Sunday, 4 December 2016

Erased from our history!

Photo 01 - unusually quiet waters for December!

Erased from our history!

We have just emerged from the most shameful event in the clubs history where a sacked employee of the club tried to bring down and belittle the work of many club stalwarts and the club as a whole. Ultimately he brought the good name of the club into question and alienated himself with his ridiculous actions!  We had not yet decided how long he would be barred from fishing on the lochs but in the event that task was taken out of our hands by two riparian owners who have effectively barred him from fishing on the lochs for a lifetime! This is a severe penalty but then again just consider what he has done to the club!

 This means that the future administrators of the fishing after we are gone will have no choice over his admission to the club! Any attempt to give him membership will lead to the lease of the fishing being withdrawn! Only when an administration puts forward a membership that excludes Mr Xxxxx will the rights be restored! This move has removed a huge weight from our shoulders!

We cannot erase the despicable actions of this fellow, but this blog which is the social history of the club can be cosmetically altered without disturbing the main thrust of the posts! We will leave the childish actions perpetrated by him in print, but as anyone reading back posts will by now have gathered his name will be obliterated as will any images of him! Never in the history of the club have such actions been required, perhaps a fitting testament to his abhorrent behaviour and the fact that he has embarrassed every member of the club! Not to mention the fact that he is now universally seen as a chump!

If we are unfortunate enough to have to mention him again in the future he will be referred to as Mr Xxxxx! He behaved in a shameful and embarrassing manner the like of which the club has never seen before! We will not tolerate such despicable behaviour! So the only thing the AGM will need to consider is whether or not to take legal action against Mr Xxxxx in pursuance of the club property he holds! So as far as the club is concerned Mr Xxxxx was never here!

Photo 02 - Rose hip brandy methinks!

Proper club members!

Looking at the shameful legacy of Mr Xxxxx you might think it’s all doom and gloom! Of course you would be wrong. The huge majority of club members are decent worthy individuals who not only practice their sport but in addition are always thinking of the club and how to help!

Members like Brian Fairgrieve who when inheriting a Calor gas heater with a gas cylinder, a working 12 volt battery and a battery charger thought of the club donated them to the club. Selfless actions in contrast to the actions of Mr Xxxxx that propel the club forward. Similarly member David Shotton donated to the club a new Hardy fly line and a super new waterproof fly box to be used as prizes in our wild Trout competition.

Now don’t get me wrong we are not here concentrating on material gains welcome as they are, we value just as much those who give of their time!  Members like Les Henderson who emptied a one ton bag of aggregate filling in the potholes in our parking area at the boathouse! Yes a 74 yr old man who thought he could help in spite of us telling him not to do such work!

Men like Stevie Nimmo who without being asked serviced our new Calor Gas heater to a point where it starts first time every time! Men like Elliot Fraser who thinks nothing of enduring a 140 mile round trip as he did last week to help us out of a tight spot!  Men like David Wilson and Stuart Grieve who regularly stay late to take in boats for us on a Sunday and safely lock them up for us! Men like Gordon McClurg and Mike Wood who when being asked if they could help us out are saying yes even before they know what that task may be!

Men like the dozens of new members too many to list who have offered to assist us in any way they can! In contrast to the actions of Mr Xxxxx above this is the real St Mary’s Angling Club and it is because of these people that the club will endure! To all of the members who make our club the best it can be, a huge thank you! Compare this with the hate fuelled idiot above and you will see the real angling club!

What now!

Well for all the game lads the season is over and it’s time to assess the hammering you have given your tackle. Flies with blunted points and hackles coming loose, my remedy – bin them!  The hassle of sharpening and stabilising hackles is more bother than it’s worth but if it’s your go to fly then get the carborundum and varnish out!

Rods just get a clean and check for cracked rings, if it’s ok then dry and store. Reels get a clean with Paraffin/alcohol and relubed ready for the 15th March. Lines cleaned and inspected for cracks but if you are like me and use low end lines they get junked and a new one bought! See Mike’s latest offers below for some great bargains!

You can of course continue fishing for different species with Pike being the standout species there are others of course such as Perch and Grayling. I am getting out the wire traces looking for a croc!

Xmas presents at Fishers!

Have a look at some of the great offers from Mike at Fishers. There will be bargains without end right up to the New Year! Great deals such as the Greys GTS 700 for only £55.00 instead of £99.99 and there are many more click the link to see more great bargains

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