Sunday, 12 February 2017

Dissecting the agenda!

Photo 01 - Cold grey and wild yesterday!

Dissecting the agenda!

With our AGM fast approaching (Saturday coming) we have taken this opportunity to expand on the topics for discussion so that the meeting may progress at a suitable pace. Do not feel you need to follow previous views coming from the club, make your own mind up!Our AGM is on Saturday the 18th of February 2017 to be held at the Tibbie Shiels Inn commencing 13.00hrs refreshments will be available. Weather forecast for the weekend looks ok with no weather warnings.

(1) The action to be taken against Mr Xxxxx regarding the theft of club property. What we know he holds are 4 two way radios kindly donated to the club by a club member. One club permit book, one club pay in book and my Galaxy Ace phone. We should also take note that never again will he be able to fish our waters following the lifetime ban imposed on him by two riparian owners! 

The meeting will need to decide if there is any gain in dragging him through the courts. It is unlikely he has any assets at all in spite of claiming to have an accountant and a lawyer!  Taking legal action will be costly and the meeting will have to weigh up the benefits if there are any in so doing. It may be there is ample satisfaction in knowing he is out on his ear with no hope of return!

(2) Our financial position following the scurrilous allegations of massive fraud made by Mr Xxxxx. Our treasurer will lay bare our accounts and leave no doubt this was just another lie from a proven fantasist and liar!

     Quite simply we will show just how ridiculous this Walter Mitty’s claims are!

(3) Ideas for improvement of the fishing and/or the club facilities.

The club has significant funds therefore we are in a position to undertake new projects. Get your thinking hats on and let us know your views! Ideas could be improving boathouse security, dropping a few wire basket havens for young fish but I am sure there are many other things we could be doing. Your views are sought.

(4) The date for membership renewals, does it need to be changed so that payment due does not clash with the festive period.
Simply put the 1st of January does not seem like a good date for membership renewals. The first of March has been mentioned as an alternative and all we need do is extend the current season by two months so members this year will get fourteen months membership instead of twelve! Our accounting dates would change accordingly.

(5) The use of the club engines, the way forward not Mr Xxxxxs philosophy. We need a frank discussion regarding servicing/repair and how we would manage them.

Quite frankly our experiment with engine hire has not been a positive experience, our engines have been subjected to all sorts of expensive damage which ties a few individuals into repairing this damage when they should be fishing not to mention the expense we incur in replacing broken parts! Up to this point the engines have not made us a penny, they have cost us money! Our options are

We could sell the engines and recoup what we can!
We could keep them and make them available to club members for a nominal fee. Engines however would only be available by booking and only if considered fit for usage! If this option was considered suitable we would have to work out a suitable system of usage.

(6) The heavy Pike competition prizes currently the trophy for one year plus £20.00, do we need to increase this.

Our prize has remained the same for a number of years and some members are asking if the prize is relevant today. Do we need to make our prizes more relevant?

(7) The election of the club committee.

It would be great if some new faces were on board to help guide the club in future years. Having gotten rid of Mr Xxxxx we are a club again and need have no fears about someone creaming a living off the club.

(8) A.O.C.B

Only small points will be considered here since  no substantive issues have been tabled.
One other topic will be on the agenda not for public viewing.

Photo 02 - The lure from

Turning the corner!

It is not glaringly obvious  but the days are getting longer, if you note the light on a good day you will see that soon once again you will be able to do something outside of a night! The song thrush has returned and can be heard during the day marking out its territory. Blackbirds will soon follow but are busy knocking ten bells out of each other as they select suitable partners for the breeding season. The bird kingdom becomes preoccupied on the coming breeding season.

Back at the loch the hooligans have returned and can be seen on the loch shore or more often overhead grabbing your attention with their unmistakable call. Flocks of long tailed tits forage on the trees looking for morsels of food and quite often you will see blue tits and great tits with them. Rooks can be seen overhead carrying the twigs that will be their nests. Sheep furtively graze knowing that soon they will be mothers of young lambs.

On the bank dazzling ultra white snowdrop heads are beginning to appear and the green shoots of daffodils sprout skywards. Tiny buds are beginning to form on early willow trees getting the attention of various insects and birds. Wild bluebells push through the earth soon to turn the landscape into a sea of blue.

Soon we will cast off the shackles of winter but it won’t be plain sailing as usual there will be hiccups and we will falter! But as sure as night turns into day winter will give way to spring and then we will have turned the corner!

Cheap Lure!

Photo 02 above shows the lure I ordered from an online selling site which seems to sell just about everything. It looks very well made with all the joints having free movement and the hooks are ultra sharp. The detailing on the wee Pike is very good with no smudges and the lacquer protecting this is ultra clear tough and is a genuine epoxy finish as opposed to a cheaper less durable acrylic one. It's cost all in £4.00 which is ridiculously cheap, I have yet to fish it but hope to do so soon.

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