Sunday, 15 January 2017

Our AGM 2016!

Photo 01 - An absolutely splendid view by Sandy Robertson.

Our AGM 2016!

We will finalise the date of our delayed AGM next week and below we append the items for discussion received so far!

(1)  The action to be taken against Mr Xxxxx regarding the theft of club property. What we know he holds are 4 two way radios kindly donated to the club by a club member. One club permit book, one club pay in book, the membership database, the clubs high powered spotlight and my Galaxy Ace phone which I donated to the club. We should also take note that never again will he be able to fish our waters following the lifetime ban imposed on him by two riparian owners!

(2) Our financial position following the scurrilous allegations of massive fraud made by Mr Xxxxx. Our treasurer will lay bare our accounts and leave no doubt this allegation was just another lie from a proven fantasist and liar!

(3) Ideas for improvement of the fishing and/or the club facilities.

(4) The date for membership renewals, does it need to be changed so that payment due does not clash with the festive period.

(5) The use of the club engines, the way forward not Mr Xxxxxs fishery ruining philosophy. We need a frank discussion regarding servicing/repair and how we would manage them.

(6) The heavy Pike competition prizes currently the trophy for one year plus £20.00, do we need to increase this.

(7) The election of the club committee

(8) A.O.C.B

The usual standing orders will apply. If any member has a topic they would like to table for discussion please make sure this reaches me 14 days before the meeting.

Photo 02 - Sandy shows our battered Lowes boat!


The process is moving along smoothly with a steady flow of renewals coming in which is great. When you compare our angling subscription to that of a golf club for instance your £35.00 gives you a mammoth bag of enjoyment for next to nothing! Couple that with our policy of free boats to members and the possibility of a virtually free petrol engine (supply own petrol) after our AGM and the deal is sealed, club membership is a bargain!  By the end of the month we will know if we have any spaces to take on new members we will publish availability here.

Photo 03 - Resting boats by Sandy Robertson.

This week’s photos!

We often get photographers setting up on the banks of the loch looking for the ideal combination of factors that delivers a memorable photo. I had a blether with one such chap (Sandy Robertson) yesterday and he sent the photos off to us. Thanks Sandy they are indeed fine photos!

From our recommended dealer!

Its a new year but thankfully the same good old savings are still coming from our recommended dealer Mike at Fishers! If you are looking fora new twist on your fly selection click the link to see a vibrant range of hackles to brighten up your flies -
For a more general selection but nevertheless keenly priced group of products click this link where you are sure to find something that takes your fancy.

The wider world in my view!

More NHS woes!

Last week I mentioned the NHS and the perilous position it is in especially in England. This week things have not improved primarily to the indifference of Theresa May yes she who talks compassion but actually does nothing! Yes this woman who is turning out to be a bigger duffer than even Lord Snooty denies any crisis simply saying GPs must work longer hours to relieve pressure on A&E departments!

The great worry would be if she thought anyone believed this! She is treating the people of England as a bunch of fools! The head of the NHS in England exposed her a liar and an out of touch fool! Anyone who has followed this shameful series of events knows the primary and ever present problem is a huge shortfall in funding! The scenario this government will portray will be parry and dodge for a couple of weeks until the weight of opinion becomes so great then capitulate and provide emergency funding! This emergency funding whilst welcome will fall far short of what is required!

We are more fortunate in Scotland as our health service has been better managed and funded. There is no room for complacency however until we can seek full independence extra funds from the newly devolved borrowing powers must be committed to funding this most important service, nothing less will do!

Introduce by Bevan the NHS has treated every one of us to a very high standard excluding recent times. The NHS and social care network is crumbling in England and yet no one really seems to be trying to address this! The political establishment need to address this with great urgency! The party in power when this beneficent giant falls will spend a very long time in the political backwoods and rightly so!

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