Sunday, 2 April 2017

It's next week!

Photo 01 - Looking to the top of the Lowes!

It’s next week!

Of course its our annual Wild Trout Competition and in case you missed the last few posts here is a catch up for you. The competition takes place next Saturday the 8th of April commencing with the usual coffee (or Tea) and bacon roll in the Glen Cafe running from 09.00 until !0.00. Its a great chance to exchange theories maybe let slip a few tactics and generally meet the other competitors.

The fishing itself starts at 10.00 and is fly only with any trout over 8 inches in length counting towards the total weight. Fishing will cease at 16.00hrs and the weigh in will take place at the Tibbie Shiels Inn between 16.00 and 16.30hrs. Please do attend before the 16.30 cut off time.
Finally on the day we round off with a post mortem barbeque at the Tibbie Shiels Inn which is always good fun. To recap the prizes are as follows

1st A day autumn Salmon fishing on the upper Pavilion beat on the Tweed, a new sinking fly line by Hardy in WF7 and a super CF design fly box with compartments and slots for 120 flies both kindly donated by club member David Shotton, a floating fly box containing 50 flies suited to loch fishing. The Gold Westbrook trophy which will be engraved for you and is yours to keep for a year.

2nd prize will be a bottle of spirits of your choice and a floating box of 60 flies suited to fishing on the loch.

3rd prize is a floating box of 40 flies all chosen by fishers on the loch. All the fly selections contain a line of flies no self respecting Brown Trout angler would profess to use, but do! Yes it's the type of fly you yearn for when you have been through the box to no avail! In addition all the prize winners will receive membership of the club for one year or free membership if they are already members. It’s always a great day out and as prices have been held its still only £16.00 for the whole day. See you there!

Photo 02 = The Lowes boat awaits solvent cleaning!


Even though he has been binned Mr Xxxxx continues to blight us.  This week two members popped up seeking to renew their memberships We are now completely full and if any other members appear then this will cause us difficulty! Undoubtedly when the time comes to take the Lowes boat out of the boathouse he will again be cursed as 6 men will have to struggle to lift out the boat whereas in the past two men just slid her down the purpose made beams! He thought to leave a legacy, unfortunately its a wholly negative one that blights our every step!

Photo 03 - A grumbling sky yesterday!

Lowes boat!

At last the boat has been fully rubbed down to fibreglass and adherent epoxy paint.  The next steps are as follows – solvent clean the shell, apply adhesive, apply primer and then apply two pack top coat. We will use a one stage epoxy paint which is adherent and durable.  Once she is on the Lowes I’m putting my name down for a session!

From our recommended dealer!

This week Mike has some great offers including deals on Airflo lines in floating and sinking varieties click the link to see what’s on offer -

For the Trout angler determined to minimise spooking of fish “Sightfree” fluorocarbon line is on offer as a buy one get one free which is a cracking deal -  

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