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Spinning restrictions!

Spinning restrictions!

As is the case every year after the Brown Trout season ends our restrictions on spinning/lure fishing come into force. The measure is designed to prevent inadvertent hooking of game fish ie. Salmon/Sea Trout. The restrictions forbid spinning in the red areas which are the entry to the loch where Salmon will rest before moving onwards and a 100metre arc in front of every burn entering the loch. Naturally if a Salmon is hooked it should be returned to the loch quickly. These fish are currently in the loch being spotted by many anglers. These restrictions will be in force until 15th March 2017.

The heavy Pike cup!

Speaking with many of our anglers this week it is clear there is widespread approval of our measure to delay the holding of our AGM until we have full control over the membership database. Many of you thought the possibility of wrongdoing by Mr Young and his associates was too great and that if the club were to fall into their hands it would be an unmitigated disaster for our membership and our fish population.

Of course we could not let this happen, all of our membership love the fishing that is on offer and to let a fool such as Mr Xxxxx anywhere near the reins would be piscatorial suicide! Now tied in with our AGM is the clubs heavy Pike cup which ends on AGM day every year and this year is no different. The current leader Scott Redpath will be crowned Pike Champion of 2016 if no one betters his current fish of 21lbs 9oz by Wednesday the 19th of this month. There is not much time left if you are looking to have your name on our cup, we will accept entries up until midnight on Tuesday the 18th of this month!

Photo 01 - Hellish, the only word to describe yesterday!

Works ahead!

With the Trout anglers now packing away their equipment for another year it is time to set about some of the work needing to be carried out in preparation for the coming year. On top of that list is the renovation of our Lowes boat which was damaged by poor maintenance under the hapless Mr Xxxxx’s tenure. Now there is an access problem in that given the correct water conditions we can float the boat through the channel joining the two lochs we are left with the problem of getting the boat into the boat house.

Complete neglect of management has seen this boat full up with water breaking the joins to our enclosed flotation tanks and these joins need to be redone to maintain the rigidity of the boat. Normally pulling this boat into the boat house was a simple matter often managed by two members but due to the carnage brought about by Mr Xxxxx’s gross incompetence in cutting one of our landing beams in half this is no longer an option, and thanks to him a simple matter has now becomes a major operation!

Either the boat needs to be physically lifted by six to eight members or we need to seek out some other means of sliding the boat into the shed. Beams of aluminium have been suggested, the type found on ladders if they are of sufficient length. If anyone has any ideas how to meet this problem head on give us a shout, again even months after being sacked Mr Xxxxx continues to blight our progress!

From our recommended dealer!

If you have ever toyed with the thought of replacing one of your fixed spool reels with a multiplier then Fishers have a great deal for you. Mike is offering a Penn 525 MAG multiplier at a mind boggling £50.00 off the retail price. If you fancy a change be quick they wont last! Also on offer a great range of quality Salmon flies including the current favourite the “Red Francis” check them out below -

The wider world in my view!

Welcome news!

You would be forgiven if when watching the news between Trump and Clinton and Theresa May and Brexit you thought you had tuned in to a fantasy horror or zany comedic show by mistake! The former duo is a joke but not one that will deliver laughs rather a sinister feeling of complete foreboding! The choice for the most powerful person in the world is between a first class bigoted bampot and a sleazy and corrupt liar! We however can only stand by and wait to see what the people of America deliver!

The equivalent farce in this country is Theresa May and the upcoming hard Brexit over which she seems to have no influence or indeed the timetable or direction of that exit from the EU! Its a matter of great concern to anyone other than a hard right wing Tory! The pound is crashing and a recession looms on the horizon!

The smart money says that we need to be out of this circus and quick, Sturgeon has the right idea of keeping Scotland in the single market! So many jobs in Scotland depend on the EU to leave would be catastrophic for every one of us. It is clear Theresa May is but a puppet being worked by the hard right and her level of autonomy is nil!

I don’t know of too many Scots who would be comfortable with the rhetoric coming from the ultra right zealots who now seem to control the Tory party A second referendum is the news we have been waiting for even though it may take a couple of years to achieve. The pointers for success are there with more and more of the frightened elderly departing; the aspirational young are taking their place and opting for a new future as an independent nation fully committed to the EU!

Lord Snooty left the country in a mess and unbelievably it’s now a damn sight worse! There is no salvation staying in the UK, we would face one crisis after another as is currently the case.  Sturgeon should forget about trying to get a single market deal for the UK it won’t happen, and ultimately its time wasted! Only a quick second referendum will have the desired effect. Under Ms May the country is being plunged into chaos and no one knows exactly where we are headed, all we know is that all the pointers are facing downwards! Prepare yourself for tough times ahead!

Ultimately Lord Snooty is responsible for this calamity, rather fitting then he was judged as the second worst Prime Minister of all time with only Anthony Eden being worse!

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