Sunday, 22 January 2017

Now the dust has settled!

Photo 01 - John Garske cradle's a super 18lbs Pike!

Now the dust has settled!

As we have already stated last year was the worst year in the clubs history where a wee drifter wafted into the area and burrowed his way into the club then tried to destabilise our beloved club but failed spectacularly! We are grateful to the two riparian owners who have barred him from fishing for a lifetime! So where does that leave us now? Well having swept the above fellow into the trash can we find ourselves in a very good position indeed!

Speaking with our members what has become crystal clear is that they are welcoming of the permit checks being carried out by our bailiff Jenny. You will note we have not been using the term loch keeper. After the title was sullied by the last incumbent we felt that the term should be held back and given a rest period. Yes universally our members feel that once again there is order and the certainty that all is being done to protect our fishing!

On our membership I would say this – never before have we had so many anglers filled with enthusiasm in pursuit of our fish! Similarly the number of anglers stepping forward to help the club out with maintenance and repair is truly astonishing! More than ever this club feels like a proper club! Our financial position is the strongest it has ever been with good reserves for a rainy day.

The fishing in the recent past has been very good with those that put the time in reaping the rewards in fish caught! There is joy when a leviathan is landed but there is equal joy when a fish of lesser weight is banked. There is also joy when the loch wins and no fish are banked, simply to be there surrounded by breathtaking beauty is enough to recharge our members!

The future looks bright as no longer is the threat of fishery ruining engines running about every day a possibility! Our membership is fiercely protective of our fishing and it is clear will take any steps to preserve this situation! They say that for an alcoholic to recover he must sink to the very lowest point before embarking on the road to recovery and so it has been with our club. We have experienced the most shameful situation in our history but we have emerged from the other side stronger and wiser, and that can only benefit the club!

Inline image

Photo 02 - Stewart Grieve with part of the 13lbs 1oz Pike from Friday!

Club membership!

The time to renew memberships is rapidly shortening with the end of the month being the cut off date. The five memberships that arrived over the weekend will be processed today and sent out tomorrow. Please note there are a number of people on the waiting list and any spaces left by non renewing members will be offered to them. Please also note last year's blue membership cards will not be accepted as evidence of membership after the end of January! The date of our AGM will be published next week.

Photo 03 - Yellow Sun to the left and blue frost to the right! 

This weeks photos!

Up first is club member John Garske who fished the much neglected Loch o the Lowes and came up trumps! Yes a lovely fish of eighteen pounds coming to the net. Well done John it is indeed a fine fish and is testament to the potential of the wee loch! Photo 02 shows one half of the chuckle brothers Stewart Grieve with a long and lithe thirteen pound one ounce fish which came at 21.00hrs on Friday. Top bombing Stewart, yet another to add to your increasing tally for the year, oh and goan send the bottom bit o the photae Stewart!! Photo 03 shows the view from the Bay of Plenty with summer and winter in the same shot. the temperature differential was quite marked as a spell in the sun really warmed you up!

The wider world in my view!

Say goodbye to fairness and equity!

I watched with interest on Friday night as pompous twit Donald Chump Trump was installed as president of the USA. We now have the American equivalent of Kim Jong-Un and his bizarre ideas! Most commentators prior to the event predicted a massive change of course away from the inflammatory tripe he spouted during the election race! Let's get one thing clear here he did not win the election a corrupt Hillary Clinton lost it!

So it turned out to be more of the same with a slight change of emphasis playing down the most outrageous aspects of policy if you could call his ramblings policy! Never have there been so many protests on the election of an American president, women, ethnic minorities and even men all over the world simply stunned by his bombastic stone age rumblings!

Our own dithering leader Theresa May is cock a hoop at the prospect of being the first foreign leader to be invited to meet the new “president”! Trump however shows predictable style by choosing the most embattled and weak leader currently in office! Oh indeed he will play up to the gallery and throw her a few titbits to calm the right wingers but his protectionist stance of America first will ensure that only the crumbs on the table will fall into her lap!

The election of Donald Trump is a disaster for every country clearly shown by countless demonstrations all over the world! There is now a huge weight on the shoulders of Republican politicians in America to mitigate and negate the clearly huge excesses of Trumps warped thinking! A failure to do so will affect each and every one of us in a negative way!

Let's bomb randomly!

Another scandal revealed this week was that a trident missile (unarmed) headed off towards the USA way off its intended course! What comes out of this is the lies and deception employed by governments to achieve their own ends! To think that an armed nuclear missile could instead of crippling an enemy do the same to an ally is a truly sobering thought! If these things cannot be aimed with certainty then they are of no use whatsoever! Get rid of them!

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