Sunday, 11 December 2016

And so it begins!

Photo 01 Gordon & Brian hard at work while Les supervises!

And so it begins!

It’s been on the cards for a very long time in fact since the original wooden one crumbled away many years ago. We first thought to resurrect the pier around 5 years ago when we purchased three pieces of heavy duty metal flooring which we could bolt or weld together into a suitable layout. We now have a vision of the structure constructed to best meet the needs of our boaters.

The type of pier we will be constructing will be a floating structure held in place by weights and uprights which will allow it to rise and fall as the level fluctuates. Now that we have experienced the lower loch level we will have a baseline on which to base our construction.

Photo 02 - Brian & Les in discussion, Gordon as usual hard at work!

With the above in mind two of our heavyweights Brian Fairgrieve and Gordon McClurg came down to shift the ton of aggregate sitting at the car park and they had it done at an astonishing pace! These lads really do know how to work! They also brought with them 20 buckets that we will use as moulds for concrete weights which will stabilise the structure.

Gordon suggested we should carry out a trial mix so we did a pair of weights cast into greased buckets with half inch rebar for the anchoring hooks. I had with me a 5lbs mash hammer to form these hooks. I needn’t have bothered, Brian bent all twenty by hand and a cracking job he did and never even broke sweat!

So the moulds are all laid out ready for next Saturday when the lads will bring a cement mixer and we will do the lot!  Incidentally Gordon asked a builder about the cement we had stored and he said it will be perfectly fine as long as it has not gone hard in the bag! Always best to seek the views of a professional and not rely on a blowhard! Brian, Gordon and Les on behalf of the club thank you!

Photo 03 - Not really a welcome visitor!

Plenty of fish!

Since I wasn’t fishing yesterday and we finished the work session early I took the opportunity to nip round and see the anglers on the loch for a blether. It seems we have some very contented anglers in that they have been catching fish but keeping mum regarding this! Some anglers like to report their fish and some don’t. It’s good to hear of fish being caught but we will always respect the wishes of the angler! So if you want your fish in the gallery let us know but if you want to keep your catches to yourself then that just fine too! Tight lines!

Common sense at last!

I was interested to read in the Daily Record on Friday that at last the record authorities are clamping down on “plastic” fish being submitted for record status. Scale examination can reveal the past history of any fish submitted for record status and any that have clearly been stewpond reared. Yes fish reared to record or near record weights then released will no longer be accepted for record status!

Now I am not surprised that the awarding body has come to this conclusion, I am surprised it has taken so long to arrive here! Maybe now we can afford “plastic” fish the derision they deserve and value the captures of wild fish in their natural environments, the way it should be!

Fishers Direct at Christmas!

Mike at Fishers just keeps on dishing out the deals. There are some fantastic products at January sale prices giving you the opportunity to make the angler in your life very happy indeed! So go on and leaf through all that is on offer -

The wider world in my view!

This is our world!

We have as a species been through a lot in the years we have inhabited the earth. Many natural disasters, many more self made conflicts but after every event came the now too often heard mantra we will change and make things better! Our aim has always been to help the unfortunates in life and getting rid of those we perceive to be a threat to our way of living!

Worthy aims indeed, and to accomplish this would be a huge step forward. Every politician reels off these worthy statements and in every case things remain the same or deteriorate! It has been our way since the beginning of time and it will continue to be our way!
What causes us to fall at these hurdles is undeniably greed! No one really likes to talk about it but make no mistake it is the reason nothing will ever change! We want the newest car, the biggest house and the ability to dispense with the need to think before we buy! A much kinder way of looking at it is to say that we want nothing but the best for our families. Contentment appears to be a bridge too far!

The bottom line is that we will never change! Our current society encourages greed, the concept having been revitalised by Butcher Thatcher and it continues without hindrance! We will never see a world free of conflict, a world free of social inequality, a world free of poverty! The future is just to continue as we are striving against our neighbour to feather our own nest!
It’s not pretty or correct but it is the situation we have brought about through our own choice!

In Brief!

Donald Trump being voted man of the year by Time magazine. Absolutely outrageous but perhaps it says more about the magazine than it does about Trump! So steer clear of Time magazine its obviously a work of fiction and well off the mark!

Theresa May her on the side of the JAMs in the country posing for a photo shoot in a pair of leather trousers costing £995.00. This would keep a family of four for a couple of weeks! It's still them and us the way it’s always been and the way it always will be!

The SNPs failure in education policy. The rhetoric of the policy sounded great, the implementation however must have been a shambles! This is policy implementation at its worst that left Nicola Sturgeon looking like a recalcitrant schoolgirl! Come on SNP pull yourselves together you're acting like Tories!

Prince Harry and his world wide jaunts at our expense. Nice work if you can get it, most of us however have to do a proper job for our money! Get a proper job mate!

Boris Johnson it seems was a buffoon as a kid and clearly as age progresses he is still a buffoon! There will be many adjectives used to describe him in the future but the word buffoon will be ever present! 

Borg Queen Ruth Davidson was adamant we should stay in the single market! It seems now she has done something the Tories are famous for a U turn! That's right now she says we should be out! The blind leading the blind methinks!

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