Sunday, 18 December 2016

Membership renewals!

Photo 01 - Gordon & Mike at full throttle!

Membership renewals!

We are now inviting existing members to renew their subscriptions for 2017. This will remain open until 31/01/2017 any member not having renewed by then will be deemed to be a lapsed member! We will maintain a tight schedule this time around so that we have a database by 31/01/2017 for the purposes of our AGM which (weather permitting) we would hold at the Tibbie Shiels Inn sometime early February.

Photo 02 - weights lined up and  ready for action!

We cannot take applications from non members wishing to join the club until we see how many members we have. This will become apparent at the end of January where we will offer membership to interested non members with a £5.00 discount (£50.00 instead of £55.00 due to January being lost) if we are below the 50 member mark. We apologise for this unusual measure but for conservation and insurance purposes we cannot have more than 50 members!

When our ex loch keeper Mr Xxxxx was sacked he decided to assume the role of a sulking schoolboy and held on to various pieces of club equipment including the club membership database and it is because of this that we are unsure of just how many members we have. So if these arrangements inconvenience you please get in touch directly with Mr Xxxxx, after all this situation has arisen entirely because of his childish actions!

Please send applications with an SAE to Richard Plisga 28 Meigle Street Galashiels TD1 1LL or hand them to me any Saturday on the loch. Renewal price of £35.00 may be paid by cheque/ postal order made payable to St Mary's Angling Club. You may also pay by cash in person.

Photo 03 - Concrete weight made with "blown" cement!

Please note – Existing membership cards will be valid until the end of January 2017.

Great work today!

The photos tell the story best, Gordon McClurg Mike Wood resident Les and I set about making the weights to be used for anchoring our pier. We had made two test weights the previous week and they turned out first class in spite of us using “blown” cement according to Mr Xxxxx! So we set to it and got cracking.

Photo 04 - Timbers protected for another few years!

First problem was the mixing tub springing a leak but this was quickly overcome by mixing by hand specifically by Gordon & Mikes hands! Soon a production line was established and in no time the job was done. Gordon and me set out to commission our new 12v high flow water pump which pushes out 40 litres/min. The pump is suitable for water and diesel and will be a great help to us.

A little bit of clamp tightening and hose adjustment was all that was required to have the machine gunning out water like one of those red lorries with blue flashing lights! In a short time we had emptied one Arran full of water and another with around a foot of water. Meantime Mike was not sitting idly he was recoating all our external woodwork with Cuprinol preservative (his own) which he had brought up. As if all the above was not enough Gordon had cleared out his shed and gifted us boxes of screws and nails and a new saw!
Photo 05 - Our new pump throwing it out!

Now if you are wondering how the club keeps going simply look above at these hardworking members and others like them! Were it not for them the club would have finished many years ago. Next week the muddy potholed path to our boats gets remedial treatment!

  The club is most grateful to Gordon, Mike and Les your hard work is very much appreciated!

An old friend!

Yes our old loch keeper and good friend Piotr phoned today to wish all the club members A very Merry Christmas! He is enjoying life along with Tasha and they now have their house as they want it to be and both are working very hard! The antics of Mr Xxxxx were a shock to him yet in a way he wishes he was back at the loch. He still thinks of us all and sends his very best wishes! An old friend and a true gent!
Our next blog will appear on Saturday 24th December.

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