Sunday, 5 February 2017

Boat usage by members!

Photo 01 - Very unsettled yesterday!

Boat  usage by members!

We have had a system for many years whereby if you require a boat you contact the nominated person (currently me) by phone text or e mail to place your booking and have it confirmed if boats are available and unusually rejected if they have all been booked! Admittedly in the months just before Mr Xxxxx was sacked the system was in tatters due to his refusal to answer phone calls texts or e mails but from the midpoint of last year the system was back in operation and working well.

Now the system is not in place to boost my ego, rather it is there to ensure that members who have booked boats can be certain in the fact that if they have had a booking accepted and confirmed then a boat will be there for them when they arrive! Sadly today (Saturday) a white Lomond which had not been booked was over on the far side of the loch.

What is annoying not only for me but for the angler who booked the boat midweek was that when he arrived today no boat was available! Davie Wilson was kind enough to give up his Lomond boat for the day but this should not be necessary!The bottom line is that members are welcome to use the club boats but only if they are booked through the proper channels as stated above! If you are unsure as to the procedure text me or just ask some of the long term members and they will tell you. If boat usage is to run smoothly we cannot have members just commandeering a boat simply because it is moored in the bay! If you want a boat you must book it using the proper channel!

Membership update!

Membership renewal has now closed for the current year and substantial receipts have been received, much more than last year.Unfortunately we cannot look into last year's receipts as we do not have access to last years membership! Anyone who would like to join the club please get in touch and we will store your details!

Photo 02 - ready to be cleaned prior to repair!

Club AGM!

The deadline for submitting topics to the AGM has now passed and we can confirm no other topics have been added to the agenda. There is one subject not mentioned which is not for public viewing but this will be discussed at the meeting. Our AGM is being held at the Tibbie Shiels Inn on the 18th of February 2017 commencing at 13.00hrs.

Wild fisheries reform update!

Received this week from the Scottish Government have a read and see where we are -

03/02/17 12:19

Wild fisheries

Protecting the rights of anglers.

Anglers in Scotland will be shielded from increased costs. Proposals to introduce rod licences and a new wild fisheries levy will not be taken forward, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has announced.
The Scottish Government has ruled out these measures as well as the criminalisation of freshwater fishing without written permission and proposals to overhaul the structure and remit of District Salmon Fishery Boards, following a consultation on draft provisions for a Wild Fisheries (Scotland) Bill and draft Wild Fisheries Strategy.
The Scottish Government will facilitate‎ work streams which encourage, empower and support the modernisation of fishery management, including the piloting of voluntary board mergers to identify any existing legislative issues. It will also develop a fishery management plan to trial any changes with boards and will also explore potential freshwater conservation provisions ahead of the introduction of a Bill to Parliament.
Ms Cunningham said:
“The Scottish Government is committed to supporting our famous and valuable wild fisheries, to modernise our fishery management structures and to establish a more secure and sustainable future for this vital sector.
“Our Wild Fisheries Bill will build on our significant conservation achievements to date, including the annual salmon conservation measures, Spring Conservation Orders, and the moratorium on coastal mixed stock fishery netting for three years.
“However it’s important that we represent the interests of our anglers, that’s why we have listened to the sector’s concerns around increasing costs and restricting access to fisheries and are ruling out the introduction of rod licences and a freshwater levy.
“We’ve heard through the consultation that these steps would limit the opportunities for our anglers and potentially discourage young people from taking part. Over and above this we will work with the angling community to identify ways to increase participation and to improve engagement across the sector.  
“I am grateful for the considerable time and energy that the wild fisheries sector has given to date to help inform the programme of reform. We will continue to work closely with our stakeholders to make sure the legislation that is ultimately brought forward is robust and fit for purpose, so that anglers have confidence in the management and development of the fisheries that they depend on.”
The analysis of the consultation is available to view at

Stolen keys!

I recently sent out a boathouse key to a member and thought I should fold in an A3 envelope and put it in another one for safety. I was disappointed when the intended recipient phoned to say he had received two empty envelopes with holes in them but no key. Now there was no communication in the envelope to suggest what the key was for so we have no worries on that score.

The Royal Mail has received a letter of complaint to which I have had no reply to date. What is completely bizarre is that the intended recipient of the key that did not arrive is the same chap that missed out on his boat hire today please accept our apologies Stuart. Some folk have no luck! Consequently no further keys will be sent out by post, keys must be picked up in person!

His legacy continues!

Of course its Mr Xxxxx and the Lowes boat. He allowed it to become fractured by leaving it full to the brim with water over the winter and now when we want to repair it he still blights us! Because he sawed our boat slipway beam in half, remember the 30ft long one, we are toiling to get it into the boathouse. Now I won’t ask 3 or 4 people to subject themselves to possible injury by trying to lift it in. So we will have to wait until there are half a dozen of us to get the thing inside. I thought the day of our AGM when many bodies will be around we could lift it in! This man cost us a fortune before he was dismissed and even in his absence by his legacy he continues to do so!

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