Sunday, 29 January 2017

Club AGM finalised!

Photo 01 - An egg laden female in pristine condition caught by Stevie.

ClubAGM Finalised!

We are now pleased to inform the membership that that details of our AGM have been finalised. In a change to past tradition we have decided to move the meeting from Wednesday evening to a Saturday afternoon. The meeting will be held on Saturday 18th of February commencing at 13.00hrs in the Tibbie Shiels Inn. All verified members are invited to attend. Light refreshments will be available at the meeting.

Membership update!

The window for renewals will close at midnight on Tuesday and any member not having renewed by then will have to join the waiting list!  Things look very much like there will be three or four spaces available on Wednesday morning. Now rather than blindly sending in forms and cheques those desirous of obtaining membership should call 07980350031 to check availability and book your membership.

As I have previously mentioned in light of the scurrilous allegations re massive fraud made by glove puppet Mr Xxxxx our treasurer will reveal the true state of the club at our AGM.

Photo 02 it got quite wild around 10.00am.

Quality goods?

During the course of my new volunteer work I met an angler who lives locally but has never visited local tackle shop. Naturally I asked how he sources his tackle and he mentioned a website I had never heard of - Wish. It is apparently an American based outfit who advertise products made in China.   Now there was a time when made in China signified inferior goods but that is changing rapidly!

I bought a product which was a large socket with hundreds of sprung stainless steel pins inside which due to those pins claims to grip any misshapen bolt head, and you know what it does! I tried it on a burred external Torx headed bolt and voila, it removed it no problem! The cost was £2.00 plus £1.00 P&P.  Now they have loads of fishing stuff like 1000 metres of braid for £14.00 including shipping.  Multi jointed Pike lures for £4.00 all in. My colleague bought the braid in 60lbs BS and he is delighted with it. I bought a jointed Pike lure and once I have tried it I will reveal all here. Click the link and have a look they have everything!

The wider world in my view!

Special relationship!

Its been headline news all week the visit by Theresa May to meet the new president of the USA. There was an embarrassing rush by the posh squad to be the first to meet the loudmouth buffoon who is arguably the most powerful man in the world!  It was obvious by her demeanour that the vicars daughter was immediately relegated to the status of lap dog!

Let's make no mistake here Trump holds all the cards May has but crumbs to offer him! She left her talks holding hands with Trump but all she achieved was a sentence from Trump that the special relationship continues. No hard and fast trade deals or even a definite commitment to such deals! The word of Donald Trump counts for nothing!

She in fact achieved nothing other than confirming her status as a weak British politician! Astoundingly the next day in Turkey after Trump introduced his appalling Muslim ban she was asked three times if she approved of this action she only answered on the third attempt with a bland non committal statement later followed by a weak condemnation issued by a faceless bureaucrat from Downing Street!!

She is a vicar’s daughter and acted like one, completely out of her depth there was no sign of the strong politician she professes to be! Mrs May is turning out to be even weaker and more clueless than bungling supremo Lord Snooty! In her negotiations with Turkey she was again a subservient handmaiden! She should expect an intense and prolonged backlash from sensible people all over the country! There is a special relationship with the United States of America and it goes like this – they issue directives and we comply without question, yes Brexit looks better every day NOT!

National holocaust day!

National holocaust day has yet again come and gone and it is imperative that this horrific event carried out by the brutal Boche is never forgotten! The kind of extremism that kick started the Boche can now be seen in it's infancy in America as president Trump tries to implement hateful and morally corrupt policies! We have not had a good history as custodians of the planet let’s try and learn from our countless mistakes!


A wee bird told me yesterday that Lord Snooty had been in the area engaging in the “sport” of shooting pheasants. I’m not surprised his visit was kept quiet, here we have the biggest bungler in the history of British politics and the man who through crass ineptitude left the country in an interminable mess would surely have aroused some kind of demonstration, he is keeping a low profile and believe me that’s good for everyone!

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