and does indeed give a very good picture of the bottom as well as water temperature and importantly indicates any fish in the area. There were a few areas we wanted to check out so we set off and did a bit of trolling on the way.

We hadn’t even gotten to our first area just north of Rodono House before Gordon hooked a nice “bar of Silver” Trout much to the delight of fellow traveller Meg! It was around three quarters of a pound and it was duly released much to Megs disgust! However Brian meantime started scanning the area and indeed this looks like a suitable area.

It was then off to the Sculptures that tangle of wood and steel as we thought the depth here would be suitable. However just before we arrived at our destination Brian hooked into a nice Trout again around three quarters of a pound (photo above) which was photographed and quickly returned. This area is a bit of a mess with wire hawsers concrete blobs littering the loch bed and no one fishes close to this debris so this is an ideal spot.

Our final area is just south of the boathouse and after surveying the bottom this also will be suitable. So now we will try and secure the necessary permission to drop these baskets with heavy weights attached. Today was a great day out with two top blokes and a top notch pooch! How very refreshing after the Walter Mitty saga!

Epilogue – This morning I ordered two rod holders on Amazon, this trolling lark has got my attention!

Photo 02 - Gordon & Meg on boat two!

Lowes Boat!

Progress continues to be made with the exterior now having been coated in two pack epoxy paint. I had intended to spray the boat but the initial electrical demand from the compressor proved too much of a hurdle for our generators! Next time I will bring a small compressor as we have previously run a compressor on our smaller generator!
So no choice then, I had to brush paint the exterior and that was what I did. Overall it turned out fairly well and the deep blue finish should offer protection for years to come. So only the final step to overcome and that is treating the exposed wood to primer, undercoat and a top coat of exterior gloss. Then she will be ready to return to her home on the wee loch.

Photo 03 - The Lowes boat in her new livery!

The plot thickens!

Well a couple of visitors fishing yesterday caught a twelve pound and a seven pound Pike and boy were they delighted! Anyhow they showed me the photos and on speaking with them it became clear that the larger Pike a female had definitely not spawned! Her belly was taut and screamed full of eggs so maybe the event has not yet taken place!

Photo 04 - Sergejs with the 12 pounder, not a Pike that has spawned!

Of course the spawning event does not take place on one day it can be a protracted affair! It could also be that the female in question is in fact spawnbound, this condition which we have encountered before is when the female cannot release her eggs for whatever reason. Unfortunately this is often a terminal situation for the affected Pike her body can resorb a few eggs but a full complement is too much!
So the situation remains in a state of flux a few more Pike need to be caught to determine the situation!

Photo 05 - Another view of the Lowes boat!

The wider world in my view!

Little Britain!

Three things caught my attention this week the first of which filled me with a feeling of absolute incredulity! Michael Fallon the defence minister beating his chest warning potential aggressors (Russia) that Theresa May would have no hesitation in launching a first strike in what he termed very serious circumstances. This fool seems to think we are still in the days of the empire!

Now this kind of warmongering talk may fool the Watt Mitty’s of this world but any sane individual must have been left open mouthed on hearing such drivel! It is important here to remember just who we are in the big scheme of things! In nuclear terms we are strictly second division! His comments were picked up by a Russian MP who thought to clarify the situation – he said that if Britain attempted a nuclear strike on Russia “Britain would literally be erased from the face of the earth”!

It’s a sobering thought, however much nearer to the truth than the rubbish spouted by Fallon! This government is applying the same inflated self opinion regarding Brexit and will soon find out that there is a very high price to pay! As a nation we should be proud of all the work the armed forces carry out to keep the country safe but let’s be realistic here!

The UK has in its arsenal around 210 nuclear warheads it could call on whilst Russia the nation the comments were aimed at have over 8,000 warheads even more than the USA who have around 7,300! A pre emptive strike against the Russians would be the end for Britain and any British politician who thinks they could flatten the Russian Bear is a reckless and seriously misguided fool!

It must be terrifyingly obvious that our so called strong and stable government are no more than a bunch of fools! When ministers come out with claptrap such as this it must shake the electorate to its very foundations. This gung ho attitude is seen in every aspect of this idiot administrations doings! For the sake of our future vote for anything but Tory!

In it together!

Secondly Lord Snooty, the knucklehead that plunged the country into this Brexit crisis came to my attention when it was reported he had bought a shed for £25,000 Now that is twice the average annual wage. When he is not in his "shed" writing his memoirs he is away pheasant shooting. He famously said on the severe austerity implemented by his bunch of fools that we were all in this together! I cannot think of any other person I know who had 25 Grand to splash out on a "shed"! It's them and us the way it will always be if we cannot get rid of these Tories!

Knuckles rapped!

The third incident that caught my attention was the debate in the Scottish Parliament concerning the “Rape clause”! Every single politician (Tories excepted) rounded on Cruella Davidson for her stance on siding with the UK government defending the said clause! One after another MSPs cried “Shame” directed at Davidson. The normally ebullient Westminster mouthpiece looked very contrite indeed!

Of course Tory MSPs were whipped into not commenting on her stance but Puppet Carlaw let slip that the policy was “awkward” for the party! You could clearly see Davidson was seething but had no answer to the jibes! The Tories are setting new “low” standards in politics. They are unworthy of anyone’s vote! A vote for your local village idiot would be more productive than voting Tory!

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