Sunday, 27 November 2016

Count us in!

Photo 01 - Flat as a mill pond on Saturday!

Count us in!

Yesterday Elliot Fraser and I met with some interested parties regarding the apparently increasing incidence of Muppet behaviour on the Cafe Green especially during the summer months. We have agreed to donate up to two hundred pounds towards the cost of a quality CCTV system to record all antisocial events that may take place. Our donation however is conditional on other stakeholders donating a similar amount!

This may seem to some members as acting outwith our sphere of operation! However we need to remember that when we took over the operation of the club many years ago visitor numbers were virtually non existent. We have turned that ailing club into one which is currently thriving with fantastic membership and good honest unadulterated fishing.  Along with increased visitor numbers however comes the incidence of increased anti social behaviour!

Those who have been around a while will be aware of a few incidents involving people masquerading under the banner of angling. It is because of this we feel we need to be involved and play our part in rectifying wrongdoing! Having brought about an increase in visitor numbers we have a moral responsibility to play our part in managing any future misbehaviour! The time has come to do something, we are doing it!

One other very good bit of news is that two riparian owners on the loch have stated that they will block any attempt to admit a recently disgraced individual dismissed from his position within the club back into club membership under any circumstances. This most welcome measure is more than we could have hoped for and will secure the future of St Mary's Angling Club for many years to come!

Ideas for improvement! 

Through sound financial management brought about latterly by club treasurer Elliot Fraser we now find ourselves commanding a very healthy bank balance. Now as everybody knows some cash in the bank for a rainy day is a pretty good idea yet at the same time we can spend some money whilst maintaining that cushion.

Now spending for the sake of spending is rarely a good idea and with this in mind we are asking the membership if they have any ideas as to how we may improve the fishing or facilities to let us know. We don’t want to hear about engines or any other ideas that would degrade our fishing for we must continue to manage the loch. By law we cannot introduce new stocks of fish with the exception of Arctic Char and this would be financially out of our reach so that option is not really on the table unless we could secure some significant financial assistance.

We can try and improve the habitat as we have done many times before with some success. We have heavy duty wire baskets which were to be used to provide havens for young fish when weighed down and placed in the loch. We could re establish the shoreline greenery which is now barren due to the lower level being established shown below. The loch will eventually re establish this flora, we could also do this informally by cutting  willow whips and just pushing them into the ground on an ad hoc basis they will root in a short time and become inhabited by insects which will become food for our fish stocks!

Photo 02 - The littoral zones we have lost!

We could improve the club facilities in and around the boathouse by means of heaters or cooking equipment. We could provide a base tackle store where members could borrow equipment that they may have forgotten to bring. These are just a small selection of ideas picked up over the years but if you have any ideas give us a shout!

Heavy Pike recorded!

 We have not even presented this year’s winner Scott Redpath with his prize and a corker specimen has just been recorded for next years cup. Ultra keen member David Forsyth managed to land a 21lbs 8oz fish. This verified fish fought like a Trojan but eventually came to the net. Well done that man! So that's the weight you need to beat if you want to get your hands on the cup!

Offers of assistance!

Over the last few months we have received numerous offers of assistance with projects we have planned for the coming year. Members who are cognisant of the fact that maintenance and improvement are required to keep the club running smoothly.  To the many who have offered us help thank you we will be in touch!

The wider world in my view!

Desperate times ahead!

Forecasts from agencies concerned with the increasing numbers of poor people in our country have predicted a sharp rise in the numbers of people struggling to survive! Most reasonable people will not be surprised by this as the Tories continue to look after their own whilst punishing the poor!
Corporation tax giveaways and the failure to stop benefit cuts Mean that many poor people will end up thousands of pounds poorer whilst the rich receive more! Predictions of job losses attributed to “Brexit” now top 200,000 and will certainly plunge our country into another major recession!

Health care social care are on the point of collapse and this dithering government concentrate on “Brexit” to the exclusion of all else! Over 100 billion has been borrowed by the so called party of fiscal competence I do wonder how such borrowing will benefit us? There will come a time in the next few years when the public voice will eclipse all else and that voice will call for an end to this “Brexit” nonsense, an end to spending on nuclear weapons and a focus on poor people with the aim of improving their standard of living. Roll on that day!

More strong opposition!

Yet again on first Ministers Questions Borg Queen Ruth Davidson made a complete pratt of herself! A week too late she posed a question about the 246 points of improvement that were asked of Scotrail. She asked if and when they were to be published! Sturgeon’s reply was that they were to be published and in fact had been available to the general public for 24hrs prior to Davidson’s question! Yet another example of the strong opposition promised by the Tories!

Similarly Murdo Fraser MSP asked the Scottish government to welcome the £900 million supposedly given by Philip Hammond to Scotland! In fact since the Tories came to power to 2020 £2.9 billion will have been cut from the Scottish settlement!  Are we to be happy about that!

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