Sunday, 20 November 2016

Annual pilgrimage to the Tweed!

Photo 01 - Stevie about to cast!

Annual pilgrimage to the Tweed!

On Monday our party consisting Gordon, Elliot, Mike and Stevie four of the membership who gave most of their time to propel the club forward set off to the Upper Pavilion on Tweed in search of the increasingly elusive Salmon. Unfortunately our competition winner Alan Ramsay could not make it due to holidaying in Australia!
Very few fish were showing and those that did show themselves were all the colours of the rainbow! It looked like spotting a fresh fish would be an event indeed!

 This pattern was to remain for the whole day. Now we had both banks of the whole beat so no shortage of areas to fish but alas as in recent years past nothing was hooked! The angler who came closest was Mike Wood who got a pull not once but three times with line being stripped on the third event click to see video . However at the end of that run the line went limp which was catastrophic for Mike, so near yet so far!

However putting our day in context the weather was super very mild for November, the water was up around a foot with that beery colour that all anglers like to see and fish were showing but therein lies the problem!  Compared to four or five years ago the amount of fish showing is much reduced. It seems as though the famous back end on the Tweed is at an end so much so that the Spey is now considered Scotland’s premier Salmon river.

Now the above is not by way of making excuses, the annual catches on the Tweed have plummeted in the recent past and no one seems to have a credible theory as to why this is the case.  Saturday of the preceding week saw no Salmon caught over the whole Tweed whilst on Monday (our day) three Salmon were caught on the lower stretches, Tweed Salmon fishing is at rock bottom! In all the years I have fished this beat I have never known it as bad!

Photo 02 - Mike bobbing on the water!

However as I have said many times angling is about more than catching fish it encompasses the colourful spectrum of nature the camaraderie of fellow anglers and the peace and contentment that comes from a day in the outdoors! A day free of bullies and feckless drifter’s, what more could you ask for! Aye it was a rare treat to be with a bunch of lads unceasing in their efforts to help the club and grateful for a different day under the piscatorial banner!

All the participants enjoyed their day and from a personal point of view it was a privilege to fish with such a group of honest and decent real anglers. I have sent a letter of thanks to the Westbrook family thanking them for their kindness in allowing us to fish on their private beat.

Photo 03 - Most welcome in a dry spell says Stuart!

Permits on the bank!

Over the last few weeks I have been asked why it is not possible to purchase permits on the bank like in other areas. Well here’s the news you can buy your permits on the bank you have always had the opportunity to do so! It is the preferred method of buying your permits as it gives our bailiffs some recompense for the work provided by them!

This means you arrive at the loch and you commence fishing and our bailiffs catch up with you later in the day. There is no waiting around for an outlet to open it’s simply arrive and fish. This was problematic in the recent past but the situation now is that our bailiffs will encounter you. Our lead bailiff is a woman so lets see some respect here and be on your best behaviour.
So just come and fish, one of our bailiffs will catch up with you! You get to fish as soon as you arrive and our bailiffs gets some recompense for their efforts!

Photo 04 - Stuart with a soon to be whopper!


Last weekend one of our members lost a fishing reel a Shimano baitrunner 6010. Now he thinks he may have left it in the Glen Cafe car park or the big stone swim on the loch o the Lowes. If you have found it and are wondering how to return it simply e mail us and we will arrange a suitable way for you to return the reel. We will also as a thank you give you a five day permit to be used in any combination of days over a year.

The wider world in my view!

Strong opposition!

If any of you were watching First Ministers Questions this week you could not avoid being left open mouthed at the ineptitude of Borg Queen Ruth Davidson! The woman who insisted she would provide strong opposition was systematically stopped in her tracks then dismembered by the much more astute Nicola Sturgeon!

Tories all over Scotland must have been left feeling humiliated as Sturgeon belittled and completely cancelled out her outlandish criticisms. It was clear that Davidson had done no research on the topics raised as she was summarily put down with facts after each point she raised.
A good opposition is vital in politics to challenge the government's stance and had it not been for the intelligent and robust questioning by Kezia Dugdale Sturgeon would have remained untroubled! Yes Ms Dugdale raised the only pertinent question in the whole session regarding Abellio’s utterly incompetent attempt to run Scotrail!

Sturgeon was put on the back foot stating that the contract could be removed from Abellio. I agree with Dugdale the contract should be terminated with immediate effect and that contract be given to a state run enterprise i.e. a nationalised industry! The most pressing problem for Scotland was not even mentioned by the Borg Queen! How those protest voters who switched to Tory must feel silly now with an overgrown schoolgirl providing the “strong opposition!” Davidson is no “strong opposition” simply a loudmouth who can gesticulate more, shout more and invariably make herself out to be a complete dick!

Buckingham Palace!

You will have noticed this week the call for Buckingham Palace to be refurbished at an approximate price of £370 million to the taxpayer! I am very uncomfortable about paying for renovations to the house of another especially when that family is steeped in wealth!

Make no mistake it is the taxpayer who will fund this even though the queen is paying. She has been given a 66% rise paid for by us to fund these works! Perhaps she should be subject to the “Bed tax” like ordinary people! It is just wrong to fund those with fantastic wealth when institutions such as the NHS are crying out for investment!

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