Sunday, 6 November 2016

Up & running!

Photo 01 -  Davy with a fine 14lbs Pike!

Up and running!

At last we find ourselves back up and running in a fashion that we are content with. Leaving behind what was probably the most shameful episode in the clubs history we can now progress. I think we should now erase all memory of the fellow and carry on enjoying the fishing!

Our new watcher/bailiff Jenny who farms at Bowerhope has now settled into the job and on hearing from visiting anglers they are impressed with the courteous and efficient service given by her. It is important to keep in mind that Jenny is not an angler so if you have any queries specifically about angling please direct them to me and I will assist as I can.

So it is again possible for anglers to purchase their permits on the banks if they wish and we still have three other bailiffs who check and sell permits. Of course we still sell permits at the Glen Cafe, The Tibbie Shiels Inn, The Gordon Arms Hotel and Fishers in Penicuik. However your first choice should be our bailiff as it gives her some reward for the work she carries out! Boat hire is again possible for visiting anglers with a simple DIY system that provides all the essentials to get and keep you afloat for your days sport.

Regular readers will know that the subject of engine hire has been added to the agenda for our AGM and following this we will formulate a policy regarding their use. It is important not to assume a Walter Mitty type of outlook when reviewing engine usage rather a cold hard look at the pros and cons!

New members having just joined the club have no membership cards since Mr Young has kept hold of them but we will be ordering replacements for the 2017 season and you will not be required to submit a photo. Other items such as supplying a date of birth will be dispensed with! A new application form will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

One of Mr Xxxxx’s last legacies was to leave us with 10 bags of rubbish to get rid of which with a bit of application we soon did. Again however bags were building up at the boathouse and the disposal problem reappeared. How heartening to hear that big Davy has managed to come to an arrangement with the proprietors of the Gordon Arms Hotel for us to dispose of our accumulated waste! A member helping the club, the way it should be! Thanks Davy!  

That was certainly a fine Pike Davy (pictured above), I can't get in touch with him at present as he is sending the photo to mate Stuart every 3 minutes. Stuart tells me he currently has 1,378 copies of the Pike and his phone is about to burst. Well nothing like making sure yer mate gets to see yer prize!
A fishing mate of Davy and Stuart caught and returned the cock Salmon below on a Spratt so much for not feeding in freshwater! Also caught yesterday was a fine 16lbs Pike from the loch o the Lowes photo next week.

Photo 02 - Small cock Salmon(with suspected Cormorant damage) caught and returned yesterday.

Salmon Fishing on the Upper Pavillion!

Well we now have confirmation of our day and it's Monday the thirteenth of this month next week in fact. I hope the date is not a bad omen but the lads coming are not put off by trivia such as that. Again fish are being caught but all were coloured last week. Something has changed with regard to the Tweed's autumn run and no one seems to know what is the root cause of this anomaly! However our lads Stevie, Elliot, Gordon and Mike are indomitable when it comes to fishing, irrespective of what happens I am sure a great day will be had by one and all!

Moving on!

It finally happened last weekend after a few false alarms good friends of the club Ian & Barbara left the area seeking pastures new. Yes the occupants of the old converted church at the hall have moved into Edinburgh for a taste of high culture and busy city life. Of course Ian & Barbara were the incumbents at the Glen Cafe a few years ago and built up a reputation for good food at sensible prices just like the current tenants.

Ian was also our loch keeper for a good while and brought credit to the club with his honest no nonsense pragmatic manner! Latterly Ian assisted us with the checking and selling of our permits as time allowed and we are most grateful to him for that. Ian & Barbara set up the visit St Mary’s Loch website which I am sure brought many visitors to the area and in all aspects of village life brought verve and enthusiasm.

We will miss Barbara and the Dulux dog on their morning strolls and all three on their winter hikes in biting cold weather. Nothing however stays the same life evolves all around us and we must adapt and move forward! All the best in your new home from all at the fishing club, Ian & Barbara good friends indeed!

Club AGM

To facilitate the smooth order of business at the AGM we are again asking that members with what could be considered substantive topics submit these to us no later than 7 days before the AGM. This allows better time management during the meeting and allows time for research into that topic if required.  The agenda is being compiled and we will publish it nearer the time as before.

The wider world in my view!


I had a good blether with Elliot this week and he was quick to point out how he felt let down by the SNP government after they had raised the council tax for the upper bands to raise £100 million to inject into the education budget. I can empathise with him as this is not targeted towards those who earn bumper salaries rather those who have striven to better themselves and their families.

The SNP were always of the stance of targeting those who earn huge amounts of money which is a proper stand to take. They have said that the raising of the council tax is a transient measure because they did not have a mandate to implement root and branch change. That is maybe so but when ordinary working families are hit by unneeded cuts (up to £500 annually) in their income then the distribution of votes cast will change!

The SNP are not the perfect government far from it in fact, they are however the best of a bad lot!  They should however be aware that unpopular moves such as this risks sending voters towards a more unpalatable form of government such as the Tories! In Scotland no one in their right mind votes Tory they are the destroyers of industry and past masters of peerless bungling. However a heat of the moment protest vote could see them put into a position of power which would be the worst thing possible for the people of Scotland! So to Nicola Sturgeon and co please think very carefully before implementing any further such moves for it may end up costing you and the country 

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