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How big is this Pike?

Photo 01 - David with a very fine fish!

How big is this Pike?

Yes it was caught last week by visiting angler David Rutherford on a two day session on the Lowes. Prior to catching this specimen he got a chance to hone his skill with a wee jack. Now David did not bring his scales but did bring a tape measure whilst not able to give an accurate weight would at least give an approximation.

Naturally the lady was a trifle aggrieved at having a hook lodged in her mouth and put up a splendid struggle. However succumb she did as David piled on the pressure with the aim of not exhausting the fish. Uppermost in his mind was a quick photo and speedy return and this he did forgetting to take some measurements to estimate the weight. We must commend David for putting the welfare of the fish above all else seeking a speedy return to the loch.

Quick initial thoughts were around sixteen pounds but she was very thick set and on showing the fish to other anglers saw the range expand and move upwards with figures coming in from nineteen to twenty three pounds! What do you think? One thing is for sure it was a cracking fish from the much underrated loch o the Lowes!

Tweed bound in pursuit of Salmon!

Tomorrow our party heads off to the Upper Pavilion on the Tweed to see if we can tempt a Salmon of any colour! The last outing was fish free in spite of a couple of tugs so this year it would be nice to actually land one. Last week on the beat a few friends of the family landed four fish none of which were fresh. However rod bending certainly took place and that’s all we are seeking.

Gordon, Mike, Elliot and Stevie will all wet a line to see what they can do and they have the whole beat on both sides so will not be restricted in that matter. I know new flies have been purchased so there hopefully will be fireworks! Irrespective it's a day out in the company of real anglers not a bully in sight! A true vision of piscatorial heaven!

Potential spoiler!
The river is up today, beery coloured but it's drizzled all day. However as the darkening came in this evening it was quite fishable. Hopefully the rain will stop soon and we should be ok, I will be down the Tweed at dawn just in case it's become unfishable so I can let the lads know.

 Photo 02 - Wednesday on the loch!

Hidden benefits!

So you’re now a member of the club, and you now have unlimited access to the fishing for any species on both the lochs. Yes you can fish every day of the year for the measly sum of thirty five pounds per year! But did you know there are other hidden benefits of being a member.

If you have a job at your remote lock up that really needs electricity to do the job properly but there’s no mains supply. As a member of the club you can borrow one of our portable generators 3.5 or 4.0Kw to enable you to get the job done all you need do is fill up the tank on returning the genny.

We also offer this service to local residents in the area if you need power where you have none give us a shout and we will arrange for one of the generators to be made available as we have done in the past. Maybe you and the wife fancy a day out pleasure boating; well you can use one of the club boats free of charge to enjoy your day this applies to members and locals. All you need do is get in touch!

Photo 03 - 0 degrees all day!


Following last week’s leader photo which clearly was not a 14lbs Pike as the caption proclaimed I have to hold my hands up, plead guilty and say I cocked up! Yes Davy sent on two photos of his session last week, one of a wee jack (the one in the photo) and the other the 14lbs Pike. I uploaded the wrong one and didn’t even notice when I reviewed it before publishing.

So I have replaced last week’s photo on the blog and in the gallery with the actual 14lbs fish and send my apologies to Davy! Incidentally Stuart ended up with 1604 photos on his phone which he could only remove with the aid of one of those electric tin openers! So once you have scoured this week’s blog continue scrolling until you get to last week’s header or go to the gallery in the main site to see Davy’s 14lbs fish!

“Plastic Pike!”

I heard today that featured in Fridays Daily Record “Fish of the week” was a 44lbs Pike from a Borders loch. Now the name of the loch was withheld for obvious reasons but the author went on to say that the captor had only been a member of the Pike syndicate for two months! Only two pounds short of the British record this will have big fish hunters drooling and in a frenzy to locate and catch the now marked poor creature!

The fact that the fish came from a syndicate water immediately rings alarm bells! Now if this fish had come from a wild water then that would indeed have been a feat! A fish who had to battle, deploy all its cunning in order to secure its prey is indeed a worthy fish! However we have been aware of several engineering projects where heavy Pike from other waters are transferred to ponds which have been massively overstocked with prey fish!

This gives rise to a totally synthetic environment where the hunting Pike is confronted with a potential meal at every turn which is not the case in the wild! Similarly often the prey fish chosen is stunted high energy Rainbow Trout causing the hunting Pike to put on massive amounts of weight. Our Pike which we consider well fed put on between 3-4lbs per year and at that rate the heavy weights above would be unattainable!
These fish have been artificially bulked up simply to make the capture of a possible record fish easier. For me a twenty caught from our untampered with lochs is worth much more than one of these gullible and flabby creatures engineered for record status! Can there be any worth in catching such a “Frankenstein” creature where human intervention is the cause of its high weight.

The joy of searching out a loch for a possible holding area is negated as over fed Pike come along frequently and pick up any meal they desire with only minimal foreplay! Such a fish may register 44lbs on the scales but is it a real 44lbs Pike that is the question!

The wider world in my view!

A tale of two duds!

Well like Brexit the result of the American election result left us all reeling! Who would have thought a dick like Donald Trump would be elected the most powerful man in the world! Of course it was down to bungling by the democrats in selecting the hated Hilary Clinton as their candidate, marked down as a crook her goose was cooked a long time ago! Both the candidates were the bottom of the barrel so the end result is a bottom of the barrel president!
Already trump is backtracking on much of the hot air he spouted during the campaign. This has got to be a good thing because much of his campaign rhetoric was absolute rubbish! There won’t be much good come of this election, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Poppy day!

As we mill around going through our usual routines we often don’t think of how we came to be where we are today! Yes if the Bosch had triumphed in either war we would be living in a very different world indeed! It is only due to the millions who lost their lives in the two world wars fighting the cruel Bosch that we enjoy our freedom today!

People nowadays take for granted the sacrifice made by so many. We must ensure that the sacrifices made and the brave actions of men and women from so many nations are never forgotten! R.I.P

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