Saturday, 31 December 2016

Runaway captured!

Photo 01 - our new pump getting a lot of work!

Runaway captured!

The title sounds like some sort of mystery novel requiring investigation and that is exactly the situation we found ourselves in following events midweek! A good friend of the club Karen from Riskinhope phoned to let me know that our boat on the wee loch had apparently come adrift and was languishing at the side of the loch half way down and was full of water. She went on to say that she had chained it up to stop it resuming its travels.

Jenny and me headed up on Thursday to rescue the beast and since the water was high we thought to try and get it to the boat house via the channel that joins the two lochs. We had brought with us our new water expulsion pump and 12 volt battery (Christ that was heavy) ready to put the bung in and pump her out. In a very short time she was empty and we thought we would lead her like a trusty mutt down into St Mary’s.

Of course none of these things ever go to plan and this day was no different. In the time it had taken to walk to the stranded boat the wind had got up and if you know the area you will know the far side of the Lowes has no shelter at all! So it was 10 metres movement the push her off the shoreline as the wind pushed her in all the way down. When we got to the bridge naturally she run aground and it was push pull and curse till the next obstacle and there were six in all!

We did however prevail and were at the top of St Mary’s where we decided we would just push her out into the loch and intercept her near the boathouse. For once things went our way when we got to Summerhope Davie and Stuart were bivvied up and when we explained our plan they intervened and saved the day by collecting our boat with their electric engine equipped Lomond. So once again we are indebted to the lads and of course in equal measure to Jenny and Karen!

Now we needed to find out how did this boat break free into the loch? The boat came away with the chain and the padlock locked so it wasn’t a case of carelessness in locking her up. Now steel corrosion was suggested but this chain is only a couple of years old and the links have only surface corrosion that can be rubbed off with fingers! So corrosion is not a valid reason for the escape. In fact the post the chain was connected to was rotten and fell over with the wind against the weight of the boat! Sometimes shit happens! The good thing however was that even with the drain bung out she did not sink to the depths of the loch. That’s because we built in 3 flotation chambers capable of keeping 2 anglers above the waterline safety must always be our priority!

NB The boat is now at the boathouse and will be refurbished before being returned to the Lowes hopefully around April. Once again thanks to Jenny, Karen, Stuart & Davie we appreciate your help!

Photo 02 - Just had to try out our new fire! Thanks Brian!

Club membership!

For those who are not members of the club but would like to join please send in your application form with the required fee which is £50.00 for eleven months. At the end of January when we have a membership total we will process applications received assuming we are below the 50 member mark. If we are unable to take your membership we will return your payment if you sent it in with your application. We apologise for this faffing around but it is entirely all down to Mr Xxxxx! Existing members should renew anytime through January.

A happy new year to all our readers!

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