Sunday, 26 February 2017

New bathymetric map!

Photo 01 - Master carpenter Frank at work!

New Bathymetric map!

I have mentioned previously some exciting work being carried out by one of our members Dave McGarvie in carrying out an accurate bathymetric survey of our two lochs. Well the project is progressing and if you nip over to his website you will see already the substantial work that has been carried out. These are very detailed maps and Dave’s plan is to create an app for Android whereby an angler can determine the depth of his intended swim with a degree of precision which will be invaluable to Pike anglers. To see the work carried out on the Lowes and some great photos click the link -

A makeover!

This week it was back to the grindstone after our hugely successful AGM last week with a record attendance and more importantly members with a view! Our Lowes boat was kindly lifted into the boathouse last week by a group of members, and this week I started the preparation for the work to be done. Unexpectedly in came committee member Frank Gillespie and with two we could make much greater progress.

The plan was to rub down the wood and see the condition along its length. What we found was that the wood was solid all along its length with the exception that where the oar pins sat, the hardwood (Teak or Mahogany we think) had turned to mush with no strength whatsoever! The plan was to remove all the rotten wood back to solid timber and cut a check to allow for a 2mm steel band to be fitted either side of the fibreglass carcass bolted to sound wood.

Photo 02 - Rotten wood stripped ready for a new seat!

To increase rigidity the space between the steel bands would be filled with chopped strand fibre glass with the oar pin structure fitted before the chopped strand cures. Then it would be a case of bolting everything up tight and its job done. The rear seat requires attention in that the pressure from the boat being left full of water cracked the fibre glass joins allowed water ingress and a piece of the wooden seat has rotted. This will need replacing and the flotation chamber topped up then glass the whole structure.

The window boxes on the underside of  the seats require to be modified and the idea is to put a strip of hardboard across the bottom of the boat leaving the very bottom open for movement of water and a space for the anglers feet. Anglers have often said that they balance against the seats so this will allow them to get their feet underneath. Next hardboard which has been cut to size will be tacked around the window box foam and tacked to the seat underside. Then resin will be painted on the sheet to stiffen it and fibre glass matting will be layered on top giving a very strong structure. Two holes will be left and expanding foam will be injected to fill any airspaces. The holes will then be plugged giving a sealed chamber.

Finally the exterior will be sanded down with filler primer applied where required and when rubbed down a one stage activated two pack epoxy paint will be applied one or two coats as required. After curing the boat will be ready to return to the Lowes. Many thanks for your help Frank!

Underwater fish havens!

Speaking with fellow committee member Gordon McClurg he outlined a strategy for placing our wire boxes on the loch bed. Using an upmarket sonar system likely areas will be mapped in the 10-20ft depth range and these will be studied and sites selected. The idea is to drop these baskets with up to four heavy concrete weights to anchor them and let Mother Nature do the rest. In time the structures will be festooned with weed and the size of the netting will only allow entry to small fish. It is hoped to try this out once the weather settles.

Old membership cards!

It should be noted that all such cards are invalid; one member presented one last week because he had forgotten to bring his new one. Similarly all complimentary cards are also invalid and will not be accepted as permission to fish. Please make sure you are carrying this years card!

Photo 03 - Coloured water gushing into the Lowes as the heavens opened yesterday!

From our recommended dealer!

This week Mike has some further great offers including a great offer on studded Vass waders. Essential for safe wading these tungsten studded boots will allow you to be sure footed when the pulse rises in pursuit of the one that break your record -

A great new development is the price match guarantee offered by Fishers where they will match any price by other retailers so there is no reason to go elsewhere!

The wider world in my view!

Its getting worse!

With Brexit and Trump making the news every day you could be forgiven for reaching for the bottle of chemical cosh on the sideboard! Trump continues to make an ass of himself speaking like some demented fool which of course is exactly what he is! Here we have a man displaying qualities more usually found in a low rent used car salesman and not the president of the united States! Everything he announces seems to be hurriedly withdrawn and either seriously modified or silently scrapped. This has turned out to be a sick joke with the population of the world sniggering at the US. It surely cannot continue.

Obama was not without his faults but at least he had a coherent line of thought and policies that were targeted to help poor people specifically in the provision of health care! If anyone disagrees with Trump he condemns it as "fake news" and no further discussion is allowed.He has singled out all the news agencies that have published things he does not agree with creating a situation more reminiscent of Nazi Germany prior to World War 2.

Many countries used to look to the United States for guidance but no more! This pantomime played out on the world stage is an embarrassment to humanity! The extremist views of Trump have no place in our modern world, the people of America need to wake up and without delay get rid of this fool before he causes irreparable damage!

Similarly with Brexit this country seems to be unravelling with many businesses preparing to pull out and head to pastures new! The falling value of the pound has given many businesses the excuse they needed to increase prices often by scandalous amounts sending our weekly bills through the roof! Granted the population voted for it as they did for Trump but no one could have envisaged the now increasingly visible potholes appearing on the horizon. It looks likely the House of Lords will amend the Brexit bill to include a vote on the end deal and we should applaud this, It may be the thing that saves us from disaster!

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